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    Pokemon I currently have: 1. Pichu (Female) Modest

    Positions: Trainer
    AIM: *Currently Creating*
    Money: 5,000
    Total Battles: 0
    Win/Loss/Draw (all battles except basics): 0/0/0
    Basic Battles: 0/0/0
    Battle Hold Items: None
    Berries and Herbs: None
    Other Items: None
    HMs: None
    Unused TMs: None

    Kanto (0/8)

    Johto (0/8)

    Hoenn (0/8)

    Sinnoh (0/8)

    Unova (0/8)

    Kalos (0/8)

    Orange Islands (0/5)

    Please tell me if i'm missing anything. Thank you. :)
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    I have a Fire Safari. With Charmeleon, Braxien, and Ponyta. PM me if you need to find out your type/Pokemon.
    FC: 0275-7582-3115

    Official claimer of Chespin, Zap Cannon, Defeatist, Chesto Berry, and the Mega Ring!


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