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    OOC:Sweet! Looks like we're done? If we are, thanks for taking me through, it was interesting xD.

    Uxie had teleported us to what appeared to be the highest place in the Great Lakes area. A beautiful Milotic emerged from the lake, moving towards us. Its beauty was almost close to Seasprays.

    "It wants to battle," Chainy "Do you want to?" I looked at it some more before responding.

    “No, I’m not really in the mood to battle.” I said. I already trained two Milotics, right now my main focus was not on getting another one. I raised my camera to capture the Milotic’s beauty. I snapped the photo and waited to see what the Milotic would do. I was hoping it would leave without having to battle me, but I wasn’t sure.
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    Ranger Chainy

    OOC: It's been my pleasure. Hopefully our characters will cross paths again one day!


    “No, I’m not really in the mood to battle," Cameron said.

    I understood. The day was late, he had what he had come for, and if we left soon he could catch the last ferry and not have to stay overnight.

    Cameron raised his camera and took a picture of the Milotic. The flash scared it a little, so it keened and dived back into the pool.

    "Well, that's it," I said. "15 Pokemon encounters, just like it says on the label."

    I shot a look at Dual, and he nodded. A blue flash engulfed us, and we teleported back to the main gate. It was already open, waiting for us.

    I was about to leave when I realized I wanted to go and find out what had enraged the Pokemon back at the deep saltwater lake.

    "This is where we part ways," I said to Cameron, shaking his hand. "I hope you had a good time, and hopefully I'll catch you later."

    Dual had dropped to one knee and was kissing the hand of the Gardevoir. I bumped him with my elbow, knocking him over and ruining the effect in general.

    I returned Dual, and summoned Broadblade. I jumped onto him and flew away, happy to have escorted this trainer through his most recent adventure.


    Roleplay Completed!

    Name: Cameron (Bumblebee16)

    Location: The Great Lakes

    Items Retained:
    Honey x6
    Max Potion x5
    Full Heal x5
    Full Restore x3
    Type Repellant x3
    Pokeplayer x1
    Blank Voice Disk x1
    Calming Fragrance Plus x1
    PokeDoll x10
    Digital Camera x1
    Park Ball x3
    Hyper Ball x7
    Super Ball x5
    Master Ball x1
    Supreme Park Ball x1
    Mega Poffin x1

    Pokemon Claimed: Relaxed Male Relicanth
    URPG Stats
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