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Thread: "Secrecy" of the Staff Board

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    Default Re: "Secrecy" of the Staff Board

    Quote Originally Posted by LS the Door Mat View Post
    Quote Originally Posted by LS the Door Mat View Post
    The silliest part of that is that we all agree that the staff could be more open and that it requires effort on both sides, the staff to periodically keep the public informed and the public's part to ask questions.
    But apparently, you're not allowed to do that. Nobody is allowed to do this (just ask TE). In one part of the staff meeting summary:

    "All discussions in the Staff Boards and Meetings are to be kept strictly private. No leaking."

    And you can't say "that's not what we meant". If it wasn't what you meant, neither you or ChainReaction or anyone should have written it down. Even the world strictly is in ITALICS. You mods and officials agreed to this in one of your meetings didn't you? There's no part of that sentence that supports what you just said, or any of the staff that said or implied that they will keep us informed to a certain level. Now, all of a sudden it's changed? Until an announcement is made that you have absolutely removed or changed the rule, MK and I have no reason to believe that you will keep your word.
    MK wasn't the one arguing anything anymore.. How can you guys possibly give us more information if we message you? It seems like most of the people just disregarded this post.
    Can someone explain why you guys suddenly have such a thirst for information all of a sudden? What were you supposedly "kept in the dark about" that spurred this whole discussion?

    Not to mention, if we weren't allow to do it, then we wouldn't say that we are going to do so. If that rule was honestly saying "You are not allowed to keep the public informed", then why would you even bother making this topic in the first place? Its quite obvious that the issue is not as black and white as you are painting it.

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    Default Re: "Secrecy" of the Staff Board

    Yes I know the thread is locked but I just want to post this since certain people seem to be overlooking it for the sake of keeping this pointless argument going.

    Several of us have already admitted that this wasn't handled as well as it should have been, and we've also freely admitted that so long as it's not something especially private, we'd be more than happy to tell you what we can about current goings-on. LS has already said we can't "fix" this particular issue any longer, and instead in the future to just be smarter about it. So my question here is...

    What the heck more do you want from us?

    We've explained why an update thread is largely not needed. There's simply not enough going on. To whoever it was that posted saying things were contradictory; things are extremely active lately because of possible expansion, but that's really the only thing of any import that was going on. Other than a few questions about events and who wanted to run them, there wasn't anything going on that would have warranted a thread saying "here's what going on". I will agree that if something was discussed and we decided against it we could maybe post in the General Thread saying "so hey we were given this idea and this was decided", but that would lead to other problems possibly.

    Also no one seems to consider the possibility that any kind of update thread would just make people more pissed and accuse us of hiding things when we post decisions w/o getting member input. It would only go on and on to the point of it being considered lying and hiding unless everything was out in the open and discussed publicly, which as has been proved, such things usually only lead to flames, trolling, and general non-productive, nonconstructive (rhyme lol) posting. This in turn drags out the discussion, making it take longer than it should for things to be discussed. Heck, even amongst a small number of Staff, in a meeting we can discuss something for hours and not get anywhere. Imagine a threadful of like 20 people trying to contribute and it just leads to all kinds of madness.

    Seriously, can't we all just act our ages and move on? Please, let it go. What people can't seem to understand is Staff are only human and we make mistakes as well. But it's very disheartening when we continue to get slammed and accused for those mistakes after we admitted to them and shouldered the responsibility. We're trying our best here, we really are, and it just doesn't seem to be enough.

    Also, I'm going to say this again here so no one thinks I'm dodging if they IM/PM/VM me w/ questions and stuff, but my eyes are seriously bothering me as of late and I won't be quite so active for the next week or so, until I have a chance to see an optometrist and find out what the hell is wrong with them. It's why I haven't been on at all the past few days. So if you want to talk or have questions or anything, please keep in mind that I have irl issues keeping me from the computer, as I'm not attached to it at the hip (obviously, as computer don't have hips). Be assured that I'll get to you as soon as I have the time to do so.

    One more thing before I go lay down and pray my eyes stop hurting before evening shift: I keep seeing people posting about all the problems URPG should fix before trying to expand, yet aside from this particular subject, I haven't seen anyone post other issues that should be addressed and resolved, even though I asked for input in the TPW Expansion thread. Seriously people, if you think there's something that needs to be touched on, you have to let someone know so we can look into it. So idk, start a thread here in Trainer's Court about things we can try to work on, or PM a list to a couple of Staff and they can let the rest of us know.

    Okay that's it, I'm going to go gouge my eyes out with a rusty spoon now. Can't be any worse than how they feel already @__@.

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