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    User Name: Master of Shuppets

    Money: 5000 Poke

    Win/Loss Record: 1/2

    Position: Mercantile criminal, amateur trainer


    Name: Edgar
    Species: Gastly
    Gender: Male
    Battles: 0
    Personality: Mischeovous, bordering malevolent
    Nature: Bold
    Obtained: Starter

    Items: None

    RPG Character: Vladimir Zaytsev

    Vladimir was born and 'raised' in another country, far from the civilised eastern regions. He was drafted into his nations military at 16 and went AWOL at 19. Since then, he has lived reasonably hand to mouth, travelling around the different regions doing odd jobs for various criminal organisations. He never intended to be a poketrainer; Edgar just started following him one day, and over time they developed something between a companionship and a professional partnership. Edgar feeds off Vlad's nightmares of his war torn youth, as well as other negative emotions, but is also more than willing to help him cause havoc.

    Vladimir and Edgar have been willing to just kick around the darker parts of society for quite a while, engaging in everything from theft to poke-smuggling, and occasionally even getting involved in more serious crime turf wars. Vladimir and Edgar normally battle either 'on the job' in which case they will fight side by side, or for amusement and cash; Edgars sadistic streak means he's more than willing to fight most of the time, and Vlad enjoys the spectacle (and of course the cash incentive). Neither are especially serious about training or battling, but when it does come to battling nothing is held back. Vladimir and Edgar are vicious opponents, and they'll fight dirty if they can. They prefer to 'smash and grab', hitting as hard and as fast as they can before an opponent gets time to strike, and then pressing even harder if it goes down.

    They've caused some quite serious injuries before, but Vladimir has enough humanity in him to separate a pokebattle from actual combat, and so always restrains Edgar if the Gastlies going over the top.

    Recently, Vladimir’s been discussing with Edgar the possibility of buying some poke balls (Edgar doesnt use one) and building up a team to both battle with and help them on the Job. Such an addition would likely be useful, but Vladimir doesn't want to press any being into doing something it wouldn’t want too; he's not a good man, but one of his basic principles is the importance of freedom, something quite lacking in his home nation. He’s flexible in this principle, he’s willing to engage in operations like pokesmuggling but he’d unwilling to do such a thing himself. If he is going to ‘catch’ more pokemon, he would prefer them to be willing, like Edgar

    That of course would mean that he would be looking for a pokemon with a mean streak.
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