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    Name: EpicScizor
    Win/Loss/Draw Record: 6/2/0
    Current Position: Rookie Trainer
    Items: N/A
    Badges: N/A
    Stories: 1
    Money: 5,000
    Rival: ChemGeek

    Gender: Male
    Ability: Hyper Cutter
    Battles: 9
    TMs&HMs: N/A
    Battles Won:7
    Nature: Adamant
    Obtained: Starter

    10/3/10 Began pokemon adventure
    10/12/10 Lost battle to CoastingWingull
    10/17/10 Won battle against Kayumi
    10/17/10 Won battle against Roulette Dares
    10/17/10 Won battle against Zeferin
    10/17/10 Became rival with ChemGeek
    10/18/10 Won battle against KantoMasta
    11/1/10 Lost battle against KuruMorru
    11/2/10 Won battle against rival ChemGeek
    11/5/10 Won battle against gmandiddy
    11/7/10 Won battle against ChaoZZ HoTneZZ
    11/7/10 Evolved Gligar using Razor Fang
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