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    Name: Dan Danni
    Character Name: Daniel Fisher
    AIM: dandanni1010
    Money: 4000
    win/loss/draw record: 0/2/0
    Current position: Beginning trainer
    Background: Highly interested in mythology and the occult, his primary favorite pokemon types are dragon and ghost types! What he really wanted was a dragon type pokemon for starting out, but when the time came, he ended up with a charmander instead. Non-the-less, he's learned to accept his charmander as his partner for the coming trials ahead.
    List of current Pokémon and how many battles it has participated in:

    Name: Pyre
    Battles participated in: None at this time.
    Nature: Bold
    Background: He was actually quite happy when he got his trainer at first, having been prepared his life for that occasion. However, when his new trainer showed such disappointment in him to the point of offending him, Pyre earned his trainers respect by promptly flamethrowing him. Though he see's his trainer as a friend, he also see's him as an idiot, and will not hesitate to burn him if he saw fit to it.

    Item's on hand: none
    Badge's on hand: none
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