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    Trainer Name: Aegis (Goes by nickname "Zeus")
    IM: AIM: Zeuslando92
    Position: Trainer
    Money: 1,000
    items: Oran berry (x2), Leppa berry, Soothe Bell
    Battles: Win/10, Losses/5, Draws/0, Total/15


    Name/Specie: R (Riolu)
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Steadfast, Inner Focus
    Level Moves: Quick Attack, Foresight, Endure, Counter, Force Palm, Feint, Reversal, Screech, Copycat, Nasty Plot, Final Gambit
    Special Moves: N/A
    Battles: W/10, L/5, D/0
    Battle Participated: 15

    Name/Specie: Trisha (Pachirisu)
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Run Away/ Pick Up
    Level Moves: Growl, Bide, Quick Attack, Charm, Spark, Endure, Swift, Electro Ball, Sweet Kiss, Thunder Wave, Super Fang, Discharge, Last Resort, Hyper Fang.
    TM Move: Attract
    Battles: W/0, L/0, D/0
    Battle Participated: 0
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