thijsel's stats (also on PE2K!)
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Thread: thijsel's stats (also on PE2K!)

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    Default thijsel's stats (also on PE2K!)

    Pokemon Trainer
    Money: $4000
    total battles: 0
    Battle record: 0/0/0 (win/lose/draw)
    Basic Battles: 2
    Basic Battle record: 0/2/0 (win/lose/draw)
    Items: i guess pokéballs
    HM's: NOPE
    TM's: NOPE
    Kanto (0/8)

    Johto (0/8)

    Hoenn (0/8)

    Sinnoh (0/8)

    Unova (0/8)


    Brawtic the male Riolu
    Obtained: Starter
    Levelup moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Reversal, Screech, Copycat, Nasty Plot, Final Gambit
    Moves learned through TM/HM: none
    Battles: 2
    Battle record: 0/2/0 (win/lose/draw)

    Crikk the female Kricketot
    Obtained: Story
    Levelup moves: Growl, Bide, Struggle Bug, Bug Bite
    Moves learned through TM/HM: none
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