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    Ranger Chainy

    OOC: Shinx gender?


    "Fury, you've done a good job, but I don't want to risk unneeded injury upon you." Keiru said, returning the Infernape to its PokeBall. He then swiftly pulled out Mr Yellow's ball and released him. "Let's have a Fire Punch please!" Keiru requested. "And once that is done, I'd like you to rapidly follow it up with a Thunder attack!"

    Mr Yellow shot his owner a look, but began running towards the small catlike Pokemon. His right fist became wreathed in fire, and he shoved it downwards. He made contact with the Shinx, knocking it backwards. The little Pokemon was agile though. Even as Mr Yellow stepped backwards, it had already gotten to its feet.

    After taking a step backwards, Mr Yellow clenched both his fists and began straining. It looked like he was trying to pass some kidney stones. I looked over to the Shinx, and saw that it too was charging an electrical attack, except it was covered in blue sparks. Finally, with a roar, Mr Yellow fired the Thunder attack. A large yellow bird-shape blast of electricity was launched towards the Shinx. Instead of knocking it backwards, however, the attack was absorbed by the blue sparks surrounding the Shinx.

    I was impressed. The Shinx had used its Charge move to absorb the incomiong attack. This was indeed a very intelligent little Pokemon. It purred proudly, and then began to hiss defiance at the large Electivire.


    Current Battle Statistics:

    Docile Male Electivire: 49% (used Thunder)

    ??? ??? Shinx: 59%, ATK+1 (used Howl)


    Trainer Statstics:

    Name: Keiru
    Location: Abandoned Power Plant
    Area Effects: 7 Encounters Remaining
    Pokemon Encountered: Calm Magneton(G); ??? Minun(F); ??? Porygon-Z(G); ??? Pichu(?); ??? Swalot(?); ??? Mareep(?); Hardy Porygon2(G); ??? Shinx(?)
    Pokemon Captured: Calm Magneton(G); Hardy Porygon2(G)
    CC since last Encounter: 3234

    Pokemon Statistics:

    Docile Male Infernape[Nicknamed Fury] 66% <out of Ball, in battle> (<Blaze Ability>)

    Docile Male Electivire
    [Nicknamed Mr. Yellow] 49% (<Motor Drive Ability>)

    Item Statistics:

    Park Ball x3


    Run finally ended at Kaioo's request on PE2K.
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