Unveiling a Mystery: The Enigma Ruins Uncovered

Outer Heaven was an area dedicated to the Flying Pokemon of the National Park, where they could live among the clouds and be at home in their natural element; the sky. Little did anyone know that the giant tower was constructed over an old, large cavern, and that over the years the ground had been giving way bit by bit beneath the towering stone monolith. Then, one fateful day, a stray attack struck the tower, and it began to collapse. On top of that, the weakened ground underneath finally gave way. Thankfully, the Pokemon of Outer Heaven all got away, in one way or another, before Outer Heaven was swallowed by the earth, but the tower itself was broken, lying in so many pieces beneath the ground.

It took months of intense work, but finally the last of the ruined Tower was cleared away. Once that was done, a team was put together to explore the cavern that the tower had fallen into. It was soon discovered this was no random cave made by nature, but was instead a man-made area. It was overgrown and in poor shape, but with more cleaning and work, the area was found to be a lab of sorts. The purpose of it was unknown at first, but world-renowned scientists were called to further investigate the ruins. Their discovery was completely unexpected.

The area was indeed a very large lab, one that had been used to study Pokemon. The cavern was long and wide, having a radius of several miles in all directions. The walls, ceiling, and floor were full of highly-advanced technology that created fully interactive replicas of other Park areas, by solidifying molecules in the air into trees, water, ground, and other such surroundings. It was technology that was unheard of, and the amazing thing was it had been created many years ago, judging from the condition of the cavern.

The Pokemon themselves were brought to the area by special warp pads. After researching several areas, the scientists found that directly underground, usually only several inches down, are many different warp pads activated the unique energy of a Pokemon passing by overhead. A control room in a separate part of the ruins would be set to pick up on the energy of a certain Pokemon, such as an Ursaring, and when one passed over a warp pad, it would be teleported to the cavern, which would have loaded an exact replica of where the Ursaring had been taken from. In this way Pokemon could be studied in their natural environment, without causing them stress and without needing to put up with the various risks and hassles of venturing into the wilderness personally. Since the floor of the cavern also had these warp pads, the Pokemon could be easily and safely sent back to its home once the study of it was complete.

No one knew why the cavern fell into disuse, or how it was even constructed to begin with, seeing as it hadn’t been added after the island the Park is on had initially been discovered. There are many mysteries surrounding the area, but even more surprising is that after a bit of work, the scientists were able to get the lab back in running order (having not been used for so long, it had fallen into disrepair and was not functioning). They did a few tests and were amazed by how well the area worked; with just simple voice commands, they could order the super-computer controlling the whole thing to ready a warp pad for one Magby; after sending one Magby to the cavern, the computer would deactivate the warp pads as to prevent teleporting more. And then, with a simple command, they could activate the warp pads in the cavern to send the Pokemon back.

However, there were still some bugs that needed to be worked out. In many cases the computer would activate pads at random, bringing Pokemon into the cavern at odd times and then sending them back after a while. However, this gave the Head Ranger of the Park an idea. She spoke with the scientists and asked if there was a way for them to create a program that would allow Rangers to input a command to generate a list of twenty Pokemon at random, then bring those Pokemon in as they walked over the pads. The scientists spent many weeks working on such a thing, and their efforts were rewarded with success…

The Enigma Ruins is a new area that is replacing Outer Heaven. In this special location, all Pokemon are capable of being encountered, including all Legends. Like Endurance Runs, you encounter 20 Pokemon and can take out 4; visiting the Enigma Ruins also costs the same amount as a normal Endurance Run @ $3,500 per visit.

When visiting the Enigma Ruins, Repellents and Voice Discs won’t work, as the Pokemon are brought randomly to the area and cannot be drawn to or repelled from it before arriving. In order for certain Pokemon like Tentacool Pokemon to appear, the area will basically change to match where the Pokemon is being taken from a few seconds before the Pokemon itself is warped in. This will hopefully be fun and interesting not only for the Trainer, but also for the Ranger.

By default, the Ruins will keep the appearance of whatever area the Pokemon was warped in from, changing only when a new Pokemon is warped in, but Rangers can change this at will if they wish.


For further clarification, Ruin runs are done in Individual RPs. They can also be Team Runs, however. If any of this wasn't said. I don't see it.

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