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    Name: Rosabel Eclipsi
    Positions: Trainer
    AIM: Eclipsi
    Money: 7,000
    Contest Credits: 5,000
    Total Battles: 0
    Win/Loss/Draw: 0/0/0
    Items: None
    Badges: None


    Nickname: Ren
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Synchronize/Trace
    Level Up Moves: Calm Mind, Charm, Confusion, Double Team, Dream Eater, Future Sight, Growl, Heal Pulse, Hypnosis, Imprison, Lucky Chant, Magical Leaf, Psychic, Stored Power, Teleport
    TM/HM: None
    Breeder/Tutor Moves: None
    Obtained: Starter
    Battles: 0/0/0

    Nickname: Traveler
    Gender: Male
    Ability: Sand Veil/Arena Trap
    Level Up Moves: Astonish, Bulldoze, Dig, Earth Power, Earthquake, Fissure, Fury Swipes, Growl, Magnitude, Mud-Slap, Mud Bomb, Sand-Attack, Scratch, Slash, Sucker Punch
    TM/HM: None
    Breeder/Tutor Moves: None
    Obtained: Painting: Diglett Trio
    Battles: 0/0/0
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