Grader Wages :: November 30th - December 30th
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Thread: Grader Wages :: November 30th - December 30th

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    Default Grader Wages :: November 30th - December 30th

    Not too many grades this session, but, then again, there weren't too many stories around either! Go ahead, claim those monies for your nice work!

    Felly: $45,650

    Memory Seeds - Moderate - $5000 (+500)
    Regrade - $2000

    A Home for Lotad - Moderate - $5000 (+1000)
    Regrade - $2000

    Let The Flames Begin - Strong Moderate - $13500 (+4050)
    Regrade - $2000

    Why Being Polite is Good - Basic - $2000 (+800)

    The Day I Killed Santa - Basic - $2000 (+1000)

    Hero - Strong Basic - $3000 (+1800)

    Nice, solid grades here! Plus, you did a lot of them this time around, so kudos to you! To start pumping out higher leveled grades, one tip of advice would be to give out universal examples, rather than just situational ones. For example, instead of highlighting a piece of text and simply showing the errors, you could explain why the errors are wrong. If you do that, you'll be well on your way to shipping out those higher grades!

    Not Safe For Adults: $9,900

    An Unexpected Capture - Strong Basic - $3000 (+300)

    Growlithe Saves The Day - Moderate - $5500 (+1100)

    These grades were just fine for the stories you were grading! I like how you gave some external sources for your second grade, and it really could be useful for the author. Again, nice job here!

    Princess Crow: $31,400

    Glitch City - Complex - $19,000 (+1900)

    I Killed The Dragonfly - Moderate - $5500 (+1100)

    'Twas the Night Before Christmas - Strong Basic - $3000 (+900)

    Again, nice job, ladies! The WWC is coming up, so expect lots of activity in the upcoming session. Go have fun and stuff!


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    Default Re: Grader Wages :: November 30th - December 30th

    Claiming my pretty wages. :3 And I will work on making my grades better! Thank you, Hannah!

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