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Thread: Artists for Art Captures

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    Default Re: Artists for Art Captures

    I voted 'no' for the same reason that everyone else has said, "It's too difficult to judge art."

    I do agree on the idea of a weekly/monthly/seasonal art contest where capturing a single Pokemon is the focus, however.
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    Default Re: Artists for Art Captures

    I've actually gotta say no, as not everyone is an expert in grading art. Most of the graders are literal, not visual.

    How about an alternative:

    Survey: Art Capture Alternative Idea.

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    Default Re: Artists for Art Captures

    It's an interesting idea, but I'm going to say no. Going to spare everybody a rehash of all the stuff that's already been stated on the first page.

    I'm also going to have to disagree with the art contest idea, the main reason being that digital art programs can really tip the scale here, which makes it slightly unfair to people who can't spend money on those sorts of things. Someone who only has Paint for image processing is probably going to be hard-pressed to win against a Photoshop user. I guess you can say this is inherent in all art contests, but I still feel like it'll really favor some people over others and tip the scales.

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