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    Default The Ugly Wurmple (WWC)

    Yes, I'm resorting to ripping off old tales to get an entry in. Sue me.

    Aiming for: Wurmple
    Min/Max: 3k/5k
    Character Count: 10,506 (I overkilled. Yay :3)
    Notes: This is not a traditional "omg is he captured" story. Deal with it.


    Once upon a time, in the land of Hoenn, there lived a young Beautifly couple in Petalburg Woods. Although both came from average families, they grew up to be more-than-average. Throughout the forest, their looks were unparalleled by any other of their species, and they were held in the utmost regard. So, when the mother announced her pregnancy, rumours immediately sprung up that the child would be the most beautiful Wurmple in the forest, in the region, maybe on the entire planet.

    The fateful day came. The labour was lengthy, but soon, the couple had a newborn baby son. However, it was clear from the get-go that something was not right. Instead of being a vibrant red as a Wurmple should be, this one was different. Instead, his slimy body shone not red, but purple. The family panicked. The birth of this... atrocity would surely bring shame to the family name. So they did what any self-righteous beings would do. They snuck to a deep part of the woods, where no-one would find them, and left the Wurmple there for dead, not looking back as the youngster cried for the family it would never know.

    News of the couple's miscarriage surged through the community. Everyone who met with them gave as much support as they could, through the terrible time. Things eventually seemed to fade back to normality, but the mother could not keep the child out of her mind. Her maternal instincts took over, and she started going mad with insanity. Desperate to try and find at least her child's corpse, she snuck out one night while her husband was asleep, and down to where they had lain the baby.

    To her horror, she found nothing.


    "Gerald, get a move on! It's time for our weekly Berry-hunt. We're running too low to let it slide for a fortnight!"

    The voice of the elderly female Breloom rang in the male's ears. He couldn't be bothered to go out looking for berries. Why couldn't his darling wife just get with the times and do her shopping online, instead of wasting precious time and energy? Sighing, he heaved himself off their leaf make-shift sofa and grabbed a basket.

    "Coming, Mabel."

    The walk was filled with idle chit-chat. Gossip from around the community, the latest conspiracy theory on the recent miscarriage of 'that nice young couple from down the road'. Gerald stayed mostly silent and let his wife do the talking. He knew it was for the best.

    Every week, their berry hunt took them deeper and deeper into the forest. More and more trainers were coming through and talking what they pleased, meaning it was getting harder and harder to find enough berries to last the week. This time, they had to go so deep, Gerald wondered if they would eventually come full-circle back to their house from having walked so far.

    It was while he was stretching out of his way for a Sitrus Berry ("those things are very rare around these parts, Gerald, you simply must pick any you find!") that he first heard it. A sort of... wailing. He was confused, but also slightly wary - not many people came around these parts of the woods. He slowly made his way toward the sound, wondering whether he should call in his wife for backup (laugh if you will, but you do not get in the way of Mabel if you value your life), but upon getting closer, he realised that it WAS crying. Thinking that a young child must've probably wandered too far and got lost, he decided to help. Walking into the slight clearing, he discovered that it was, in fact, a young child - just a lot younger than he was anticipating.

    "Mabel, come quickly! I've just found a young baby out here."

    "Oh, Gerald, this isn't the same as the time you swore you'd seen a rogue Mightyena about is it?"

    "Mabel, I'm serious!"

    "All right, all right."

    Mabel followed her husband's voice, and gasped as soon as she set eyes on the small Wurmple. It was oddly-coloured, and Mabel's instant thought was that it must've been abandoned. Her caring motherly sided kicked in straight away as she rushed towards it.

    "Oh... oh you poor thing! How long have you been out here; you must be starving! Gerald, grab the basket's, we're going back to the house NOW!"


    Colin the Wurmple jumped out of his bed the second his alarm went off. He rushed into his parent's room, and jumped on their bed.

    "Mum, Dad, wake up!" he yelled. Mabel and Gerald groaned - for a little bug, Colin sure weighed a lot.

    "Dearie me, Colin. Give it a years and you certainly won't be this excited about school," Mabel joked.

    "Mum, it's my first day! I don't want to be late, do I?" Colin whined.

    The elderly couple chuckled "All right, Colin, but just make sure you've got everything, first. You know how you rush into things," Gerald commented. The young Wurmple rushed out, happy as could be.

    "He's such a nice lad," Mabel said. "I just hope the other children at school don't give him a hard time..."

    "He'll be fine." Gerald comforted his wife. "He's got you for a mum - he knows how to defend himself."

    "I suppose," Mabel sighed.


    "Hello, everybody. I'm your teacher, Dustox!"

    The bug-type Pokemon welcomed the children entering in one by one, wanting to give a good impression. Children were starting to hate school nowadays, and she was determined to change that. She had been given a bit of forewarning from one of the parents, though. Apparently, she had a purple Wurmple in this class. Well, different coloured Pokemon weren't unheard of, and she was happy that her class would have such a diversity.

    Once all the little ones were inside, she immediately set them with some easy work. Small stuff, to ease them into the their new school life. Just writing their name down, what their home life is like, and so on. At the end, she got each of them to come up and read what they'd written.

    "And now Colin."

    Having been completely different to his earlier attitude, Colin looked up shyly. He'd always known he was different, and so didn't want to draw attention to himself. Fat chance of that now. Slowly, he made his way to the front of the classroom, and no sooner had he done so than someone shouted out what he'd been dreading hearing.

    "Miss, why's he got different colours to normal Wumrple? He looks silly."

    The whole class erupted into laughter. The teacher desperately tried to quieten them down, but the damage was done. Tears immediately filled the eyes of young Colin, and before anyone knew it, he was running out of the school. He didn't know where, and he didn't really care - he just wanted to get away. After he was sure no-one was following, he curled himself into a ball and wept.

    'Why did they have to say that?' he thought to himself. 'It's not my fault I'm like this... they make me feel like some sort of freak...'

    Suddenly, the snap of a twig brought Colin out of his sorrow temporarily, and replaced it with fear. The reality of the situation was that he had no idea where he was, and no idea how to get back. A soft growling sound followed, and a large creature jumped from seemingly out of nowhere, teeth bared at the scared little bug Pokemon.

    "Well, well," it growled. "What do we have here?"

    The Mightyena licked its lips as Colin rolled back into the ball, sobbing once more.

    "Oh, p-p-please don't eat m-me. I'm just l-lost and want to get back to my m-m-m-mum and d-dad!" he begged. The large black dog-like creature howled with laughter.

    "No chance! I've been waiting for a live meal ever since that pesky Breloom escaped me a few years back. No idiots ever come this far into the woods since then... until now."

    The Mightyena lowered down, ready to pounce on its prey, when suddenly, a voice cried out.

    "Hey, leave that Wurmple alone!"

    A stream of water smashed dead on to the Mightyena's side, knocking it off-balance. A young boy emerged from the clearing, with a Marshtomp closely following.

    "Pick on someone your own size, bully!"

    Colin meekly opened one eye, wondering what on earth was happening. He saw the boy who had saved him and for the first time in his life, felt truly safe. However, the Mightyena was only momentarily dazed, as it pounced on its new target - Marshtomp.

    "Crap! Marshtomp, hit it with another Water Gun at close range!"

    Thankfully, the large canine was only trapping the water-type by its limbs - its mouth was free to send another stream of water at point-blanc range, and then manage to wriggle free. Not to be put off, the dark-type shook itself dry and charged yet again, painfully biting its foe on the arm. Marshtomp cried out as the pain seared through its limb.

    "Shake it off and use Mud Shot!" the young boy commanded. Colin had now shut his eyes yet again, unable to watch what was occuring.

    Marshtomp thrashed its arm about, gradually looseing the Mightyena's jaw. After shaking itself completely free, Marshtomp proceeded to kick mud right into its opponent's eyes. Now it was the Mightyena's turn to howl in pain, and it desperately tried to claw at the mud obscuring its vision.

    "Fine!" it shouted. "A pipsqueak like you would never have been a proper meal anyway." And with that, he turned and ran out of sight between the trees. The boy exhaled loudly, before grinning at his partner.

    "Good job, Marshtomp, I'm proud of you."

    He then suddenly remembered the little Wurmple on the floor, and quickly bent down to make sure it was all right. Colin slowly opened his eyes and got his first proper look at his saviour. The boy seemed no older than ten, or eleven. His messy brown hair contrasted with his deep blue eyes, which looked at the Wurmple with what only could have been described as genuine concern. Having now seen the Wurmple properly too, he gasped out.

    "Oh, wow, Marshtomp! This Wurmple's shiny!"

    Colin looked at the boy, bewildered. Shiny was usually used as a good thing, right? But everyone apart from his Mum and Dad had always said that him being different was wrong. The boy held out his arm towards the bug-type.

    "Say, how'd you like to join our team? There's always room for a new member, especially one as awesome-looking as you!"

    Colins eyes lit up at the boy's words. No sooner had the boy finished, than Colin had jumped to his feet and ran up the extended arm. He perched himself on the boy's shoulder, and snuggled up to his cheek.

    "I guess that settles that," the boy laughed. "Don't worry, I'll make sure you'll never be in danger like that ever again."

    And with that, all thoughts of Colin's previous experiences left his mind, as he journeyed onwards with the boy to what would surely be a great adventure.


    0.5% thought has been put into this. Thank you.

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