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    Default Kuin's Stats!

    Name: Kuin

    Instant Messenger: AIM - KuinURPG

    Money: 4,000

    Position: Trainer


    1. Vulpix

    - 1 Battle

    2. Mareep

    - 0 Battles

    Items: None

    Badges: None

    --Battle Record--
    Regular Fights(W/L/D): 1/0/0
    Gym Leader Fights(W/L/D): 0/0/0
    Tournament Battles: N/A

    Character Bio: To Be Done Later :D

    Personal Notes:
    • Hi, I'm Kuin. Nice to meet you.
    • I joined the URPG at the request of Magikchicken. He's cool, yo.
    • I like to write, but it takes me a while to do so. My stories can be found [here]
    • I totally stole Magik's Stats layout, by the way. I wonder if he'll notice...
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