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    Default Static96's Stats

    Name- Static
    MSN- static96
    Money- $1000

    -W/L ratio-
    Win- 0
    Loss- 2
    Draw- 0
    Position- Trainer

    Win- 0
    Loss- 2
    Draw- 0

    Damp rock

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    Default Re: Static96's Stats

    Vs Rocky28940 Riolu vs Cydaquil, Loss
    Vs Blade of blackness Riolu vs Totodile, loss
    Vs Blade of Blackness and Rocky28940 (with Zomursa) Riolu & Chinchou vs Totodile and Cyndaquil- ???
    vs Moriatti, Riolu vs charmander, ???
    vs Monbrey, Riolu vs Charmander, ???
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