Now that the Halloween Event is over, the Apricorn Box will be available for purchase in the Park Shop for 2,500. Getting one allows a Trainer a 20% chance of finding an Apricorn after every encounter, both Capture and Fleeing. There are 5 different types of corns, so a 5-sided die would be rolled to determine what kind is found.

Keep in mind that you cannot collect Apricorns if you don't have the Box, so this doesn't apply to any current runs, even if you get a Box before your run is over.

1. Black
2. Red
3. Blue
4. Yellow
5. White

Apricorns can be redeemed at the Park Shop for special Park Balls. These balls are specific to an area of the Park and will cost $3,000 plus the correct Apricorns needed. They take on the strength of a Hyper Ball but add 15% to the end Capture Rate. For example, if you had a Capture Rate of 80%, using one of these balls makes it 95% instead.

The info will be added to the shop when someone is available to do it, so for now, you can still purchase these things in the shop. We can just use this thread as a reference for now.

Apricorn Box - $2,500
-20% chance to find an Apricorn after every encounter

- Dark Ball – Meteor Valley - $3,000

- Lava Ball – Mt. Deckbi - $3,000

- Pasture Ball – Botanical Gardens/The Woods - $3,000

- Lure Ball – The Great Lakes - $3,000

- Magnet Ball – Abandoned Power Plant - $3,000

- Tough Ball – Mt. Oktori - $3,000

Special thanks to Bee for the sprites and the initial idea ^^

@Dog of Hellsing whenever you get the chance, could you please add these to the shop?