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    Default Nightsky Eyes' Statistics

    Nightsky's Statistics

    Name: Nightsky Eyes
    Money: 3000
    W/L/D: 10/18/0
    Position: Novice Trainer
    AIM: bmgfnightsky
    Records: Located Here
    Biography: Quite a strong willed trainer, Nightsky laughs at the face of both defeat and victory. He'll stay strong and determined even in struggle. This trait has been passed onto Storm, who is Nightsky's best friend and partner since he first became a Poke'mon Trainer. Still a beginner, Nightsky has high hopes for the future.
    Now with two more Poke'mon on his team, Fangess and Blaze, Nightsky has lost his patience. Training the newer members of his team is tough, as they do not relate to him as well as Storm does. However, he is determined to train them to be strong companions and one day send them into battle.

    Items in Backpack: Cable Link
    Items Used: Magmarizer, Electirizer
    Badge Case:


    Storm the Electivire

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Static
    W/L/D: 8/2/0
    Captured: Starter Poke'mon, Evolved from Elekid and Electabuzz
    Biography: Being with Nightsky since he was just an egg, Storm has befriended Nightsky and now relates with him very well. He understands his master completely and seems to have adapted to his strong-willed attitude. Ever since becoming Nightsky's first choice for battle, Storm stays focused and will annihilate anything that tries to disprove his focus.

    Blaze the Magmortar

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Flame Body
    W/L/D: 1/9/0
    Captured: For My Little Girl, Evolved from Magby and Magmar
    Biography: Now a fearsome opponent, Blaze will obliterate any opponent without second thought. He is known for obliterating Poke'mon without being ordered to, so he is often seen as disobedient.

    Fangess the Mightyena

    Gender: Female
    Ability: Intimidate
    W/L/D: 1/6/0
    Captured: Poke'mart, Evolved from Poochyena
    Biography: Now a vicious hound, Fangess stares down any opponent she may come across. Her devilish eyes and bared fangs add a special mark of fear that gives her the greater advantage at the beginning of any battle.

    Toxer the Nidoran M

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Poison Point
    W/L/D 0/0/0
    Captured: Poke'mart
    Biography: A tough fellow, always desperate to prove Nightsky he is the better choice over Fangess, Blaze and Storm. Toxer can get a little upset when he is not chosen for battle.
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    Default Re: Nightsky Eyes' Stats


    [28]Battle Record

    [1]Story Record

    Note: These include things I have seen.
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