Grader Wages :: 10/31 - 11/30
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Thread: Grader Wages :: 10/31 - 11/30

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    Default Grader Wages :: 10/31 - 11/30

    Relatively small wages for a pretty inactive grading period. Oh well! Here, you guys (ACTUALLY LADIES, SINCE WE ONLY HAD FEMALE GRADERS THIS TIME AROUND!) can claim.

    Embreon: $25,540

    The Last Soul-Shredder - Complex - $14,000

    The Champion’s Road - Moderate - $7,000 (+700)

    Just Another Trainer - Strong Basic - $2,200 + $1,000 (+640)

    Nice grades here! They definitely provided some useful feedback to the authors, yet didn't seem too critical in doing so. So yeah, nice job as always!

    Not Safe For Adults: $10,600

    The Ultimate Story, Chapter 24 - Basic - $2,400

    Ten Reasons Why You Should Have a Magikarp
    - Basic - $2,000 (+200)

    The Day After - Moderate - $5,000 (+1,000)

    Nice mild grades here. They didn't seem too critical, and the grades themselves fit for the types of stories you were grading. Keep up the good work!

    Princess Crow: $104,000

    Secrets of the Timekeeper - Strong Complex - $100,000 + $4,000

    I checked this with others and they seemed to agree with the ranking of my grade, so DON'T BE HATIN', OKAY?


    Dream of Fire - Moderate - $7,000

    Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Basic - $2,400 (+240)

    A Political Adventure: Mitt Romney's Pokemon Journey - Weak - $600 (+120)
    -It's my understanding that you were given permission to give a very short grade so that the author could claim their pokemon. However, I feel like the story NSFA posted had more things to talk about than what you accounted for in the grade, and I felt like you could have given just a little bit more of an effort.

    However, your other grades were solid and helpful, and they fit the expectations that the story itself was requiring. Nice job!

    So yes. OMG WE NEED MORE STORIES AND GRADES. Anyways, nice job this session! If I missed any grades, be sure to let me know. Awesome job, ladies!

    Also, claiming.
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    Default Re: Grader Wages :: 10/31 - 11/30

    Claimin' dat dough.

    Thanks, hot stuff. <3


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    Default Re: Grader Wages :: 10/31 - 11/30

    Claiming while I'm here. (: Thanks!

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