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    Default World without sound (Not ready for grading)- Comments welcome (Graphic)


    Oh, cool, someone survives this time! And evil people die! :D
    Pokemon being Captured: Chinchou
    Suggested Length: 10k - 20k
    Actual length:


    "Um, brother, where are you...?" The little girl called out, not daring to raise her voice, lest 'The Evil' hear her, and take her to 'The Man'. There was no wind, no sploshing of the waves. She couldn't hear sand brush against each other as she walked across the sandy beach. So, of course she didn't hear the figure approaching her from behind and grabbing her.


    "So, you found the girl walking alone on the beach, not having a care in the world, and at midnight too? You must be JOKING." A man dressed in a black coat sat on a large chair, his red, blood eyes shining. Black, messy hair protruded out of his head. The man who grabbed the small girl trembled below his master. He looked quite the same, like a smaller, less significant clone. The man dressed in a black coat was called 'The Man' by outsiders, humans who feared him.

    "But... there is something different about this human. She seems to have a defect..." The minion said with a shaky voice. His master went up to him and grabbed his throat, and placed a knife next to his flesh. The contact of the cold, silver blade gave the figure a shiver. 'The Man' sliced through, and a head rolled on the floor, dark red blood spilling out.

    "I do not need a DEFECTED human for my project, miserable weakling. Guards, clean up the mess. I'm checking on this human." 'The Man' said, before out of the shadow came figures out of a nightmare; they had to connected heads, full of malice, and the entire body made of darkness, screams and roars coming out from it. A deformed head sometimes popped out of its dark body, only to be sucked back in. Its hands and legs were made of rotting flesh, organs and hair, taken from the remains of the human victims after their masters experimentation.

    "I'll let you cover your body with this dead subject, so it doesn't hurt in the sun." 'The Man' said, and the horrifying creatures enthusiastically licked up the blood, and the body of the man split in many pieces, the innards and all wrapping the creature's exposed torso. It smiled- if you could call it smiling- and continued 'cleaning'.

    'The Man' opened a door, and saw a girl tied to a chair, her mouth tied with a handkerchief, struggling to get out. At the sight of 'The Man', she immediately froze. 'The Man' walked up to her, taking down every feature: Pink dress, fair skin...

    "You were out wandering, huh?" 'The Man' said, and he untied her pigtails. Then, she pulled out a chunk of chestnut brown hair, throwing it at the ground, where the monsters rolled on it, attaching it to the remaining patches of exposed darkness on its body. The girl looked at the ruthless man in fear, not even reacting to the pain of having half of her hair pulled out due to the overwhelming feeling of fear. 'The Man' turned at looked at the girl, and took off the handkerchief. "What is you name, girl?"

    The girl noticed 'The Man''s mouth move, and she replied with a soft voice. "I'm... deaf."

    'The Man' then raised his hands. his hands began to morph, turning into letters. The girl looked in awe and fear at the man's abilities. Soon, his hands morphed into a sentence, which read, "What is your name?"

    "Karen." The girl said, and the hands morphed into another sentence. The girl averted her eyes down at the creatures to get a good look instead of keeping her eyes on 'The Man', and she instantly wished she hasn't. She vomited into her mouth and swallowed it again, and thanked her lucky stars she was born without a sense of smell.

    'The Man''s hands finally finished morphing again, and soon, Karen could see a sentence. It read, 'Why were you out in the open at night without a stamp, girl? You humans already know my minions prowl at night.'

    "My brother brought me outside and left me in a foreign place. Then, the sun set and I still couldn't find my way home." Karen said, and 'The Man' smirked.

    "I'll talk to you telepathically from now on. You seem like a... brave enough girl, worthy of experiencing my power. Now, a question. Why did he leave you outside?"

    Karen thought, and then replied. "I... don't know."
    'The Man' then barked something to his monsters, who ran off. Karen didn't look at them, keeping her eyes on the man. A mirror like object was handed to 'The Man', and Karen recognized it as a Spy Shard. Anyone can peer into it and see what is happening anywhere- if they knew where to look. 'The Man' showed it to the girl, who peered into it and gasped.

    Her brother had an evil smirk on his face as he guzzled the food which was labeled as her rations. Her mother was patting him on his head, saying, "Good job for getting rid of her. No we have less mouths to feed here."

    Karen cried, and 'The Man' took away the mirror. She knew her mother and brother never loved her, but she didn't know it would escalate to such heights. Life has been hell since her father died in a freak accident.

    "Now, listen, Karen. If you tell me where your brother and mother are, I'll give you a stamp." 'The Man' said, and Karen gasped once again.

    A stamp was an imprint on the palms sought over by everyone. It enabled the wearer to be protected against being kidnapped at night by 'The Evil'. A stamp would never come off, and was only given by 'The Evil' themselves. Stamp wearers had direct contacts with 'The Evil', like human recruits. They could report any other human settlements, and 'The Evil' will come over and kidnap all of them as they are sound asleep.

    Karen opened her mouth and blabbered out their location. 'The Man' smiled, and he touched Karen's hand. After a searing sensation, a brown imprint was left there.


    "No! Let us go!" Karen's brother said, and a Pokeball from his belt dropped. Karen stooped to pick it up, looking at the sleeping Chinchou. Her mother screamed and kicked as the clones of 'The Man' took her away. Karen pocketed the Chinchou as the moon shone bright on the now empty, lone shack which she used to live in.

    "What are you going to do to them?" Karen said, and 'The Man' looked at her.

    "You'd... be better off not knowing about what I do." He said to Karen telepathically. Karen shivered when she thought of the many disgusting things that might happen. She shook them off immediately.

    "Let me show you your new home now." 'The Man' said, and with a flick of his fingers, he teleported, like what he did to get to Karen's former home quickly.

    After teleportation, Karen felt a little queasy, but was still alright, nonetheless. In front of her stood a mansion.

    "Where all the other Stamped Humans live. Quite nice, no? Oh, and another gift." 'The Man' clapped his hand, and Karen discovered she could hear it. She could hear Swallow welcoming the rising sun, the happy cries of people in the mansion...

    "Oh, and try to stop thinking about killing me to save the world. If you kill me, your gift will disappear." 'The Man' said, and Karen gaped. 'The Man' was capable of mind-reading. Was there any limits to this man at all?

    "There's also a Pokemon Playground for the Chinchou you pocketed. Remember, I know everything you do. In fact, I knew the location of your family before you said it, but I wanted to test you." 'The Man' said before teleporting. Karen gulped and entered the mansion, to be greeted by new sights, new sounds.

    People were all over. They laughed, talked to each other... Karen squeezed through the crowd to get to the Pokemon Playground, and she saw a huge garden in front of her. She noticed this was labeled the 'Grass Pokemon' playground, and she quickly ran over to the 'Water Pokemon' playground.

    The 'Water Pokemon' playground was a humongous pool, with coral, fish, and many other Pokemon interacting with each other. Karen released the Chinchou, who was expecting to be abused by its owner again, but instead saw the kind and naive Karen in front of her.

    "Now, Chinchou, my brother is gone. I'll be going to have some... fun, wherever I can get it... so, play in this pool for now. We are living in a beautiful place now, Chinchou, so you just play." Karen said
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