Name: Glitchipedia
Character: Professor Wyatt Sonan, Ph.D.
Instant Messenger: N/A
How much money you have: $3000
Your win/loss/draw record: 0 - 0 - 0
Your current position(s): Technically "Trainer", though one can think of that as story and gameplay segregation.
List of current Pokémon and how many battles it has participated in:

  • Meditite (Female)

Battles: 0
Any items you currently have: A broken-down time capsule.
Any badges you currently have: N/A

Professor Wyatt Sonan, Ph.D. is a theoretical, formerly practicing, geneticist. He is responsible for the creation of Colin Sonan, the second human clone to survive the process and the only human clone currently in existence. Though Professor Sonan loves Colin like a son, he feels that the creation of this clone was a mistake and, thus, attempted to travel back in time to stop himself from beginning that project. However, he overshot and wound up thirty-two years too soon.

Professor Sonan is now searching for components to repair his time capsule so that he can return to his own time.