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    -Tribal Wars-

    In the beginning there was nothing. Some believe that when the god created the world, he gave them the moon for light. He created Pokémon to live on this Earth with the intention that they care for it and each other. They believe that he created the moon Pokémon Lunatone initially in the sky. At first everyone was fine with it because they were just happy to be alive. Consequently, everything seemed to be going well until some of the Pokémon began dying off. The god knew why this was happening, and as a result, from the darkness he created the Sun Pokémon, Solrock. Together, both Lunatone and Solrock ruled the skies; they provided the energy that the Pokémon needed to live. At this point, the god was content with what he had created and decided to let them live how they wanted so long as they took care of the world he had created.

    However, just like in the beginning things were going rather well, but then they began arguing over who was the actual ruler of the sky. Lunatone believed she was the absolute ruler because she was made first. Solrock believed it was him because he provided the most light of the two. They fought on and on about this, eventually separating the Pokémon into two sides. Small battles broke out over this dispute. They began to unintentionally destroy the land with their battles. This all happened until the god had enough. He extracted the light from both Pokémon and shrunk them down to their current size now, no bigger than fifteen feet.

    It was then that he created an island far away from the rest of the world and sent the two Pokémon with their strongest believers to that island. With the separation of the two from the sky, the god decided to create night and day. During the day, Solrock reigned supreme and controlled most of the island. During the night, Lunatone took over and controlled most of the island. Lunatone and Solrock separated the island. On Lunatone's side, the Mightyena tribes inhabited that area; they drew their power from the moon. On Solrock's side, the Arcanine tribes lived throughout that area; they drew their power from the sun.

    The middle of the island was proclaimed no man’s land by the god. That area had not been entered by anyone, at least not until recently when a tribe of both Mightyena and Arcanine joined together and were allowed to pass through. The ones that entered this area were immediately marked as outcasts and were no longer allowed back on either side of the island. They were content with that. They had plenty of food to eat and space to move around freely.

    After several long years, the god decided to create a path back to the land. The path was long and challenging. No one from the island is known to have made it even half way. If that was not enough, the start of the path was in the no man’s land. The two tribes fought for the area, neither being able to fully control it. Only a selected few were granted permission to pass through the path back to the land. The Guardians were two Claydol that the god had placed there. They were large, black Pokémon that were made from mud with two stubby legs. They had wide spherical head with many large, pink eyes that could see everything. They were set there to attack and destroy everything that tried to pass through. With as many eyes as they had, nothing could get by them unless they were allowed. No one knew why certain ones were allowed to pass through, but many tried. No one was known to ever make it to land; however, one Pokémon was rumored to have come from the lands.

    One day, a Pokémon was said to have washed up on the edge of the path. No one knew which Pokémon it was, only that it was already dead. The small pup it was carrying had survived somehow. No one knows what happened to the pup, not even Solrock or Lunatone. They had desperately tried searching for it because they knew if this was true, it would be the key to getting back to the lands. Not only that, but they knew that this Pokémon would possess the strength to overcome the two of them. Both Lunatone and Solrock wanted this Pokémon for themselves, but were disappointed when nothing had been found. Soon after, they gave up on looking and just figured it was just another legend. No one knew how that legend even started. Most assumed it was just false hope. Very few believed that he was real. The ones that did believed that he would lead them back to the lands. They believed that he would come and become their new king…


    “Get out of the way, Raiou.” A large orange-and-black shaggy-maned dog growled at a grey-and-black hyena Pokémon as he threw out large streams of flames. The Mightyena jumped out of the way and launched a black, ghastly-looking orb two feet past the Arcanine, hitting a dark brown sack.

    The orange canine Pokémon with an orange fur marked with jagged black stripes stood proud and tall. He had two diamond-shaped ears, black eyes, a round, black nose, and two small fangs protruding from its upper jaw. His head, muzzle, and chest, as well as his tail were covered in shaggy, beige fur. He had long clumps of fur behind its elbows and around its ankles.

    The Pokémon next to him had a mixture of black and gray fur, with black lower legs, clawed feet, and a tail. He also had dark, triangular streak patterns below his red eyes. He had a shaggy overcoat of black fur.

    “Trexon, did Emeric say he was coming today?” Raiou called out.

    “Yes, he’s already late for our little target practice session.” Trexon shrugged.

    “So if our tribe isn’t fighting, why are we training to fight?” Raiou questioned.

    “I don’t know.” Trexon said, “I assume they want us to prepare for something, otherwise they wouldn’t have us training.”

    “Haven’t you noticed that it’s just us training? Raiou grumbled. “No one else has to, especially not Emeric.”

    “I heard they have two other groups training right now, but I’ve never seen them,” He said, “As for Emeric, who knows what he’s been doing.”

    “Don’t say anything, here comes one of the elders,” Raiou whispered. “We have to cover for Emeric again.” Trexon just sighed and shook his head.

    “You two, where is Emeric?” A white haired Mightyena asked.

    “He went to go grab something from the lake; he’ll be back later on.” Trexon said, hoping it flew with the elder. The elder looked at them suspiciously and shook his head.

    “Very well, when he gets here, have him come to our underground chambers at once.” The elder said. Raiou and Trexon knew something was going to happen, but they just weren’t sure whether it was good or bad.

    “Understood.” Trexon and Raiou said in unison, bowing their heads. The elder nodded and walked away at an incredibly fast pace.

    “For someone as old as he is, he could sure move pretty fast.” Raiou said.

    “Shut it! Imagine if he somehow heard you, who knows what he’d do.” Trexon said. “So I guess now we have to go find Emeric.”

    “He’ll owe us big time for this.” Raiou said. “We just lied to an elder. If they were to ever find out, who knows what kind of trouble we’d be in. Let’s go looking for him then, he can’t be that far.”

    “Knowing Emeric, he probably is by the lake, let’s go check there first.” Trexon said.

    “Sometimes, I feel like we’re babysitting him.” Raiou grumbled.


    “Do you think he’s actually here?” Raiou asked.

    “He should be.” Trexon said as he searched the lakes’ edge. “There he is, over there. Let’s sneak up on him.” Raiou nodded and grinned as they crept over towards the mostly black dog Pokémon with a long orange snout and an orange underbelly.. Around his neck was a white band with a small skull-shaped pendant on its throat and he had two more white bands on each of its ankles, as well as three rib-like ridges on its back. On top of his head was a pair of long, curved grayish horns.

    He was lying on the edge of the lake. When Raiou and Trexon were close enough, they jumped into the air and slammed down on the Houndoom.

    “What’s wrong with you guys,” Emeric groaned. “Get off me.”They slowly got off him, laughing while they did. “What do you guys want?”

    “How about some sort of gratification maybe?” Trexon grumbled. “We can work from there.”

    “What are you talking about?” Emeric said as he looked back into the lake.

    “One of the elders came looking for you for some reason; they want to see you in the underground chambers.” Raiou explained. “What did you do this time?”

    “I didn’t do anything.” The spiked-tailed, long-horned Pokémon said, not turning away from the lake.

    “What’s wrong with you?” Trexon asked. “You’ve been acting strange for a while now.” Emeric just shook his head and began walking back in the direction Trexon and Raiou had come.

    “I’ll see you guys later.” Emeric said as he walked off.

    “He just keeps getting weirder and weirder.” Raiou said.


    "You can’t be here. You can’t be here. Those words kept ringing through Emeric’s head over and over again.

    “Emeric, wait up.” Trexon called. Raiou and him were running towards Emeric. “What happened?”

    “Nothing happened.” Emeric said, looking at them, then towards the mountains.

    “Okay, well then wanna come with us down to the lake?” Raiou said.

    “I can’t. I have to go,” Emeric said, walking away from them.

    “When will you be back?” Trexon asked.

    “I’m not coming back.” Emeric said, not turning back.

    “Wait, what?” Raiou said, sounding surprised. He jumped over Emeric and landed in front of him, looking him in the eyes. “What happened in there? Something must’ve happened if you’re leaving.” Emeric stared at him, not saying a word for several moments.

    “They said I had to leave,” Emeric said. “I have no idea why. They didn’t give a reason or give me any choice, but I’m through here.”

    “So you’re leaving just like that?” Raiou asked. “You’re just going to leave us here behind?”

    “Like I said, I wasn’t given much of a choice.” Emeric replied. “I have until tomorrow to leave, but why wait. I’ll just go now.”

    “Why don’t you wait and see what happens.” Trexon suggested. “Maybe they’ll have some sort of explanation tomorrow?”

    “Honestly, I couldn't care less.” Emeric sighed. “They want me out, so I’m leaving. I don’t care what the reason is.” Raiou and Trexon looked at each other, not saying a word. Emeric turned around to leave, but both Trexon and Raiou moved in front of him.

    “We’re going with you Emeric.” Raiou firmly said.

    “No, I can’t have you guys thrown out too.” Emeric argued.

    “You don’t have a choice, we’re going with you.” Trexon retorted. “We aren’t letting you go out there by yourself. Plus, if they throw you out, they throw us out as well, we made a pact to stick together. Besides, we've talked about leaving before if you recall.”

    “We stick together from here on out.” Raiou added. Emeric didn’t know what to say. He felt both happy, yet sad that he was dragging them into this.

    “Okay, we’ll all meet back here in an hour.” Emeric finally said, "Take what you can, but remember, we don’t know where we’re going yet or for how long so don’t take too much."


    Emeric began packing things into a small sack, he wasn't planning on taking much. All he was taking was a blanket to sleep on, a little bit of food, and a small dark stone that he had with him for as long as he could remember. He wasn't sure where it came from, but as strange as it was, the rock made him feel stronger. He just assumed it was lucky and just kept it with him. He would need all the luck he could get. Outside of this village was extremely dangerous. Tribes from both sides would be battling each other. The tribes were separated by the Pokémon who worshipped the sun and those who worshipped the moon. On Solrock's side, the mighty Arcanine lived, they drew their powers from the sun. On Lunatone's side, Mightyena lived, drawing their powers from the moon.

    The village Emeric lived in contained Pokémon that decided neither Lunatone nor Solrock were worth worshipping and decided to live in peace together. Both Arcanine and Mightyena lived here in this village. This village was well hidden, and not anyone could enter it. How Pokémon found this village was a mystery to Emeric. Both Trexon and Raiou, as well as Emeric were all born in this village and none of them had ever left. They were forbidden to do so, at least until now.

    Emeric knew the dangers of being outside of the village, and he didn't want Trexon and Raiou to come because of it. However, he knew there was no way of going without them unless he just left without telling them. He had no other choice. He knew once someone leaves the village unauthorized, they cannot return. He jumped out of his window ready to take off.

    "What's wrong with your door? Trexon questioned. He turned towards the roof and saw the large orange-and-black striped dog looking over him.

    "Umm, nothing. I was just…" Emeric began to say, but Trexon interrupted again.

    "Save it, we knew you'd try this." Trexon said shaking his head. "We told you we're coming with you."

    "But…" Emeric started to say again, but was once again cut short.

    "We know you're just looking out for us, but we know the risks. We know what we're getting into."

    "No, you don't." Emeric said, "I don't even know what I'm going to do. Hell, I don't even know where I am going to go. How can you expect me to bring you guys into this."

    "We don't expect anything from you, we're doing this because we want to. We're going and that's final. Raiou is waiting for us at the West gate. Emeric knew that nothing he could say would make them stay here in the village.

    They walked in silence towards the West gate and met up with Raiou. Together, they headed out of the village and into no man's land.


    They had been walking for at least two hours now in silence. No one knew what to say. None of them knew what to expect out here. Emeric was leading the group with Raiou and Trexon behind him. It was Raiou who finally broke the silence.

    "So, Emeric, what exactly did they say to you?" He asked. Trexon shook his head at Raiou. Raiou just shrugged. Emeric stopped walking and closed his eyes. Raiou and Trexon stopped as well.

    "Well, I figured they were going to yell at me for what we did two nights ago to the little Poochyena kid. It was just a prank so I assumed they would make me do extra chores or something like that. I tried to apologize for it, but that wasn't why they had called me. Apparently, my being there in the village was a threat to everyone. They said I had until tomorrow to leave. One of the elders gave me a this." Emeric set down his bag and showed them the golden yellow stone.

    Raiou picked up the stone and examined it. "It's really warm," he said, "I like it. It's like a mini sun!"

    "You can have it." Emeric said. "He said I would know what to do with it when the time came, whatever that means."

    "What about this one?" Trexon asked, picking up Emeric's lucky stone. "Did he give you this one too? It feels cool." Emeric looked at it and shook his head.

    "No, I've had that one for as long as I can remember." Emeric said. "It's brought me lots of luck. You can have it though, maybe it will do the same for you. Let's make camp here for now guys."

    Once they had secured the area, they made a small fire and laid around it.

    "Here, you guys eat." Emeric said, opening up his sack and pulling out some bread and fish. "I'll keep watch." Emeric leaped into the tallest tree to get a better view of the area. The trees were not only tall, but really thick as well. He wasn't sure what type of tree it was, probably a type of Maple or Oak.

    "Watch for what?" Raiou said as he began to eat the fish.

    "The enemies, what else?" Trexon said, ripping apart the bread.

    "We need to be prepared to fight." Emeric said. "Any Arcanine or Mightyena we come across we have to assume is hostile. That doesn't mean we have to attack them, we just can't let our guard down anymore. You guys catch some sleep. I'll wake you Trexon when you're up for watch." Trexon nodded and the two of them fell asleep.

    Emeric wasn't sure what he was going to do now. He could leave a note telling them to head back to the village, but he knew that would never work and that they'd begin searching for him. He didn't know where they would be headed next. He was sure of one thing though, they would have to remain in no man's land. He couldn't go to the Arcanine or Mightyena village because neither Trexon nor Raiou would be allowed at their opposite faction's tribe. He wasn't even entirely sure he would be allowed either. He possessed traits from both Arcanine and Mightyena, but looked like neither. In fact, as far as he knew, he had never seen another Pokémon like him before at any time in the village. He hadn't even heard of anyone like him being discussed.

    Emeric had never thought about any of this before. He wasn't sure why none of this ever crossed his mind. Perhaps it was because of how safe he was at the village. He knew he was different, but he never had any reason to ask the questions. He never knew who his parents were. He grew up thinking Naomi was his mother, but when he came of age, he figured out that wasn't possible. Naomi was an elderly Arcanine, and was one of four who watched over the pups of the village. He knew Trexon and Raiou both also neither had parents, but the three of them were raised together.

    He was getting tired now and Trexon's shift was coming up. He would figure out what to do in the morning. He leapt out of the tree and landed quietly near Trexon. He softly nudged Trexon's side and woke him up.

    Trexon opened his eyes and looked around. He then yawned and nodded, taking his spot up in the tree as lookout. Emeric laid near Raiou and slowly fell asleep. He would decide in the morning what to do.


    Emeric woke up and saw that the golden sun was already high up in the blue sky. He yawned and stretched and looked up in the tree. Raiou was on guard.

    "Sleep well?" Raiou asked curiously.

    "Well enough." Emeric replied. "Why?"

    "You kept mumbling things to yourself." Raiou shrugged, "kept saying 'You don't belong here' and some other stuff but I couldn't make out anything else." Emeric was about to tell him why when he noticed Trexon was missing.

    "Where is Trexon?" Emeric quickly asked.

    "He went to go find us some food. He'll be back." Raiou replied.

    "NO!" Emeric growled angrily, "He can't be out there on his own. You should have went with him!"

    "We both agreed that one of us should stay to watch over you." Raiou said, jumping down from the tree. "What's the problem?"

    "The problem is that we don't know this area and if something happens to-… never mind, let's go find him. Which way did he go?" Emeric said. He knew they could handle themselves, but if anything did happen to them he would feel guilty because they were here because of him.

    "This way." Raiou said as he began leading the way. They ran for a while, but came to a stop when they heard voices up ahead.

    "We've got him now!" A young sounding Pokémon cried out. Emeric looked over the bushes and saw Trexon cornered near the river. A group of seven Mightyena had him trapt. "Go ahead and jump in. Even if you know how to swim, you'd never make it out of there alive. The current is too strong and that river is filled with many sharp, jagged rocks. So go head, make it easier for us and just jump in."

    "Here's what we're going to do." Emeric said, quickly coming up with a plan. "I'm going to try to draw their attention and have them chase after me. All of them won't follow me, but I assume most will. The rest that stay behind, you and Trexon should be able to take out." However, before anyone could do anything, a pack of older Arcanine began attacking the Mightyena, thinking that Trexon was one of their own. Emeric would now need to come up with a new plan. He saw how wide the river was and knew no ordinary Arcanine or Mightyena could make it across, but Trexon had special training and knew the move ExtremeSpeed. With that, he was more than certain that Trexon could make it across.

    "New plan." Emeric said to Raiou, "Trexon is going to have to jump across the river and run on that side. I want you to stay hidden on this side, but meet up with him once it's clear. I'm going to lead them away. "

    "You can't take them all on, are you crazy." Raiou whispered angrily.

    "I'm not planning to. I am the fastest out of us all so I can easily lead them away from you guys and lose them while I'm at it." He answered calmly. Raiou didn't like any of it, but nodded. The group of Mightyena decided to take off, seeing how they were outmatched and outnumbered.

    "Hey you, kid. Come over here." One of the Arcanine called out, Emeric just assumed he was the leader. Trexon began walking towards them. "I've never seen you hear before, what's your name kid?"

    Emeric leapt out of the bushes, but was still unseen by the Arcanine. Trexon had spotted him, but said nothing. Once Emeric felt Trexon had enough running room, he shot a Shadow Ball attack at the leader of the pack, hitting him directly in the face.

    "Now, jump across." Emeric called out. "Get out of here." Trexon hesitated for a split second, then took off running with great speed, jumping across the river. Emeric took off running. He looked back to make sure the Arcanine were following him, and they were. He knew none of them could make that jump and they'd follow him instead. He was right. He had always been the fastest out of anyone in the village, so he was a bit shocked when he saw the Arcanine catching up to him.

    Emeric was now unsure about his plan. It consisted of him outrunning these Pokémon and losing them along the way. Neither appeared to be happening. He wasn't sure where he was running too, but he knew he had to try something soon. That soon was going to have to be now because he was coming up to a dead end and there was no way to turn around.

    Emeric looked back and the Arcanine were slowing down, they knew they had him cornered. Emeric stopped and turned to face them.

    "Stop!" The lead Arcanine said angrily. Emeric could see a black mark on his face from when his Shadow Ball hit him. The Arcanine group came to a rest. "Before you die, who are you? You aren't one of us and you aren't a Mightyena." Emeric said nothing. "So be it, use Flamethrower on him, full blast! Don't hold back!"

    Emeric closed his eyes and waited for it to be over. He was happy that he at least got Trexon and Raiou away. He didn't want anything bad to happen to them. He could hear them taking in deep breaths and he could feel the heat coming towards him. He opened his eyes and began to scream as the flames engulfed him. At first, he was screaming in pain. Although, he wasn't in pain. It was like almost getting hit by something and screaming before it happened only to find that nothing was actually happening. Well this was sort of like that. Emeric realized that he wasn't in pain, in fact, he was bursting with energy. All the fire that the Arcanine shot at him was swirling around his body like a tornado giving him an energy that he had never felt before. He took the flames surrounding him and fired them back at the Arcanine with nearly three times the power. They were all knocked out on the ground. Emeric then felt weary like he was drained from the energy he just felt and he collapsed on the ground.


    "Trexon, he's waking up!" Raiou cried out happily. Emeric slowly tried to get up, but felt a bit disoriented. "Don't move too much, you could be badly hurt."

    "How do you feel?" Trexon asked.

    "Ooh man, I feel pretty weak. Like all my energy is gone." Emeric replied. "What happened?"

    "Well, we were hoping you would tell us?" Trexon replied curiously. "We don't know what happened. We saw a bunch of fire and figured you were in trouble. When we got there, the whole pack was knocked out and so were you."

    "Someone must have taken you all out." Raiou shrugged.

    "I…I think … it was me," Emeric said. It was all coming back to him.

    "What do you mean?" Trexon asked. "What did you do?"

    "I don't know exactly," Emeric said. "I was leading them away as planned, but they were catching up to me and I failed to lose them. Then I found myself trapped and knew it was all over. Their fire swallowed me up and then it happened."

    "The fire didn't hurt you?" Trexon asked.

    "No, just the opposite. Their fire boosted me up. It gave me energy that I had never felt before. I felt like I could do anything. Their fire gathered around me into a tornado then I fired it back with even more power. After that, I felt exhausted and I guess I passed out."

    "Wow! That's pretty amazing!" Raiou said.

    "And you don't know how you did it?" Trexon asked.

    "No, it just happened." Emeric said, trying to recall more. "I wish I knew how."

    "Whatever it was, I'm just glad it kicked in when it did." Trexon said happily. "Thanks for saving me. How did you know they would chase after you instead of go after me?"

    "Well, I remembered in one of your training sessions with the elders that he said that move was only learned by members of the village. Anyone outside of the village would have no knowledge of how to tap into that power. Going on that, I figured you'd be safe over there. Plus, I hit him with a Shadow Ball in the face, there was no way he wasn't going to chase after me once I did that."

    Emeric was finally able to stand up without falling over. He walked around a bit to get his blood flowing. "Where are we?"

    "Raiou found a cave behind the waterfall. We came in here to rest and Raiou went back to grab our stuff." Trexon said. Emeric was about to go off on him going by himself, but Trexon raised his paw. "We now know the dangers of going off alone, but we could not leave you by yourself in your condition. Sure it's more of a risk to go alone, but this time we were more careful. We could easily get from point A to point B in no time. Plus, Raiou was persistent in going. He has something that will help us." Emeric looked over to Raiou who was now pulling out a piece of cloth from his bag. He walked over towards Raiou and looked at what he had.

    "Where did you get this?" Emeric asked, showing his excitement.

    "From one of the Arcanine. I cleaned them of their belongings."

    "Well then why did you want to go back and get our stuff? It wasn't that important." Emeric questioned.

    "Because I have this too." He said, pulling out a smaller piece of cloth. "One of the elders asked me to hold onto it yesterday. Wasn't sure why, but maybe we could head here?"

    Emeric looked at the map and then the smaller map. "Yeah, I guess we can head there. What have we got to lose?" He said. "What do you think Trexon?"

    "Agreed, we might as well check it out." He said. "It's not too far from here. I've already routed us the fastest and safest way to get there. We are here, and this is where we're going." He demonstrated with his paw the path they would be taking.

    "Alright then, rest up. We'll head out soon." Emeric said. "We aren't too far from that location, but we don't know what kind of trouble we'll run into." Emeric laid near the small fire and stared into it. He couldn't help but wonder what had happened back there and if the time came where he needed it again, would it happen again?


    They were at least more than halfway towards their destination when they came across a different Arcanine group. They managed to remain hidden until the past through.

    "Emeric, they're looking for you man." Raiou said worriedly, "They know what you look like now too."

    "Relax man, they won't find us." Emeric assured.

    "Maybe we should get you some sort of disguise." Trexon suggested.u

    "Maybe, but first let's just reach the area on the map, then we can decide from there." Emeric said, leading the way.


    When they finally arrived, they weren't sure what they had found. It appeared to be an ancient ruin of some sorts. He could see a Solrock outline on the left side of the entrance and a Lunatone outline on the right side of the entrance.

    "What is this place?" Raiou asked.

    "I'm not really sure." Trexon answered. "It looks sort of like a temple. You can see Solrock and Lunatone there, but I don't think this temple is for them specifically. For starters, according to the elders, there hasn't been a temple worshipping both Lunatone and Solrock. They have always been separated and on their side of the island."

    "Let's go in then. We're here, we might as well check the place out." Emeric said. Heading towards the entrance. As they walked into the ruin, the entrance behind them shut rapidly.

    "Noo, now we're trapped in here." Trexon said angrily. He lit up the area with his flames.

    "Search around for something. This place looked bigger from the outside. There has to be some sort of exit here." Emeric said, trying to keep his cool. He, too, created some flames to help light up the area. All he could see was engravings on the wall. There were two in particular that really stood out to him. One was of a large sword with what looked like a flag coming out of the end that was partially wrapping something . He also noticed what appeared to be either a stone with a slit that looked like an eye. He noticed that above the sword was a moon. The other engraving was of a small lizard-like beast with a tapering tail, short legs, and small feet with three pointed toes on each foot. He could see that around the Pokémon's head was a frill that strangely enough looked like a sun, which like with the sword was above the Pokémon.

    "Hey Emeric, come over here." Raiou called out. "You too Trexon."

    "What is it?" Trexon asked. "What did you find?"

    "It appears to be a paw print plate. It says enter above in the old language." Raiou informed. "I tried pressing it, but I guess mine was too small." Raiou grabbed Emeric's front paw and pressed it against the plate. Emeric was about to say something when suddenly the area started rumbling. The wall in front of them began to split open and air came rushing in. One by one torches began to light up and towards the end were two lifelike statues near another door. One of the statues was of the sword, except there were two swords, and they appeared to be linked. The other was of the reptilian-looking creature he saw engraved in the other room.

    "Over there guys, it could be a way out." Trexon said.

    "Right, let me go first guys. If it's a trap, there is no point in all of us getting trapped." Emeric said. They all agreed, if someone did get trapped, there were two others that could help free the other.

    As eager as they were to get out of this place, Emeric moved cautiously, checking his every step. He was trying to make sure he did not to set off any traps. As he reached the middle, the ground began to shake. Emeric quickly turned to run back, but ran straight into a wall. He had not noticed the wall that blocked his way back to his friends.

    He turned towards the exit and was going to start looking for a switch or something of the sorts when both statues cracked open. In their place stood the creatures that were craved in the wall, except these were very much real.

    "If you wish to pass, you must present the correct items." The twin sword creature said. Both swords were blood red and they appeared to shine a bit. Emeric wasn't sure how it was communicating with him. It didn't sound as if they were talking telepathically, but it also didn't appear to have a mouth.

    "I… I don't have any items?" Emeric said, unsure of what items he was talking about. "I just want to get back to my friends and make sure they are alright.

    "For the time being, they are alright." The pale yellow reptilian creature replied. Emeric didn't want to start anything that was unneeded, but the way he said it sounded like more of a threat than a statement. He didn't take threats lightly, especially when they were directed towards his friends.

    "If you wish to pass, you must first present your items… or do battle with us." The dual blade Pokémon said. Emeric saw no other choice. He had no items, and he had to get his friends out so he was going to have to battle.

    He didn't wait for them to make the first move nor did he tell them he was going to take their challenge when he made his first move. Emeric let out a stream of extremely hot flames, he wasn't holding back.

    He waited to see how much damaged he caused them, but to his surprised, they were both unfazed. He knew nothing about these two Pokémon. He had never seen them before today and did not know why his attack didn't even leave a scratch on them. "Damn, are they more powerful than me," He thought to himself, " and if so, how much more? Ugh, that doesn't matter any, I have to try harder. I can't fail here, not while Trexon and Raiou are counting on me."

    Emeric decided to wait on them to move. He figured that maybe by watching the way they moved, he could figure out something from them. He didn't have long to wait, the yellow lizard raised his left claw and fired a bolt of electricity.

    Emeric collapsed to the ground. He felt as if his insides were burning, the pain was immense. He had never felt anything like this before, he hadn't even seen a move like that either. He knew a select few Arcanine could use Thunder Fang, but that only really worked with direct contact. This creature could fire electricity from the palm of his claws. Emeric knew he would have to be faster if he wanted to avoid another attack. He slowly lifted himself up off of the ground. The yellow creature came charging towards him. Emeric could see electricity covering the entire body of the lizard. This attack form seemed familiar to him, it was like a move called Flame Charge. Emeric knew he could be able to effectively dodge this attack. He was going to have to copy the lizard and use Flame Charge. Emeric began running towards the electric wielding Pokémon, his body becoming covered in flames. Both Pokémon collided into each other. The force sent both Pokémon flying back.

    Emeric got up faster this time, the pain wasn't nearly as bad as it was the first time. He wasn't sure if he was just caught by surprise earlier or if this attack was weaker. Perhaps it was the adrenaline fueling him right now was preventing him from feeling the pain he should be feeling.

    The sword creature began to advance. It didn't appear to move very fast, but at this point, Emeric wasn't taking any chances. He knew that even if the dual sword Pokémon wasn't fast that it would still pack a punch. Plus, Emeric wasn't at full strength right now so he wouldn't be able to dodge many attacks.

    The swords disappeared into the ground and began moving like a shadow towards him at a pretty fast speed. The two swords arose underneath him and struck him hard. They didn't impale him, but it felt as if they did. He couldn't really do anything against a Pokémon who could move like a shadow. How could he damage something that couldn't physically be touched? Then an idea came to him. He saw the shadow coming back around for another strike. Emeric focused the dark ghastly energy he used to create a Shadow Ball and transferred it to his paw. His paw grew large purplish claws that he used to slash at the shadow creature. It had worked, the Pokémon was pulled from the ground and flung back. He was sure that if he was this fast moving through the ground he had to be fast above ground.

    Just as he had suspected, the Sword Guardian had begun spinning rapidly and coming at him like a disk, except with razor sharp edges. Emeric jumped out of the way, but he wasn't nearly as fast as he should have been. One of the swords barely made contact with him, leaving him a small gash. It wasn't anything serious, but he felt how sharp the swords were.

    Then, like a boomerang, the swords came flying back towards him again. This time he was ready though. He charged towards it, sliding underneath them. He drew his left paw back as it charged with dark energy and then slammed it directly in the center of the two swords as it passed over him. The Sucker Punch sent the dual sword into the ceiling, leaving an outline of the Pokémon above.

    As the sword fell from the ceiling, Emeric caught the handle part of the two swords in his mouth and crunched down hard. He began spinning the creature by the cloth it had like a lasso. Once he had enough speed, he threw the swords toward the reptilian creature hoping to take both of them out once and for all.

    Emeric ran at full speed towards the reptile. He quickly created two mirror copies of himself to confuse the Electric Pokémon. The bodies of all the Houndoom became engulfed in flames. However, before he could make it to his opponent, the creature released a surge of electrical energy, sending it all over the room. The electric discharge caused Emeric to lose his balance and slammed hard into the wall, his copies quickly dissolved. He struggled to get up back on his feet, he was nearly out of energy and his opponents were still going. He hadn't even taken one out yet. He felt defeat creeping up behind him.

    Then he thought about what losing meant. Not only did it mean he would be trapped in here, but he had gotten his friends trapped in here too. He couldn't allow that. He didn't have a lot of energy left in him, but he wasn't going to quit until he had no energy left.

    Suddenly, his body began to burst with energy. It was the same energy he had tapped into before, except this time he hadn't been doused in flames like when he first discovered this power. He felt even more power than he had before, and he knew he would have to do this right, otherwise he would risk knocking himself out like he had previously done.

    He took in a deep breath and released a spiral of flames that completely engulfed the room and his opponents as well. When the flames died down, he saw the sword Pokémon lying flat on the ground with the Electric Pokémon on one knee, trying desperately to catch his breath.

    "We concede." The reptile said before falling to the ground. The wall behind Emeric came down with a slam. He turned and saw Trexon and Raiou walking towards in him disbelief. They could feel the energy he was putting out. Emeric relaxed his body and all that power suddenly vanished. he felt worn out, but nowhere near collapsing like he had before.

    "That was the power you used before right?" Raiou asked, still shocked at the amount of power he had felt.

    "Yeah, the very same." Emeric nodded. He stumbled a bit, but caught his balance before he fell. Trexon and Raiou moved to his side to help him stay up.

    "So you know how to control it now?" Trexon asked.

    "Not exactly, but it happened when I was in danger so maybe that triggered it." Emeric said. "Let's get out of here."

    They walked past the two unconscious Pokémon, but as they did, both Trexon and Raiou's sack fell to the ground and began vibrating. They both looked at each other and lifted the sacks. The two stones fell out and began flashing brightly.

    "What's happening?" Trexon asked as he and Raiou picked up their stones.

    "I… I think these are the items they were asking for?" Emeric said.

    "What are you talking about?" Raiou asked.

    "When they came alive, they asked me to 'present the correct items'" Emeric said, "these must be them."

    "So what do we do with them?" Trexon asked. As he moved closer to the unconscious Pokémon, the stone began to vibrate faster, producing a humming sound. "These stones must have something to do with these Pokémon, look at how they are reacting the closer I get."

    Then, Emeric remembered something Raiou said previously. "I think your stone goes with that Pokémon Raiou." Emeric said, pointing at the reptile. "And yours with the sword Trexon."

    "How do you know?" Raiou asked.

    "Remember when you said the stone was like a mini sun?" Emeric began to explain, "Well, I think you were pretty much on target there. In the room back there I saw some engravings of these two Pokémon on the wall. Above each one was the sun and the moon. Above the yellow creature was the sun and above the sword was the moon. Your stone, Raiou, does indeed look like the sun. Yours Trexon doesn't really look like any moon I've seen, but it must be right because it too is reacting the same way."

    Both Raiou and Trexon moved in front of the two creatures and held out the respective stones in front of them. The stones shot out of their hands and stuck onto the Pokémon in front of them. Both Trexon and Raiou stumbled back as the two unconscious Pokémon began glowing white blinding everyone in the room.

    When the light cleared up, two completely new Pokémon stood in their place. The two swords appeared to be one now and the small stone tablet it was carrying around was now a golden shield. The two black cloths it had appeared to be arms as one of them carried the shield. The sword was mostly all black, but it was outlined in the same blood red color as its previous evolution. The lizard was much taller now, and it's tail at least twice the size. The frills around its head were now around the neck and looked relatively similar to the sun, it was the same colors as the sun as well.

    "My king, we are sorry. We had no idea it was you." The sword said bowing its head. The yellow lizard did the same.

    "What are you talking about?" Trexon asked. "What do you mean king? Who are you?"

    "I am called Cerberix. I am an Aegislash." The Cerberix said proudly.

    "And I am called Paladin. I am a Helioisk." Paladin said with the same honor Cerberix had.

    "He is our king! The one we've been waiting for!" Cerberix said happily. "We were placed here by the god to aid our king in any way possible."

    "We’ve been here dormant in statue form waiting all this time." Paladin said.

    "You think I'm your king? King of what?" Emeric asked. "You were ready to destroy me just a few minutes ago. How are you certain?"

    "We don't think, we know." Paladin began to explain. "When we were placed here by the god, a part of our memory was taken and placed into those stones. Then we were reverted back to our basic stages. We weren't sure who we were waiting for until you connected us back with our memories, which in turn allowed us to evolve. You're the one that can unite the two tribes and get rid of the evil tyrants Solrock and Lunatone."

    "We wish to join you and assist in any way possible." Cerberix said.

    Emeric wasn't sure what to say. He wasn't sure what he was expecting, but it sure wasn't this. Having them come along would be great. The more they had the stronger they'd be. However, he wasn't sure about all this king business or what it even meant. He thought carefully about what he would do next…

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    Ready for Grading:

    Pokemon Attempted: Helioptile and Honedge (Story Pass - Complex -> Hard)

    30k to 50k Character Range

    Character Count (Without Spaces): 35,000+

    Character Count (With Spaces): 42,648+

    Notes: I don't know how this story was supposed to go when I first started it, but I'd like to think it came out rather well. Basically in this island, there are only a very limited amount of Pokemon. That is the way I wanted it.

    Been in a writing slump too long, it's time to come out. Looking for good feedback as well, anything to help me improve!

    Special thanks to Smiles for helping me out, you are an extremely nice and awesome person! Thanks :]!


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    Claiming, yes.

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    Graded, deleted, PM'd for WWC.

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