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    As the young pokemon trainer walked towards the Dock, his partner Pokemon suddenly came out of its pokeball. "Chikoo!" His Chikorita yelled. "I wonder what I should call you, Dino thought. Suddenly a flash of inspiration came to him. "I'll call you Sequoia, since Seqouias are giant trees!

    Stats: Money: 3000 Credits: 5000
    Team: Sequoia, Chikorita. Knows Vinewhip and Growl.

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    Welcome to the URPG! It looks like you're interested in the National Park, but you need to do a few more things first.

    1. Read the Rules. They can be found here: URPG Rules

    This page will tell you what you need to know, as well as links to rules about the Park.

    2. Sign up for the Park, and wait for approval. After a Ranger approves you, post at the Front Gate in either the Main or Individual RP thread. A Ranger will then take your run and make a thread. It's advised to enter with at least two Pokemon though! Capturing devices and medicines may also be bought at the National Park shop.


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