Grader Wages: 7/12 - 8/10
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    Default Grader Wages: 7/12 - 8/10

    Baby set of wages this month. Perfect time to incorporate new wage multiplier, I guess.

    Alaska ~ $13,000

    The Dalima Complex: Chapter 1 (Basic) - $2,400

    Being a Sewaddle Sucks (Basic) - $2,000 {+200}

    Shadow Wars Chapter 3 (Moderate) - $7,000 {+1,400}

    Nice mild grades for mild stories. Great. I'd normally whine about overdoing the last grammar section, but the story needed it and you did a good job addressing general/repetitive errors and not nitpicking tiny mistakes. The work went into it, making it enough for Moderate rank.

    Buoy ~ $8,000

    Summer Snow (Moderate) - $8,000

    First stories should get very lenient grades. It should be hard to fail them unless the attempted Poke is significantly under-written for. If the character count is there and the story is well done, please pass it. Grading has swung into the realm of over-harshness. This piece was for two Medium pokes, which means an average story is all that is necessary.

    Nice critique here, otherwise; you are very specific in offering advice, which is fabulous. You gave the author a lot of things to chew on while not sounding negative. Try not to overwork yourself though, because some things were reiterated or subjective and drew out the grade unnecessarily. This is about the length of what a Complex grade should be.

    Frozen Chaos ~ $2,000

    Her Heart (Basic) - $2,000

    YOU SHOULD ORGANIZE YOUR GRADES INTO A CLEAR LAYOUT. It's disorienting and lacks focus. There's some great critique in there, but it gets swamped out when the topic gets taken off track into side-notes. It'd be easier on you to take it one area at a time in a defined subsection so that is clear to both you and the writer. Text blocks can sometimes be overwhelming and easily forgotten. JUST SAYIN'. YOU ARE FREE TO GRADE HOWEVER YOU WANT, THOUGH.

    Princess Crow ~ $42,550 (Moderate) - $5,000

    Pokemon Destiny (Moderate) - $6,000 {+600}

    A Trip Down Memory Lane (Moderate) - $5,500 {+1,100}

    A day in the life Part 1 (SWC)(Ready to Grade) (Moderate) - $6,500 {+1,950}

    Revelations - SWC - Ready To Grade (Moderate) - $6,000 {+2,400}

    Lost on the River (Moderate) - $5,000 {+2,500}

    Super strong, high-quality grading here. Awesome job. Only thing I'd like to mention is that they sometimes were a bit heavy with criticism. Remember that we want to be motivating with our grades, even if the story had a lot of perceived faults, because improvement only occurs when there is a desire to get better. Keep things general for mini stories, because the content isn't there to delve into an in-depth grade. Other than that, keep doing what you're doing. Your grades are a fine example of what Graders should aim for. Excellent job.

    Don't be afraid to pounce on the longer stories that may pop up, because you are displaying the standard for a massive payout.


    Nice work, babies!

    PLEASE NOTE: I won't be paying above Moderate rank for stories less than 30k in length.
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    Default Re: Grader Wages: 7/12 - 8/10

    Claiming, I'll try to keep my criticism in check from here on out, as well as take on some larger stories. Thanks a lot for the wages/advice!

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    Default Re: Grader Wages: 7/12 - 8/10

    I'll claim, I guess. Thank you.


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