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    If you noticed, there have been a couple of additions and changes here and there in the Contest section. The first of all was the introduction of Double Contests, which will most probably remain as a permanent part of the Contest section.

    Additionally, there are also increments for the payouts. Normal Rank contests still pay the same, but Super Rank will pay more than Normal Rank, and so on and so forth. You can view the entire list in the All About Contests thread. The rank requirements have also been changed (or returned to how it was in the past). You now need to have at least won 3 of the previous rank ribbon in that corresponding category in order to participate in the next higher rank.

    There is also a full list of clauses and rules that you can adjust in contests. Note that the default rule for Normal and Super Rank contests are played with no attributes. If you want to play with them, all players must agree to it. However, for Hyper and Master Rank contests, attributes are mandatory.

    Lastly, the threads are reorganized and information are more detailed than before. The Contest Moves List (R/S/E Mode) have also went through a complete check and descriptions are now constant (similar moves effect will have the exact description). And of course, Generation Five moves are also added in, with help from JokesterJesse and others. This is only for R/S/E though, the ones for D/P/P will be added in soon. Same goes for Combo Moves.

    On a final last note, the Judge Quiz is being revised atm, so it should be ready by tomorrow again. You now have to pass the Judge Quiz first, then take a Judge Test, before you can become an official Judge.

    Any further updates will be posted here.
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    Attributes means stats by the way in case you missed that xD

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    The Judge Quiz is ready now.

    Also, a side note to all judges. When you look for the effect of moves in the RSE Contest Mode movelist, be sure to watch out for the phrasing of the description. You will see many of these: 'Appeal score is increased by...', that means that the appeal score is increased, not replaced. So for example, Skill Swap.

    | Skill Swap | Smart | +1 | 0 |
    Appeal score is increased by half of the combined appeal of previous appealers, rounded down (minimum 0).

    That means you take the combined appeal of all the previous appealers, add them up, and divide by 2. Round down if needed. That's not the end however. You still need to add that score to Skill Swap's original appeal heart of +1, as I've color-coded it in red.

    Note: Scarves only give bonuses for the primary round. They don't do anything for secondary rounds.
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    Should say "for Hyper and Master" attributes are mandatory, not "Super and Master". Also should say attributes "are" mandatory rather than "is", but that's really more nitpicking than anything.

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    Default Re: Recent Additions & Changes

    Also in other note, the Gen 5 moves for RSE are still in beta stage. Be prepared in case they need nerfing or changes .


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