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    Instant Messenger: N/A
    Money: 6 000
    W/L/D: 1/1/0
    Position: Trainer
    Battle Record:
    Sky Lark vs Benmac
    I did not expect the Telekinesis+Hypnosis combination. Totodile was asleep the whole battle after that.
    Cerony vs Benmac
    Ice Fang took down Vibrava and Hydro Pump could have took down Geodude if it wasn't for Sturdy although Eevee took him out with Take Down.

    Totodile (Male)
    3 more Battles until evolution
    Ability: Torrent
    Obtained as Starter
    Scratch, Leer, Water Gun, Rage, Bite, Scary Face, Ice Fang, Flail, Crunch, Chip Away, Slash, Screech, Thrash, Aqua Tail, Superpower, Hydro Pump
    TM/HM/BM/MT/ST: None
    W/L/D: 1/1/0

    Eevee (Male)
    4 more Battles until evolution
    Ability: Run Away or Adaptability
    Obtained from Pokemart
    Tail Whip, Tackle, Helping Hand, Sand-Attack, Growl, Quick Attack, Bite, Baton Pass, Focus Energy, Take Down, Last Resort, Trump Card
    TM/HM/BM/MT/ST: None
    W/L/D: 1/0/0

    Items: None
    Badges: None
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