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    Default Natty's Stats

    Name: Sharkbait

    Position: Newbie with a name

    AIM Username: Mmerzeau

    Money: 2500

    W/L/D: 4:21:0

    HMs/TMs: None

    Items: None

    Badges: None


    Species: Houndoom
    Name: Campfire
    Gender: Male
    TMs/HMs: None
    Item Held: None

    Species: Lapras
    Gender: Female
    TMs/HMs: Surf
    Items Held: None

    Species: Raichu
    Name: Thunderstruck
    Gender: Female
    TM/HM: None
    Items: None

    Species: Furret
    Name: Super Trooper
    Gender: Female
    Run Away: Keen Eye: .
    EM's: Surf
    Gifted by KantoMasta

    Species: Serperior
    Name: Lucifer
    Gender: Male
    Gifted by Trainer 17

    Name: Señor Fish
    Species: Gyarados
    Obtained: Fishin' For Trouble by CommBA
    Gender: Male
    Abilities: Intimidate/Moxie
    Extra Moves: Waterfall (HM 07), Surf

    Species: Meganium
    Name: Whiplash
    Gender: Female
    Ability: Overgrow- When this Pokemon's health drops to 33% or lower, all its Grass moves have their power increased by 50%
    TMs/HMs: n/a
    BMs/MTs/SMs: n/a
    Obtained: Winter Gift Station '09 (Tsukikaiki64, received as a Meganium)
    Available for Trade: No
    Gifted by: DOH

    Name: Angler
    Gender: Male
    Gifted by: Alaska
    TMs/HMs: Surf

    Species: Glaceon
    Gender: Female
    Obtained: Fawkes
    HMs/TMs: Hidden Power - Ground

    Species: Slowbro
    Nickname: The Flash
    Gender: male
    Obtained: Story entitled "Jobs"
    HMs/TMs: Surf
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