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    Name: Jacob
    Yahoo! IM
    Currently a trainer
    Total battle record : 3W, 5L, 0D
    Items: Razor Claw, TM Hail, Soothe Bell, tm Taunt
    Money: $8500
    Badges: 0

    Pokemon #1: Spoink (starter)
    Record: 2W, 2L, 0D
    Gender: Male
    Spoink will not stay in a pokeball, except in dire situations

    Pokemon 2: Caterpie (story)
    Record: 1W/3L/0D
    Gender: Female
    Caterpie is affectionate and overprotective of friends.

    Pokemon 3: Zubat (story)
    Record: 0W/0L/0D
    Gender: Male
    Zubat is somewhat proud and reckless.
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    Underground Log: Green Shard (exchanged)

    National Park: Personality guide: currently Red, changes every trip
    Red: short tempered and irritable
    Yellow: Cheerful and short on focus
    orange: Focused and serious
    Green: Anxious and very jumpy
    Blue: a little to relaxed
    Purple: Very proud and boastful

    Items: none
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