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    Name: Shane
    AIM: ccdefoe2000
    Cash: $1500
    Contest Creds: 5000

    Position: Trainer



    #038 Ninetales
    The Fox Pokemon
    Nickname: Nynaeve

    Type: Fire
    Gender: Female
    Evolve: None
    Ability: Flash Fire: Grants immunity to Fire-type moves and increases the power of Fire-type moves by 50% when hit by a Fire-type move.
    Dream World Ability: Drought: Summons permanent sun.

    Nasty Plot, Ember, Tail Whip, Roar, Quick Attack, Fire Spin, Confuse Ray, Imprison, Flame Burst, Safeguard, Will-O-Wisp, Payback, Flamethrower, Captivate, Inferno, Grudge, Extrasensory, Fire Blast


    HP: 350
    Attack: 251
    Defense: 249
    Sp.Attack: 261
    Sp.Defense: 299
    Speed: 299


    #133 Eevee
    The Evolution Pokemon

    Type: Normal

    Gender: Female

    Nature: Modest

    Run Away: Increases chances of successfully escaping a random battle (no effect in battles).
    Adaptability: User's STAB modifier becomes x2.

    Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite, Baton Pass, Focus Energy, Take Down, Last Resort, Trump Card

    HP: 314
    Attack: 209
    Defense: 199
    Sp.Attack: 189
    Sp.Defense: 229
    Speed: 209

    Battles: 0

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