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    Default ~.LyreBird1's Stats.~

    • Name: LyreBird
    • Positions: None
    • AIM Username: lyre.bird
    • Money: 7000
    • Credits: 5000
    • Battle Record: 7/0/0 (Total: 7)
    • FFA's: 2
    • Items: None
    • HM's/TM's: None
    • Badges: None


    • Species: Altaria
      Gender: Female
      Ability: Natural Cure
      Moves: Astonish, Cotton Guard, DragonBreath, Dragon Dance, Dragon Pulse, Fury Attack, Growl, Mirror Move, Mist, Natural Gift, Peck, Perish Song, Pluck, Refresh, Round, Safeguard, Sing, Sky Attack, Take Down
      Learned Moves: Roost, Outrage
      Obtained: Starter Pokemon
      Battle Record: 7/0/0 (Total: 7)
      FFA's: 1
      National Park nature: Undecided

    • Species: Exploud
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Soundproof
      Moves: Astonish, Bite, Crunch, Fire Fang, Howl, Hyper Beam, Hyper Voice, Ice Fang, Pound, Rest, Roar, Screech, Sleep Talk, Stomp, Supersonic, Synchronoise, Thunder Fang, Uproar
      Learned Moves: None
      Obtained: The Daycare Chronicles - Loud and Clear
      Battle Record: 10/0/0 (Total: 10)
      FFA's: 1
      National Park nature: Undecided

    • Species: Nidoran
      Gender: Male
      Ability: Poison Point
      Moves: Captivate, Double Kick, Flatter, Focus Energy, Fury Attack, Helping Hand, Horn Attack, Horn Drill, Leer, Peck, Poison Jab, Poison Sting, Tackle, Toxic Spikes
      Learned Moves: None
      Obtained: Drawing of Nidoran-Male
      Battle Record: 0/0/0 (Total: 0)
      FFA's: 0
      National Park nature: Undecided
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