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    Xeniaph's Stats

    Name: Xeniaph

    Instant Messenger: Uh... None. I have Yahoo!, though - Conqueredd

    Funds: 1000 Pokemon Dollars

    Win/Loss/Tie/In Progress Record: 1/7/0/0

    Postion(s): Trainer

    -Ralts (Josei)

    Ability: Synchronize/Trace
    Wins: 1
    Losses: 7
    Ties: 0
    In Progress: 0

    -Swablu (Namida)

    Ability: Natural Cure
    Wins: 0
    Losses: 1
    Ties: 0
    In Progress: 0

    Any items you currently have: -Leaf Stone

    Any badges you currently have: None

    Battle Record:
    -Regular fights: 1/6/0
    -Challenger Gym Leader Fights: 0/0/0
    -Evolving battles: 0/1/0
    -Tournament battles: 0/0/0
    -Defender Gym Fights: 0/0/0
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