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    Trainer Deets
    Forum Screenname: Ace!
    Current Position: Pokemon Trainer, Steel Specialist
    AIM username: N/A
    Amount of Money: 5,000
    Contest Credits: 5,000
    Total Amount of Battles: 0
    Win/Loss/Draw Record: 0/0/0
    Battle Hold Items: N/A
    Unused Berries and Herbs: N/A
    Other Items: N/A
    HMs in Posession: N/A
    Unused TMs in Possession: N/A
    Badges in Possession: N/A
    Procrastination Station

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    Species: Drilbur
    Gender: Male
    Obtained: Starter
    DW Ability: No
    Taught Moves: None
    HP Roll: N/A
    Battles until Evolution: 0
    Nature: N/A
    Procrastination Station


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