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    Post Neighborhood-Guest's Stats

    Neighborhood-Guest's Main Stats

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    General/Battle Info

    Username: Neighborhood-Guest
    AIM: InDaNeighborhood
    Occupations: Trainer, Grader (Retired, Twice)
    Funds: $9500

    Items: TM48 Rock Slide x1, TM140 Hone Claws x1, TM159 Bulldoze x1

    Index of Pokémon


    Story Info

    Pokémon (Difficulty Levels) Written For: Burmy (Easiest), Lairon (Hard)
    Combined Character Count: 105934

    Table of Contents


    National Park Info

    Location: Front Gate
    Active Pokémon: None
    Captured Pokémon: None

    Items: Park Ball x2, Super Ball x2, Hyper Ball x2, Poké-Doll x5, Lava Cookie x3, Energy Powder x5

    Sign-Up Sheet
    National Park Adventures

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