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    Default Facerockker's stats, yo

    Username: Facerockker
    Name: Erik Svenson
    Gender: Male
    Age: 19
    Money: $3000
    Win/Loss/Draw: 0/0/0


    Name: Scraggy
    Gender: Male
    Types: Dark/Fighting
    Nature: Naughty
    Ability: Moxie
    Battles Won: 0
    Battles Ended in a Draw: 0
    Battles Lost: 0
    Moves: Leer, Low Kick, Sand-Attack, Faint Attack, Headbutt, Swagger, Brick Break, Payback, Chip Away, Hi Jump Kick, Scary Face, Crunch, Facade, Rock Climb, Focus Punch, Head Smash

    Battle Items: N/A
    Berries: N/A
    TMs: N/A
    HMs: N/A
    Badges: N/A
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