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    Forumname: JaydomStudios
    Position: Pokemon Trainer
    AIM: None
    Money: $1,000
    Battles: 0
    • Wins: 0
    • Losses: 0
    • Draws: 0

    Stories: 1
    Battle Items: None
    Berries: None
    Other Items: None
    HMs: None
    Unused TMs: None
    Badges: None
    • Buizel
      Ability: Swift Swim
      LevelUp Moves: Hydro Pump, Agility, Aqua Jet, Razor Wind, Whirlpool, Swift, Quick Attack, Water Sport, SonicBoom, Pursuit
      Taught Moves: Ice Punch
      Hidden Power Roll: None
      Obtaining Method: Starter
      Battles: 0
      Nature: ???
    • Pineco
      Ability: Sturdy
      LevelUp Moves: Bide, Bug Bite, Double-Edge, Explosion, Gyro Ball, Iron Defense, Natural Gift, Payback, Protect, Rapid Spin, Self-Destruct, Spikes, Tackle, Take Down
      Taught Moves: None
      Hidden Power Roll: None
      Obtaining Method: Run of the Mill (Claimed By Elrond 2.0) (Simple)
      Battles: 0
      Nature: ???
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