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    I was in shock. First of all Cecil had managed to stop his attack and block the ice fang. And secondly he had lost his bone. Marowak had never lost his bone before, except for that one time when he was using it as a fishing rod, or that time he dropped it in a wood, far away from here. There was also the time when it was stolen by Choco, my Dodrio. I started to realise that Cecil seemed to lose his bone quite often; it was part of his relaxed nature. But Cecil had never lost his bone in a battle before. Cecil also seemed surprised by this after the shock had worn off. He seemed to be very angry at the Luxio. I had only ever seen him this angry once, when he was a Cubone. We happened to be fighting a Shellos at the time when Cecil stubbed his toe. At that time I was a younger trainer and could not control the situation and Cecil went into a rage. The attack was so powerful that the Shellos went flying and we couldn’t find him after that.

    I pondered on the memory for a second and tried to think of a plan. The Luxio threw the bone, now covered in ice, from his mouth into the far corner of the room, like a man throwing a Frisbee. It hit the wall and fell to the ground. That action seemed to hurt my Marowak more that any attack would have and it to all his might to run over there, his back turned to his opponent and pick it up again. It to more of his might not to punch the Luxio for throwing his bone in the first place. Marowak seemed to give a low growl in anger and stood in a defensive position wait for an order by me. I had greater respects for Cecil right then, and decide to let him have his revenge.

    As the Luxio prepared his Ice fang again and began to lunged forward. I shouted my command. “Cecil. Use Rage!” I watch the smile of anger appear on Cecil’s face as he lunged forward, clenching both his fist (or paws) ready to punch the Luxio. I was surprised by the fact that he was still focused after the focus energy attack and that he managed to find and opening under the moving Luxio underbelly. With what could only be describe as a roar, he went in with all his strength for the kill.
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    vs. Luxio BP4

    Marowak seemed pretty put off when Luxio defiantly threw his bone into the corner of the room. I could only imagine how upset he was since a Marowak’s bone was the most important possession they had next to the skulls that they wore. He staggered over and picked up the bone, trying his best not to go into a raging fit.

    “Cecil, use Rage!” His trainer commanded after a bit of contemplation.

    A smirk came across Marowak’s face. Now, he had a chance to release the anger within. Luxio charged at Marowak with the intention to once again use Ice Fang. He lunged for the ground-type Pokémon as Marowak pulled back his fist.

    With all of his might, Luxio chomped down on Marowak’s body. The spot immediately froze over. Marowak cried out in pain. His body started to give off a dark red mist as if the anger inside of him was manifesting itself. I knew his attack power was also rising because Rage caused the Pokémon’s attack to rise whenever they were hit.

    With a mighty swing, Marowak punched Luxio from the side. Luxio, whose teeth were still clenched in Marowak’s skin, immediately let go. With a yelp, he flew into a nearby corner and crashed into it. The Pokémon staggered back up to his feet and attempted to shake off the pain that he was in.

    He growled at the Marowak. Then, with a faint flash of light, he split into five different copies. It was the dreaded Double Team. I always hated when this attack was used. A Pokémon only had a one out of five chance of successfully hitting the user. In this case, Marowak and Sennyo had pulled the short end of the straw because they were the ones who had to counter this attack.
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    Encounters Remaining: 10
    Pokemon Seen: Magneton, Zubat, Swalot, Golbat, Luxio
    Pokemon Captured: Magneton (G, Modest)

    Luxio (M, Impish, Intimidate) - 68%
    Currently using - Double Team
    Rarity/MCR - Uncommon/9,000
    MCR remainging until capture: 1,100

    Cecil/Marowak (M, Relaxed, Rock Head) - HP: 85.14% [CRITICAL X4][SPD-2][ATK+1]
    Last Attack Used - Rage

    Sara/Shuppet (F, Serious Insomnia) - HP: 77.40%
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