Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]
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Thread: Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]

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    Default Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]

    Lovecraft: $35,500
    Notes: Ref pay for 3v3 is $1,500, not $2,000. Only three Pokémon are listed each, so should be $1,500.

    Felly: $17,500

    Ash K.: $8,500

    CommBA: $17,500

    Prince Vultan: $20,000

    swiftgallade46: $29,500

    TieSoul: $8,500

    Lightning Dash: $1,000
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    Default Re: Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]

    claiming! Thanks, Ash.
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    Default Re: Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]

    Claiming this from the Library. Cheers Ash.

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    Default Re: Ref Wages [November 26th - December 16th]

    Thanks Ash, claiming! :)


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