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    Default Mega's stats

    Name: MegaMeganium

    Character: Mega

    Money: $2500

    Win/loss/draw: 1/4/0

    Position: Trainer




    Badges: None

    Items: Cable Link (x1)
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    #1: Monbrey & Torchic VS. Chikorita

    Date: 5-17-10 to 5-24-10

    Result: Loss

    Tips: Don't send Chikorita against fire-types. Or birds.

    #2: CoolDude500 & Flaafy VS. Chikorita

    Date: 5-27-10 to 6-5-10

    Result: Loss

    Tips: Research opponent's moveset better.

    #3: Muffins! & Togepi VS. Chikorita

    Result: Loss

    Tips: Just SolarBeam it. Conhax can get WAY out of control.

    #4: BlackCat320 & Eevee VS. Chikorita

    Result: Loss

    Tips: None. Could've gone either way.

    #5: Spirit & Bulbasaur VS. Chikorita

    Result: WIN!!!!

    #6: Sennyo & Shuppet VS. Chikorita

    Result: Loss

    Tips: None. Confusion worked against me.
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