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    Default Judging Encyclopedia

    Credit to Hushie

    Here you will find anything and everything about judges and judging mechanics.

    Quick Links (to open in separate window):

    Official Judges
    Judging Method
    -> Judging Formulas, Move Type Compatibility, Crowd Meter & Judge Voltage
    -> Appeal & Hearts, Appeal Order, and Contest Terms
    How To Become A Judge
    Judge Quiz
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    Default Official Judges

    Head Judge

    Chief Judges
    Ash K

    Judges are listed with their corresponding AIM names.

    Active Judges
    Ash K. - mewalcadiesmew
    Chainreaction01 - ChainreactionRPG
    Dog of Hellsing - ttartrainer
    Siless - siless732
    SLCalamity - politoedprince
    Princess Crow - princessofcrows*
    Turtwig A - Bulbaturtwig*

    Past or Inactive Judges

    Judge Testers
    Ash K (BW only)
    ChainReaction (BW only)

    Anyone who has been a judge for less than a month cannot ref Festivals. Each judge is also limited to judging two Festivals per week. Please do make sure you've read about the details of judging a Festival in All About Contests (because it works a little differently from normal contests).

    * Means B\W certified only.
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    Default Judging Method

    >> RSE Contest Mode Research Site

    >> RSE Contest Moves List

    >> DPP Contest Mode Research Site

    >> DPP Contest Moves List

    >> BW Contest Moves List



    *Thanks to Jack of Clovers, May Norman, DarkGardevoir, AmericanTreeFrog, Ataro, Feng, JokesterJesse, SLCalamity and others for all of their help.
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    Default Judging Formulas, Move Type Compatibility, Crowd Meter & Judge Voltage

    Judging Formula
    • Primary Round for RSE/DPP Contest Modes

      Equation = ((B+C+F)/2)*S +A
      A = Primary attribute
      B and C = Secondary attributes
      F = Feel/Luster
      S = 1.1 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with the contest's primary attribute; 1.05 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with one of the contest's secondary attributes; 1 otherwise.

    • Primary Round for BW Contest Mode

      Equation = ([(B+C+F)/2+A]*S) - (G+H)
      A = Primary attribute
      B and C = Secondary attributes
      F = Feel/Luster
      G and H equal incompatible attributes
      S = 1.1 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with the contest's primary attribute; 1.05 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with one of the contest's secondary attributes; 1 otherwise.

    • Primary Round for RSE/DPP/BW Festivals

      Equation= {(A + B + C + D + E + F)/n}*S
      A = Cool attribute
      B = Beauty attribute
      C = Cute attribute
      D = Smart attribute
      E = Tough Attribute
      F = Feel/Luster
      n = number of attributes actually used. If an attribute is 0, then it isn't counted.
      S = 1.1 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with the contest's primary attribute; 1.05 if the Pokémon holds a Scarf associated with one of the contest's secondary attributes; 1 otherwise.

    • Final Judging for RSE/DPP/BW Contest Modes/Festivals

      Equation= ((Acting Score) * 2) + (Primary Score))

      Highest Score wins!

    Move Type Compatibility

    1. Cool Contest
    Compatible: Tough, Beauty
    Incompatible: Cute, Smart

    2. Beauty Contest
    Compatible: Cool, Cute
    Incompatible: Smart, Tough

    3. Cute Contest
    Compatible: Beauty, Smart
    Incompatible: Cool, Tough

    4. Smart Contest
    Compatible: Cute, Tough
    Incompatible: Cool, Beauty

    5. Tough Contest
    Compatible: Smart, Cool
    Incompatible: Beauty, Cute

    Crowd Meter & Judge Voltage

    RSE Contest Mode
    If a Pokemon uses a move of the Contest type, the Crowd Meter is increased by 1, and the appeal is increased by +1. When the Crowd Meter reaches 5: "Crowd goes wild!", the appeal is increased by +5. Then, the Crowd Meter returns to 0 again.

    If a Pokemon uses a move of a compatible attribute, the Crowd Meter is neither increased or decreased: "Crowd looks on". If a Pokemon uses a move of an incompatible attribute, the crowd's excitement is decreased by 1: "X's [attribute] didn't go over well here...". The Pokemon's appeal isn't decreased by 1 however.

    DPP Contest Mode
    Unlike RSE Contest Mode, the Pokemon's appeal will not increase even if he performs a move of the Contest type. Also, the Crowd Meter is referred to as the Voltage here. The Voltage will increase when a Pokemon uses a move of the Contest type, and decrease when a Pokemon uses a move of an incompatible attribute. It will neither increase nor decrease if a compatible move is used.

    There are three judges to appeal to in the DPP Contest Mode. Besides the two side judges which will increase your appeal by +5 if you max out their Voltage (Voltage: 5), there is also the main/lead judge, which will increase your appeal by +8 if you max out his Voltage (Voltage: 5).

    Since you can only earn hearts by maxing out Voltages, there is also another way that helps to increase your appeals each turn. Each turn, each Judge will hand out extra hearts based on the number of appeals that they have viewed. 1 Appeal = +3 Hearts. 2 Appeals = +2 Hearts. 3 Appeals = +1 Heart. All 4 Appeals = No Hearts.

    B/W Contest Mode
    Unlike RSE and DPP mode, there are no contest attribute rounds. Instead, types are attributed to the type chart below. Compatibilities still apply as they did before in RSE and DPP. Instead of Voltage or a Crowd Meter a Pokemon has PP(Power Points). Each Pokemon starts with a base of 300PP. When a move is used the amount of PP required to use the move will be deducted from the Pokemon’s PP limit. The PP is subtracted by 10 when a Pokemon uses a move of the Pokemon Type, and will increased by 10 when a Pokemon uses an incompatible attribute. It will neither increase nor decrease if a compatible move is used.

    Before the start of a contest, when you send which Pokemon are going to use you must pick which type it is to represent. Whatever type you choose the Pokemon will remain that type for the duration of the contest. The ribbon(s) you receive must also match the type of your Pokemon. However, if a fellow Pokemon was a different type then you can receive that type instead.

    A Pokemon is considered Knocked Out when its health either reaches 0% or its PP points are reduced to 0. PP points for each move are determined by which tier it fall under. Tiers are found by this chart:
    • Tier 1 - 50
      Tier 2 - 40
      Tier 3 - 30
      Tier 4 - 20
      Tier 5 - 10

    Normal - Cute
    Flying - Cute
    Electric - Cute
    Fairy - Cute

    Fighting - Cool
    Dragon - Cool
    Dark - Cool
    Bug - Cool

    Ground - Tough
    Rock - Tough
    Steel - Tough

    Water - Beauty
    Ice - Beauty
    Fire - Beauty

    Grass - Smart
    Psychic - Smart
    Ghost - Smart
    Poison - Smart

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    Default Appeal & Hearts, Appeal Order, and Contest Terms

    Appeals & Hearts

    When you are judging, you will constantly come across terms such as: appeal points and hearts. They are basically the same thing. To get appeal points simply multiple the number of hearts by 10. The maximum possible appeal a Pokemon can earn at once is 160 appeal points or 16 hearts.

    Appeal Order

    RSE Contest Mode
    The voting score from the primary round determines which contestant can begin its appeal first (those with higher voting scores get to appeal first). In subsequent appeal rounds, appeal order is initially determined by the last round’s appeals (those with higher appeals get to appeal first). In case of a tie in scoring or determining appeal order, the Pokemon who wins the tie is determined at random.

    DPP Contest Mode
    The initial performance order is determined from the highest to lowest final scores in the primary round. In the next three turns, the performance order is then determined from lowest score to highest score in the previous turn. In case of a tie in determining performance order, the tie is broken at random.

    BW Contest Mode
    Turn order here only applies if the contestants are using DPPT rule sets, or any variation thereof. Turn order will be determined by the primary score (the contestant with the most points will choose to go first or defer). Ribbons will handed out here according to the number of Pokemon used divide in half and rounded down.
    1-3 = 1
    4-5 = 2
    6-6 = 3

    Contest Terms

    There are a couple of contest terms that will be used frequently when judging. As a judge, you need to understand each of them and effects behind it. These terms refer to RSE Contest Mode only, since DPP Contest Modes was simplified and didn’t include these.

    • Combo Moves
      These are a pair of moves that a Pokemon uses consecutively. The specific combo moves are listed in the RSE Contest Mode moves list. If a Pokemon completes a combo, the appeal effect in increased by the second; move’s unmodified appeal affect.
    • Combo Standby
      This refers to the condition where the user uses a move that is the first part if a combo move, such as using Rest first. Certain moves ham Pokemon that are on Combo Standby for more points, while certain moves can cancel out any Combo Standby(s).
    • Condition Star
      Condition points. Certain moves allow the user to gain condition stars, where each appeal after that will be increased by +1 for each condition point (or referred as condition star) the POkemon has. The Pokemon may only earn up to three stars in a contest. Stars may be removed during any turn by other Pokemon via moves that do so, Also, the more stars a Pokemon has, the less likely it will be Nervous.
    • Jam
      These are negative points to startle other Pokemon (refers to the black hearts in the games). A Pokemon can either startle itself, or be startled by others.

      A Pokemon can startle itself by using a move consecutively, unless the move’s effect allows that. The penalty is calculated as minus 1 x (number of times the move has been repeated). For example, if Dragonite has used Dragon Dance three time consecutively, its penalty would be minus 1 x (3) = minus 3 hearts. When a Pokemon repeatedly uses a move even if it used a move of that contest type, it will not boost the Crowd Meter.
      Note that a Pokemon cannot choose the same move twice in a row at all in DPP Mode contests.

      A Pokemon can also be startled by others if it appealed before the Pokemon that used a jamming move. A Pokemon that is too nervous to move can become startled. If a Pokemon cannot appeal due to previous appeal move’s effect, it then cannot be startled or be a “previous appealer”.

      These message are shown when a jam effect is applied to an appealer. You can use the wordings as a general format for your contests, but it’s considered as optional.

      Appeal -0(avoid being startled): “X managed to avoid it seeing it.”
      Appeal -10: “X looked down out of distraction.”
      Appeal -20: “X turned back out of distraction.”
      Appeal -30: “X couldn’t help uttering a cry.”
      Appeal -40: “X couldn’t help leaping up.”
      Appeal <-40: “X tripped over out of distraction.”
    • Nervous
      Your Pokemon has a 60% chance to not to make its appeal that turn. The more stars the Pokemon has, the less nervous the Pokemon will be.
      1 Star = 50%. 2 Stars = 40%. 3 Stars = 30%.

    Additional Points (B/W Mode)

    Besides earning points from the use of Moves there are a few other ways in which a trainer can add to their score.

    Win: 100 points
    Loss: 50 points
    KO a tier 1 Pokemon with a tier 4: 50 points
    KO the opposite team without losing a Pokemon: 200 points
    Combo KO: #*10
    A combo KO is where your Pokemon knocks out two or more Pokemon without fainting or switching out

    You can also earn points by Koing Pokemon. Pokemon fall into four different tiers, and those tiers will are as follows. If a Pokemon runs out of PP it is out of the contest, by the the opposing trainer doesn’t earn points for its KO.

    50 points: Tier 1 Pokemon
    40 points: Tier 2 Pokemon
    30 points: Tier 3 Pokemon
    20 points: Tier 4 Pokemon

    Pokemon Tier List
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    Default How To Become A Judge

    Although contests are not insanely popular, judges are still an important part of the URPG in order for Contests to function properly. Contests are a good source of income, both coordinators- and judges-wise. In fact, judging is considered as the easiest out of the four jobs in URPG (referee, grader, and ranger), and is generally considered the second fastest job to complete. Also, as a judge, you would be able to claim your pay immediately after you have finished judging a contest and posted your log. Talk about immediate rewards. This post will detail the steps to become a judge.

    Note: Judges should be reasonably fast, accurate, have all the information in front of them, ready to answer any question, and most importantly, respectful of the contest. There is no favoring one coordinator over the other - that is cheating.

    Step 1:
    You should have a general understanding of how contests work in the URPG. Having experience of how Contest work in R/S/E, D/P/P and B/W contests in the games is a plus point.

    Step 2:
    You should familiarize yourself with the information in All About Contests and the Judging Encyclopedia. You should be able to use your resources. Use the Contest Moves List (R/S/E Mode) or the Contest Moves List (D/P/P Mode) or the
    Contest Moves List (B/W Mode)[ when you need to know how each move works when appealed.

    Step 3:
    Familiarize yourself with the judging formulas, move type compatibility, crowd meter/judge voltage, appeal orders, and contest terms. Most judges know the following, or at least the crux of these so they can judge accurately and at a relatively fast speed.

    Step 4:
    Try practice judging by looking at forum contests and see if you can get the same results as the judge. You can also see if you get the same thing as the judge in your own contests.

    Step 5:
    Take the Judge Quiz.

    Step 6:
    After you pass the Judge Quiz, you can take the RSE|DPP Judge Test. In the Judge Test, you will have judge a contest given by a Judge Tester. All you have to do is contact any Ref Tester on AIM to be tested. If you fail the Judge Test, you must wait at least one week (168 hours) before taking it again.

    If you want to take the B/W Judge Test you must have passed the Judge Quiz first and be a ref. Contact any Ref Tester on AIM to be tested. If you fail the Judge Test, you must wait at least one week (168 hours) before taking it again.

    If you have any questions about anything about judging or becoming a judge, feel free to contact the Head Judge or any of the Senior Judges.
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    Default Judge Quiz

    Before you are able take the Judge Test, you must pass the Judge Quiz. There are 27 questions on the Judge Quiz. You must answer 17 out of the 24 short answer questions correctly, at least a RSE mode contest scenario out of the two correctly, and also get the DPP mode contest scenario correct.

    Once you pass, the Judge Tester will guide you through the answers you did not get. You must PM your answers to an available Judge Tester. He/she will then send you back the answers that are incorrect. You then respond with your revision of those incorrect answers, and keep doing so until you pass. Nobody except a Judge Tester is able to help you on the Judge Quiz, and you are not able to discuss the Judge Quiz with anyone except a Judge Tester. Any questions about it should be done through PM with one of the Judge Testers.

    You will send all answers via PM to any of the following people. Please include question and answer. Only PM to one of the judge testers.
    *Ash K: Available
    *ChainReaction: Available
    *SLCalamity: Not Available

    RSE/DPP Mode

    1. Calculate the appeal points of a Musharna holding a Cute Scarf (Luster 186, Cool 202, Beauty 59, Cute 95, Smart 270, Tough 10) in the Primary Round of a Smart Contest.

    2. Both RSE and DPP Contest Modes have 5 rounds for the participants to appeal. True or False? Explain why.

    3. Name five things that RSE Contests have that DPP Contests don't.

    4. A Milotic managed to appeal a total of 22 hearts in a round, but the judge reduced the amount of hearts to x hearts. Explain why, and find out x.

    5. What happens when there is a tie in determining the performance order?

    RSE Mode

    6. In a Beauty Contest, a Blaziken appealed with Blaze Kick, while a Marowak appealed with Bonemerang. Both moves have no additional effect and they both appealed for +4. However, why did Blaziken still earn more appeal points than Marowak at the end of the turn? Please also state the total appeal points/hearts that they have received at the end of the turn, without taking into account of any stats before this turn.

    7. A Blastoise with two condition stars had appealed with Yawn previously. This turn, it appealed with Rest in a Cute Contest. How many hearts will he receive with that appeal? Crowd Meter is at 4 currently.

    8. An Electivire managed to appeal first in the second round of a contest. List three possible reasons to that.

    9. Audino had used Substitute thrice in a row in a Smart Contest when the Crowd Meter is placed at 4. How much negative appeal hearts is the penalty for that? Will Audino max the Crowd Meter and receive the +5 bonus?

    10. Blissey had also used Hidden Power thrice in a row, but she doesn't get penalty. Why is that so?

    11. Togekiss had used Baton Pass and made all of the Pokemon appealing after it nervous. Serperior is one of them and it already has two condition stars. What is the chances of Serperior being too nervous to move?

    12. A Zangoose with three condition stars had used Rock Smash in a Tough Contest. How many hearts will it earn?

    13. A Geodude used Magnitude in a Cute Contest when the Crowd Meter is at 3. How many appeal hearts did it earn?

    14. If a Pokemon goes second in a RSE Contest and uses Attract, all the other Pokemon become Nervous. True or false? Explain why.

    15. Snorlax had just finished performing Double Edge, but is jammed by the next appealer's move; Luster Purge. How many hearts is Snorlax jammed for?

    16. Wobbuffet had just finished performing Destiny Bond. The next appealer uses Leech Seed, which is a jamming move. How many hearts is Wobbuffet jammed for?

    17. Slowbro is the last appealer for this round, and the total appeal hearts for the previous appealers are as shown. Starmie = 10 Hearts. Chandelure = 2 Hearts. Excadrill = 5 Heart. Slowbro then appeals with Skill Swap in a Smart Contest. How much appeal points does he earn?

    18: Smeargle is the second appealer and appeals with Sketch in a Tough Contest. However, the first appealer is a Bibarel who has 3 black hearts (jams). How much appeal points does Smeargle earn for performing Sketch?

    19. In a Cool Contest, the first appealer appeals with Doom Desire, while the second appealer then appeals with Payback. Will the Crowd Meter increase and award an additional appeal heart to the second appealer for performing a move of the contest's type? Explain.

    20. This is the third round of a R/S/E Contest, displaying both the total appeal points that the Pokemon has already received, and the hearts that it had just received for the turn (in no particular order). Asterisks represent condition stars. State the order in which they will perform for next turn, along with any explanation (if any).

    Scyther 130 PTS (+10 this turn)
    Feebas 150 PTS (+4 this turn)
    Skitty 60 PTS (+6 this turn) (**)
    Castform 120 PTS (+11 this turn)

    DPP Mode

    21. How many judges are there in a contest and how much do they give individually, when the Voltage is reached at 5?

    22. In a Smart Contest, Alakazam is the first appealer and appealed with Psychic. The Voltage is placed at 2 currently and throughout the turn, no one else but Alakazam appealed towards the lead judge. How many appeal hearts did Alakazam earn?

    23. A Magmortar managed to appeal first in the second round of a contest. List two possible reasons to that.

    24. This is the third round of a D/P/P Contest, displaying both the total appeal points that the Pokemon has already received, and the hearts that it had just received for the turn (in no particular order). State the order in which they will perform for next turn, along with any explanation (if any).

    Chimchar 130 PTS (+5 this turn)
    Caterpie 150 PTS (+7 this turn)
    Chingling 70 PTS (+4 this turn)
    Charmander 100 PTS (+2 this turn)

    Judge out the following scenarios and give the round results as if you were judging a real contest. You should be able to provide a neat judging format and stats, along with any side status or conditions in the stats, such as Combo Standby, Condition Stars, or 'X' for not being allowed to perform. You may roll for a nervous chance, but all Pokemon must complete their appeal.
    Crowd Level (CL) / Voltage will be given as well.[*] = 1 Condition Star. [**] = 2 Condition Stars. [***] = 3 Condition Stars.

    Rules: R/S/E Cool Contest
    1st: Porygon2 100 PTS
    2nd: Raichu 80 PTS
    3rd: Alakazam 60 PTS (*)
    4th: Starmie 40 PTS
    Crowd Meter is at 2.

    Appeals: Porygon2 - Lock On; Raichu - Encore; Alakazam - Skill Swap; Starmie - Hyper Beam

    Rules: R/S/E Smart Contest
    1st: Gengar 80PTS (Combo Standby: Endure)
    2nd: Starmie 50PTS (*) (Combo Standby: Surf)
    3rd: Milotic 30PTS
    4th: Venusaur 0 PTS (Used Giga Drain for two times consecutively already)
    Crowd Meter is at 4.

    Appeals: Gengar - Destiny Bond; Starmie - Dive; Milotic - Hypnosis; Venusaur - Giga Drain

    Rules: D/P/P Cool Contest
    Current Voltages:
    Lead Judge, Dexter [Voltage = 4]
    Second Judge, Ash [Voltage = 3]
    Third Judge, Giovanni [Voltage = 0]

    1st Blaziken 60 PTS (Used Focus Energy before this)
    2nd Scizor 60 PTS
    3rd Charizard 100 PTS (Used Outrage before this)
    4th Kangaskhan 100 PTS (Used Rage before this)

    Appeals: Blaziken - Sky Uppercut on Ash; Scizor - Quick Attack on Ash; Charizard - Outrage on Dexter; Kangaskhan - Dizzy Punch on Giovanni
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    Default Abilities

    B/W Judge Test

    To pass, you must answer 9/10 correctly for the first section, and 3/5 correctly for the second section.


    1. On the first turn of a contest, Swift Swim Ludicolo and Drizzle Politoed are sent.* Ludicolo uses Bullet Seed. How much PP does it cost Ludicolo and how many points does it earn Ludicolo’s team?

    2. When a Pokémon is sent in a BW Contest, what information must its trainer include?

    3. Explain BW Contest Power Points in detail.

    4. What rules can be set in a BW Contest?

    5. What is the Contest section's analogy for the Gym League, how are the acceptable lineups determined, and how many people must one defeat to become the Contest Champion?

    6. A Co-ordinator KOs a Conkeldurr, immediately followed by a Blaziken. How many hearts is the Co-ordinator awarded, ignoring the hearts they earned for the moves themselves?

    7. What is the pay for a 5v5 Super Rank B/W Contest pay, in both URPG money and Contest Credits, for all parties involved? And how many ribbons does the winner get?

    8. A Co-ordinator wins a 3v3 Normal Rank B/W Contest with the following team: Mawile, Hydreigon, Gyarados. Which Ribbon(s) may be given to the Hydreigon for this victory?

    9. Name two situations in which the fainting of a Pokemon does not result in the awarding of points to the opponent?

    10: A Co-ordinator's Chansey has 80PP remaining. Its Tangela opponent uses Protect, after which Chansey uses Softboiled, a Tier 1 move. How much PP does Chansey have remaining now?


    Pinsir 100%, ATK+1, DEF+1 {290pp, 12 hearts} | RAIN | Golduck 25%, SPD+1 {300pp, 9 hearts}

    Judge the following turn. Pinsir is using Swords Dance and Golduck is using Screech (assume it hits). Ignore all missing (but not un-stated) information.

    Unown 100% {280pp, 3 hearts} | Aggron 29.06%, ATK+1, DEF+1, SPD-1 {290pp, 1 heart}

    The battle has only just started. Unown is going to use Hidden Power (Fighting). State the end-of-turn stats only for each of the following situations:
    Aggron uses Metal Burst.
    Aggron swaps into Mismagius F Levitate [Smart].
    Aggron swaps into Mr Mime M Filter [Smart].
    Aggron swaps into Rhyperior M Solid Rock [Tough].
    Aggron uses Protect.

    Super Rank B/W Contest
    B/W Double Battle
    Helds On
    Sandstorm Weather/Ocean Terrain

    Co-ordinator Jimmy's team: Volcarona F Swarm [Beauty] @ Leftovers, Excadrill M Sand Rush [Tough] @ Life Orb
    Co-ordinator Mary's team: Shiftry M Early Bird [Smart] @ Expert Belt, Weavile F Pressure [Cool] @ Focus Band

    Current turn: Volcarona 21.92% ~ Excadrill 78.53%, ATK+1, DEF+1 {230pp, 240pp, 7 hearts} | SAND | Shiftry 57.55% ~ Weavile 100% {180pp, 300pp, 6 hearts}

    Judge the following turn, using the following move commands and rolls:

    Volcarona is using Quiver Dance. Excadrill is using Iron Head on Weavile. Shifty is using Nature Power on Volcarona. Weavile is using Ice Punch on Excadrill.
    Rolls: 34, 7, 6, 66

    Judge the following turn.

    Machamp Female No Guard [Cool]
    Hitmontop Male Technician [Cool]

    Last turn:
    Hitmontop used Detect.
    Machamp used Flamethrower. Hitmontop protected itself.
    Machamp 100% [35PP] <580 points> | Hitmontop 20.06% [150PP] | Rain

    This turn:
    Machamp use Fire Blast, Hitmontop use Triple Kick.
    Rolls: 100, 100, 1, 100, 1, 100, 1, 100, 1, 100, 1, 1

    Player A:
    Mew Genderless Synchronize Active, Unsent, Unsent, Unsent, Unsent, Unsent
    Player B:
    Mewtwo Genderless Pressure Active, Arceus Genderless Multitype KO, Lugia Genderless Multiscale KO, Genesect Genderless Download KO, Kyurem-White Genderless Turboblaze KO, Darkrai Genderless Bad Dreams KO
    Last turn:
    Mewtwo uses Metronome. Mewtwo uses Fusion Flare.
    Mew uses Metronome. Mew uses Fusion Bolt.

    Mew 60.39% [100PP] <900 points> | Mewtwo 59.61% [100PP] <1060 points> | Sun

    This turn:
    Mew use Metronome, Mewtwo use Metronome (use an unabridged alphabetical list).
    Metronome rolls: 183, 184
    Other rolls: 42, 84, 100, 1, 1, 1
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