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    NBP 1
    RANGER: Ophelia "Oaf" McBaggins

    The sunrise was beautiful in Meteor Valley. Light poured in between the mountainsides, illuminating the trees and making the entire valley glow. The sky bled red and orange, then eventually a soft blue as the sun rose into the horizon. Ophelia watched the landscape billow out beneath her as she flew upon the back of her noble steed: Littlefoot, the Tropius. The creature flapped its monstrous leaved wingspan, and carried her onto a descending draft. The sunlight shimmered off of millions of tiny morning dewdrops located on leaves and blades of grass in the expansive forest below; they reflected the sky's quickly changing colors as the Ranger and her Pokemon passed. Ophelia grinned at the sight, baring her slightly over-sized teeth, and let the wind rush into her face - then immediately regretted the decision. She was sure she had just unintentionally swallowed a bug....

    Littlefoot giggled at her misfortune while she spat into the empty air for the remainder of their ride.

    The Tropius was not majestic, nor graceful. Ophelia had to brace herself for descent at the end of every trip. The flying dinosaur tucked his wings too close to his sides, and dove through the atmosphere at blinding speed. The ground always came too quickly, and Littlefoot expanded his wings again in landing far too late. Luckily, Ophelia had received many bumps, scrapes, and broken bones throughout her journeys with the inexperienced dinosaur, so she was prepared this time. She'd built in a lightweight parachute into her backpack. And as the earth came upon them sooner than what was safe, yet again, Ophelia pulled her zipcord.

    Red polyester came barreling from her bag. It caught the wind and snapped perfectly into a semi circle, pulling the young lady from her mount. Ophelia grinned at her genius. She watched as Littlefoot tumbled across the forest floor, per usual, rolling end over end until he stood up and casually shook himself of debris - as though the rough landing was completely intentional. The spectacle was much more entertaining to see from the peaceful floating of her parachute, and not from the unforgiving soil below.

    Ophelia stumbled a bit as her parachute hovered to the ground, and eventually dropped her on top of it. It still wasn't a flawless landing, but at least she didn't have to worry about getting a stick in the eye.

    The Ranger Outpost was visible a few paces away, tucked in between some decent cover of trees. Ophelia folded her parachute back into her bag, and made her way inside. She was never impressed by their decor, and even less impressed by their cleanliness, but some things couldn't be helped. She doubted the practicality of hiring a maid to dust the outposts while they were not being used.

    Ophelia quickly accessed the Ranger database in the far left corner of the room and pulled up her Trainer's profile. The machine was pretty retro and outdated, but sufficient enough.

    Maximus Blackbourne
    Age: 22
    Height: 6'
    Experience: Novice

    Ophelia stopped reading. Maximus, huh? She had known a magician once named Maximus. The guy could make and entire flock of birds disappear; it was pretty impressive. She wondered if this guy knew any magic tricks... The woman focused her thoughts back to the Trainer's profile; he should be arriving any minute, there was no time to dilly dally. There was not much else to read, but there was significant mention of the Trainer's nerdy personality. A nerd, awesome. She could work with nerds. Maybe this dude would understand her hilarious jokes.

    The Ranger shut down the database and headed back outside, where Littlefoot was helping himself to some not-quite-ripe apples from a nearby tree. This was something that always confused Ophelia. She wondered why the dinosaur would always seek out fruit when he had a bundle of bananas growing right on his face.

    "Littlefoot! Get over here, I think that dude is coming!" she hollered to the Pokemon after she noticed a human approaching down the outpost path. Littlefoot made his way over to her, one clumsy stride at a time, and tilted his head. "Maximo...right?" she questioned the beast as it if it knew the Trainer's profile as well. "No...Maximus. It was most definitely Maximus. Yeah." Ophelia scratched the side of her head. "Ok, be polite. And remember, no begging him for food."

    The Tropius nodded firmly.

    Ophelia waved her hand vigorously at the newcomer, then stopped. Maybe the dude would find her over-excitement intimidating... Or maybe he would take her lack of enthusiasm offensively! She threw her hand into the air and started anxiously waving again.

    NAME: Maximus Blackbourne
    LOCATION: Meteor Valley
    ITEMS: Park Ball (x2), Super Ball (x1), Lava Cookie (x1), Soothing Fragrance (x1)

    AREA EFFECTS: 15 Encounters Remaining | Sunny


    Sir Slashy the Scyther - Male / Hasty / Technician - EMs: N/A 100%
    Bob the Electrode - Genderless / Naive / Static - EMs: Flash • Thunderbolt 100%


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    Maximus checked himself over when he arrived in Meteor Valley.

    “Hands, nose; legs, feet, and arms. Yep all still there.” Maximus said to himself.

    Despite being too dizzy to see straight, he quickly looked around to make sure that Sir Slashy (his Scyther) and Bob (his Electrode) managed to safely make the trip as well.

    Sir Slashy appeared greener than usual. He began shaking his head while he stumbled around trying to maintain his balance. He let out a loud whelp. He had kicked his foot on a rock. At least he appeared to be regaining his balance because of the pain.

    Bob could not seem to stop spinning on the spot. Maximus did not know if this was because Bob was dizzy, in pain or had simply enjoyed being teleported halfway across the world.

    The old geezer back in Saffron City had told Maximus that teleporting to Meteor Valley would be a rough trip but he was defiantly not prepared for the after effects. When his vision finally returned to normal he realised that he could not see the ranger or the outpost.

    Maximus quickly scanned his surroundings in an attempt find anything that would help him find his way to the outpost, or at least let him know where he was. Unfortunately he could not see anything though the forest of trees and shrubbery that surrounded him.

    Because Maximus could not see through the thick forest that surrounded him, he looked up instead. There above a groove in the mountain was a ledge.

    “Hey Sir Slashy,” Maximus yelled. Sir Slashy continued to hop on one foot. “When you have your balance back, could you fly up there and look for the outpost? Surely we are close by?” Sir Slashy buzzed his wings in acknowledgment and took off, the noise from his wings echoing throughout the valley.

    While Sir Slashly flew up to the ledge, Maximus checked on Bob again to see if it was feeling any better. Bob was still spinning on the spot. “Are you ok Bob?” Maximus asked in a worried tone. Bob stopped spinning, grinned at Maximus, and then resumed spinning, gaining speed until dust began swirl around Bob. Maximus smiled; clearly Bob had enjoyed the trip and was not suffering any negative effects from teleporting such a large distance.

    "SCYTHER!" Sir Slashly yelled out in alarm. Maximus was suddenly tackled to the ground with a loud thud that echoed inside his head. Trees crashed down around him. For a second, he thought he saw a dinosaur roll past.

    Sir Slashy flew down to help Maximus up.

    “Thanks for tackling me Bob.” Maximus said as Sir Slashy helped him to his feet. Bob smiled, and then resumed spinning as though nothing had happened.

    “What in the world was that?” Maximus wondered aloud.

    Maximus looked at the destruction that surrounded him. He stepped over a fallen tree and out into the newly created clearing. There he saw a Tropius eating an apple that had somehow survived.

    Ohhh, Dinosaur. I suppose a Tropius makes more sense. Maximus thought to himself as he got out his pokdex.

    The pokedex began narrating about Tropius. “Tropius. The fruit pokemon. Delicious fruits grew out from around its neck because it always ate the same kind of fruit.”

    Then why is it eating apples? Maximus thought to himself as he puts his pokedex back in his pocket.

    “Look Sir Slashy, a path to the outpost.” Maximus stated as he began walking forward. Sir Slashy and Bob followed close behind. Oh wow, that Tropius has a trainer…How embarrassing. Maximus thought to himself.

    The other trainer stared to wave vigorously at Maximus. Oh God, that other trainer IS the ranger. Maximus groaned and placed his hand on his face. When he removed his hand, he saw that the ranger had stopped waving. Had she heard him? If she had, how would he get back? She began waving again. Apparently she just likes waving more than once. I had better wave back before she starts a new wave. Maximus thought to himself as he waved back.

    Maximus walked up the dirt track that lead to the outpost. He admired the deep red walls of the valley that were being lit up by the early morning sun as he walked.

    Eventually Maximus made it to the ranger, and extended his hand. “Hello, I’m Maximus. I like your Tropius. Are you the ranger for this area?”
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    NBP 2
    RANGER: Ophelia "Oaf" McBaggins

    The lone figure turned into a trio as he approached. Two Pokemon flanked his sides: an Electrode and a Scyther. The electric orb was spinning like a top, and the movement was beginning to make Ophelia dizzy. She snapped herself out of the hypnotizing motion as the young man extended his hand to greet her.

    “Hello, I’m Maximus. I like your Tropius. Are you the ranger for this area?”

    "Oh, heh. Thanks," Ophelia responded quickly and then stared at the Tropius. "Be polite," she added through the corner of her mouth at the creature, then nudged it in the side with her elbow.

    "Trop?" Littlefoot looked at his Trainer questioningly, then smiled after realizing he had been complimented.

    "And yes, Sir. I'll be your ranger for this expedition. I have a brilliant path mapped out, see, we're going to start through here, and then work our way up through-" Oaf had been in the process of pulling out a map of Meteor Valley when she realized the paper was drenched in slobber. "What the heck is this? Littlefoot, I told you I don't have any food in there! Ugh!" She shook the paper through the air carelessly, and realized she had sent droplets of slime in the direction of her guests. "Oh my goodness, I'm so sorry. I have a napkin in here somewhere..."

    Oaf began rummaging through her pack once more. And meanwhile, Littlefoot was gazing intently into the dim forest to the east, completely unaware that he had just been scolded. His eyes narrowed, and his leafy wings tucked rigidly at his sides.

    "Ah! Here we are!" Oaf exclaimed as she retrieved a thin white handkerchief from the depths of her backpack, then tossed it in Maximus' direction. "Wait, what are you looking at, Foot?" She followed the dinosaur's gaze to the trees' edge. And there, clutching the trunk of a tiny sapling, was a little girl.

    She wore a deep black dress tied up with bright white ribbons. Similar ribbons also pinned her equally black hair into pigtails. Wait a second, Oaf thought, squinting at the the figure in the distance. That's not a little girl...

    "Maximus! Check it out! There's a wild Gothitelle over there, do you want to try and approach it? They're pretty rare...Unusual that it's out in the open like this." Oaf whipped out her Ranger's User Manual and looked the Pokemon up. "Looks like you need a Hyper Ball or a Dark Ball to capture it, do you have one?"

    BATTLE STATS: A Wild Gothitelle appeared!

    NAME: Maximus Blackbourne
    LOCATION: Meteor Valley
    ITEMS: Park Ball (x2), Super Ball (x1), Lava Cookie (x1), Soothing Fragrance (x1)

    AREA EFFECTS: 14 Encounters Remaining | Sunny

    MCR COUNT: 4,182/45,000

    Sir Slashy the Scyther - Male / Hasty / Technician - EMs: N/A 100%
    Bob the Electrode - Genderless / Naive / Static - EMs: Flash • Thunderbolt 100%


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    While Ophelia scolded LittleFoot for rummaging through her backpack, she reached into her bag and pulled out a map that she immediately started to wave around in the air. Water droplets that felt like slime began to land all over Maximus. Maximums raised his right arm to cover his face from more incoming slime. When he heard Ophelia say she was sorry, he lowered his arm cautiously, scouting for the waving map before lowering his slime blocking arm.

    Ophelia tossed a white handkerchief as Maximus. He had to step to the side and reach his arm out as far as he could to catch it, and immediately regretted his decision to catch it. It was more soaked in drool than the map was.
    "Arrr, thanks..." Maximus replied with an underlying tone of disgust as he tried to find somewhere to put the handkerchief.

    "Maximus, check it out. There is a wild Gothitelle over there". Maximus looked up, and for a split second he thought he was looking at a small girl dressed in black.

    Maximus retrieved his Pokedex and looked up Gothitelle. "It can see the future from the movement of the stars. When it learns its Trainer's life span, it cries in sadness."

    "Wow, imagine being able to see your friends life span in a split second." Maximus thought to himself. "No wonder it hides."

    Maximus realised that Ophelia had asked him if he had any Hyper or Dark balls. "I don't have any Hyper balls or Dark balls. And I don't think I would want to make a Pokemon cry over my death preemptively either. I think we should just leave it be." Maximus said, feeling sorry for the Gothitelle.


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