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    Trainer Name: Dsarvess Rientel

    Money: $1800

    Win/Loss/Draw Record: 1/2/0

    Title: Trainer

    Bag: 6x Parkball, 2x Superball, 1x Squirtbottle, $5000 Contest Credits, Leaf Stone

    Badge Case: Empty
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    Pokemon Roster


    Species: Treecko (Female)

    Nature: Jolly (+Speed, -SPAttack)

    Ability: Overgrow (Boosts GRASS type moves in a pinch)

    Moves Known: Level-Up Moveset

    Battles Participated in: 1v1 Battle Vs. Hornsly (Nidoran M), Loss
    1v1 Battle Vs. Riolu, Win
    1v1 Battle Vs. Sneasel, Loss
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