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    Default Start-up Guide and National Park Rules

    How to Get Started in the National Park in 5 Easy Steps

    A couple people were confused on how to actually join the Park, so here are some basic steps. If you’d like more information, please see the Park Encyclopedia.

    1. Join URPG.

    Sometimes people stumble onto here randomly, and that’s cool! Everyone is welcome. However, in order to participate in the Park, you must sign up in the Starter Thread. Here is where you can get your starter Pokemon and all the other goodies we offer for new members.

    2. Make a Character Sign-up.

    Since the Park is a roleplay, that means you’ll need a character to wander around as. This can be your URPG self—but it doesn’t have to be! We have a variety of hunters, ninjas, and contest stars among our character cast, so feel free to get creative. Sign up here.

    Try to aim for a paragraph for the personality and description sections, as that will help your Ranger and others know what your character is like. You can also have multiple characters; just add them to your sign-up post and ask a Ranger to double check it.

    3. Obtain Supplies

    When you go on a run, you are responsible for your own equipment that you can purchase at the Park Shop. All supplies must be bought before the run begins—the only thing a Ranger sells during the run are Pokedolls. The minimum suggested supplies are 3 Park Balls. That will let you catch most things for the cheapest value.

    However, the recommended set up is: 3x Park Balls, 2x Super Balls, 1x Hyper Ball
    This set would give you the option to catch everything. Extra supplies, like healing items, are up to you. The only necessary items are Pokeballs. Add any items onto your sign-up sheet.

    4. Pokemon

    Before you enter the Park, you need some Pokemon to go with you. The entry fee covers two Pokemon, and we highly suggest this. While a run is doable with just one mon, it makes it extremely difficult—especially for someone new to the Park. It’s a good idea to at least evolve your starter and obtain a second mon (such as from the Mart, with the free voucher).

    Pokemon you bring into the Park also need to have natures assigned to them, which you can list on your sign-up or in your URPG stats. Be careful, as once a mon comes into the Park, that nature is set unless you use an item to change it. All of them have their own quirks that can be fun to roleplay, but some easier beginner natures are Brave and Hardy. A list of natures can be found here.

    5. Apply to go on a Run

    Once you’ve signed up, bought supplies, and decided which Pokemon to take with you, you’re ready to post at the Front Gate to go on a run. When a Ranger is free, they will accept your run and take you through. We have three areas where we do this: Beginner, Individual, and Main RPs.

    The Beginner RP section is reserved for new members on their first run with a special set of circumstances—those that have been on a run previously are not eligible for this type.

    The Individual RP is for Trainers who want to navigate the Park by themselves, accompanied by a Ranger.

    The Main RP is for Trainers who want to go on a Team Run with another person or who wouldn’t mind running into other Trainers traveling through the same area.

    There are also three types of runs: Normal, Endurance, and Team. A normal run costs $2,500 for 15 encounters. You may take 3 out of the Park. Team runs are the same as individual, only with another Trainer. These may only be done in the Main RP.

    Endurance runs cost $3,500, but you get 20 encounters and may leave with 4 Pokemon. No Voice Disks, Repellents, or Honey are allowed on this type of run. These can be done in Individual or Main and may also be in Team format.

    And that’s pretty much the gist of it! The other threads have more specific information on how Park mechanics work, but this is a basic how-to in getting started. If you have other questions, be sure to ask any Ranger or post in our General Discussion Thread.
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    Default Re: National Park Rules

    By : ragnajacob

    Being a URPG Member:
    1. You must be a Member of the URPG; you must have gone to the Starter Request thread at the Ultra RPG General forum and signed up before participating in the National Park. If you haven't, click here to do so.

    Please Read!
    2. Read all these rules before posting or asking questions. We wouldn't want you to get lost or do something you weren't supposed to. It makes a bad first impression and it may ruin the game for you, so please read.

    Quality of Role Play:
    3. The National Park is based on anime Style Role Playing; the higher the quality of your Role Play, the better the odds of capturing a Pokemon. You may increase the quality by being realistic, creative, and practical. Note that some moves work differently in the Anime (and thus the Park) than in the games. Please refer to the Park Encyclopedia for details.

    Wild Encounters in the Park:
    4. 15 encounters, 3 Pokemon. During each park visit, whether you captured a Pokemon, KO'd one, or just ran away from it, it counts as an encounter. At the end of your 15th encounter, you will be escorted out of the Park. In addition to that, although you are allowed to capture as many Pokemon as you want, you may only keep up to 3 of them to help keep the natural order of the Park (Park balls will not be refunded). Using a PokeDoll WILL decrease your Encounter Count (it will be as if you normally fled from battle).

    -Battle Record-
    5. Pokemon Battles in the Park DO NOT affect your battle record in any manner, but they do count towards your 15 encounters limit.

    Who Will Accompany You?
    6. If you have two or more Pokemon in your party, you may encounter 2 wild Pokemon at the same time. In this case, it's strongly advice that you use 2 of your Pokemon to do a double battle. These only count as 1 encounter even if two Pokemon show up, but they are very rare. Honey, Sweet Scent, and things of the sort might increase the chances of encountering 2 Pokemon at once. Also, please keep in mind that the Pokemon you bring with you MUST be ones you own, meaning they must be in your stats. They can only use TMs/HMs/BMs/SMs/MTs they know, as well. If your Infernape doesn't have the Fake Out BM, it can't use it in the Park.

    No Limits!
    7. The National Park battles are Anime Style; you are not limited by video game rules. You can dodge even if the move has 100% Accuracy, use more than one attack at the same time and/or in combo, block attacks with your own attacks, etc. But remember, you can’t decide the outcome of your moves; that’s the Ranger’s job.

    No Magic
    8. Your Pokemon do not heal magically. You are allowed to heal Pokemon in between battles with items or special moves and abilities. If you don’t, your Pokemon will start the next battle with the HP they had left in the previous one.

    Better Pokeballs At Hand!
    9. Parkballs are sturdier than video game Pokeballs. If you throw a Parkball to capture a Pokemon and it fails, the Parkball doesn’t break. You will have to pick it up later after the battle. Situations such as the ball falling somewhere unreachable, something else braking the Parkball, the Parkball being lost in a river, taken away by a wild Pokemon, and others, may still occur, in which case you lose that Parkball and can’t use it again.

    Your Behavior Affects the Park:
    10. Trainers must behave or bad things will happen. If a trainer acts in an disruptive way, such as destroying the environment, misbehaving, or even teasing the wild Pokemon, he/she may be escorted out of the Park and/or chased away by wild Pokemon. Either way, you will have to pay again to enter the Park.

    Moves Outside of Battle?
    11. Your Pokemon may use moves outside of battle. If at any time you want your Pokemon to use one of their attacks outside of battle, within reason, they may do so.

    12. Please Protect Park Property. You should know that all of your actions have consequences. You could accidentally start an avalanche or a forest fire or things of that sort that could endanger the Park’s ecosystem or other Trainers; you are expected to do something about it if you do. If you can't or forget to, the Ranger will have to step in for you. If the Ranger steps in twice, you will be escorted out and be temporarily banned from the Park. Also, sending two Pokemon against one is unfair and will count as a PPPP violation. Keep in mind that not all 'damage' is considered a strike. It's up to the Ranger to decide the severity.

    You'll Be Escorted Safely Out of the Park
    13. The five MAIN reasons to be escorted out of the Park are: 1) you run out of Parkballs, 2) you have had 15 encounters, 3) all your Pokemon have fainted, 4) the Ranger had to step in and fix one of your messes twice, or 5) you don’t post for an extended period of time that isn't announced (i.e. going inactive). However, the Ranger does NOT have to escort you out if you do not post for a long time; it's pretty much the Ranger's call. Giving adequate forewarning of inactivity is one example of when a Trainer doesn't have to leave after many days without posting. Rangers, you MUST remind your Trainer to post in their RP at least two days before escorting them from the Park due to inactivity.

    No Refunds!
    14. Once you've paid for it, it remains that way. We will not return any money we've received for the Park, unless it has been agreed on by the Park Head and several Elite Rangers that refunds are necessary.

    Concerning Natures
    15. You decide the Natures of the Pokemon you bring into the Park, but the Ranger will randomly decide the Nature of all Wild Pokemon. A Pokemon's Nature CANNOT be changed after it's been chosen without use of an event item, so pick wisely. Natures obtained from the Park can never be changed.

    Trading Pokemon and Items
    16. If you're using a Pokemon in the Park, you can still trade it. However, when you trade a Pokemon whose Nature has already been decided, it will keep that Nature (just like how Gender can't be changed when a Mon is traded). You may NOT trade items that are currently with you on a run, even if they're not in use.

    When Can I Claim My Pokemon?
    17. You don't get to claim any Pokemon you've captured until you leave the Park. Make sure your final post clearly states which Pokemon you'll be taking; if no post naming the Pokemon you've claimed is found, any Pokemon you claim may be taken from you until you post. This is to prevent people from cheating and adding more Pokemon than allowed. Also, you CANNOT use Pokemon you've caught in the Park during the same visit you captured them; you can only use a captured Pokemon if you bring it with you during your next visit.

    Adding EMs
    18. When you add any extra moves to a Pokemon currently being used in the Park, IT CANNOT USE THAT MOVE until the next visit. It's just like how a Mon in the middle of a battle can't use a move added on to it until after that current battle is over.

    Leaving Early
    19. You may leave the Park anytime you wish, thought it's advised to remain until you'd normally leave (when your 15 Encounters are out, for example, or you run out of Park Balls). Just tell the Ranger you're ready to leave and you'll be escorted out of the Park.

    Catching Pokemon
    20. Whenever you attempt to catch a Pokemon, please clearly state what kind of Ball you are using (such as a Hyper Ball). Don't just say you pulled out a Ball and chucked it at the Pokemon. Otherwise, your Ranger can't calculate the Capture Rate.

    Minimum Character Requirements
    21. The Park enforces Minimum Character Requirements (MCRs) to capture Pokemon. Each post you make contributes to the MCR of a Pokemon you're battling. How? All posts you make BEFORE a Pokemon encounter contributes to the MCR of any Pokemon you encounter, on top of the Battle Posts you make. So if you make three posts before running into a Pokemon, those three posts count towards its MCR. If you make two more posts after that and then run into another Pokemon, those two posts ONLY will count towards the second Pokemon's MCR. The only exception to this rule is Legend encouters; after a Legend encounter, the Trainer will still have all their previous MCR on top of what they got from the Legend encounter. If a Trainer uses an Item and has a Double Battle, the Item will work on both Pokemon that appear. If you have any questions regarding this please feel free to ask any Ranger for clarification. MCRs can be found at the bottom of this post, as well as in the Pokemon Location List.

    Fleeing From a Wild Pokemon Encounter
    22.If you run into a Pokemon you don't want, you have the option of running from it. ALL ATTEMPTS AT FLEEING FROM A POKEMON MUST BE ROLLED BY THE RANGER AND WITNESSED! A roll of 51 or higher results in a successful escape; results of 50 or below result in a failed escape attempt. All rolls must be posted in the "Escape Attempt" thread. However, if a Trainer uses a PokeDoll it will always result in a 100% chance of escaping. In some cases, a Trainer can interact and roleplay to adjust the escape roll if the Ranger deems it appropriate—but this will not always result in a successful escape.

    Rerolls for Trainers
    23. If a Trainer is doing either very poorly or extremely well during their visit to the Park, their Ranger may request a reroll of the entire Encounter List to reflect the Trainer's efforts. Trainers doing poorly can have their list rerolled for only Common and Uncommon Pokemon, excluding Intermediate, Rare/Special, and Legendary Pokemon. A Trainer doing very well can have their list rerolled for only Uncommon, Intermediate, Rare/Special, and Legendary Pokemon, excluding Common Pokemon. A Ranger must first get permission from an Elite Ranger before rerolling a Trainer's encounter list. A Trainer's encounter list can only be rerolled twice for the current visit.

    Minimum Requirement for NBPs (Non-Battle Posts)
    24. All members in the Park, both Trainers AND Rangers, must have their posts contain at least 500 characters. This will help prevent the RPs from becoming SPAMed with Trainers fleeing from various Pokemon and also encourage Rangers to make longer posts for their Trainers, and vice-versa.


    Here is a quick list with explanations on what Trainers can and can't do while in the Park:


    -Choose the Natures of the Pokemon they currently own
    -Control their own Pokemon
    -Spot (but not initiate battle with) Wild Pokemon
    -Control things that occur around them (to an extent)
    -Move the RP along by making things happen (to an extent)
    -Freely use a Pokemon’s moves outside of battle to affect the surroundings (to an extent)
    -Choose the gender of Wild Pokemon


    -Control the actions of any Wild Pokemon
    -Say whether the attack of their Pokemon hits the target in battle
    -Say whether a major event is initiated
    -Choose the Nature of Wild Pokemon
    -Initiate battle with a Wild Pokemon
    -Cause extensive damage to the Park
    -Go from one area to another in the same visit (you stay in the area you chose for the whole visit)
    -Say whether a Pokemon is captured or not

    Now, some quick explanations. First, you can choose the Natures of all the Pokemon you currently own, but not for the Wild ones you encounter; the Ranger will randomly determine the Natures of all Wild Pokemon encountered. Once you’ve given a Pokemon a Nature, it will have that Nature forever, so make sure you choose wisely. You can control the actions of your Pokemon, but keep in mind the Ranger has this power as well. A Trainer can say they see Wild Pokemon and point them out, but they can’t try to start a battle with the Pokemon. A Trainer can control the RP and occurrences to an extent; you could say you see smoke in the distance and want to go check it out, but the Ranger is the one who decides whether or not you actually go to do so. You can say you fall into a concealed pit and then try to get out, but the Ranger will determine if you can get out on your own or if you need assistance. Even though the Ranger controls a good portion of the RP (just like in Dungeons and Dragons), the Trainer is free to have small events happen to shake up the RP and keep it interesting. Next, a Trainer can have their Pokemon use any learned moves outside of battle to affect the surroundings, but again, only to an extent. You can use Ember to start a campfire, but you can’t decide to burn down the forest by having a Pokemon use fifty Fire Blasts. Finally, Trainers can decide the Gender of Wild Pokemon they encounter.

    A few things about the “Trainers Can’t” info: A Trainer cannot control any actions of any Wild Pokemon (the Ranger solely controls all Wild Pokemon). A Trainer also cannot say whether any of their attacks hit the foe while in battle. The Ranger decides the final outcome of all moves used. Trainer can’t initiate major events, such as setting a fire in the plains or breaking a limb. If the Ranger feels major events like this should take place (considering the various conditions of the situation), then they may initiate major events. As already explained, Trainers can’t choose the Nature of Wild Pokemon. Trainers also are not allowed to cause considerable damage to any area of the Park; blowing a huge hole into the side of Mt. Deckbi is an example of this, or somehow poisoning the pools in the Great Lakes. Keep in mind that Trainers are restricted to the area they choose at the beginning of each visit; you cannot decide you want to go from the Woods to Meteor Valley in one visit. Finally, only the Ranger can say when a Pokemon has been captured.

    Thanks for reading the rules. Enjoy your day at the Park! :D

    Rules by :
    Staff of the National Park
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