Three Heroes of the Past (Co-Op with Gabite)
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Thread: Three Heroes of the Past (Co-Op with Gabite)

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    Post Three Heroes of the Past (Co-Op with Gabite)

    Chapter 1: Enter the Tree

    “Please! I didn't mean to! I'm sorry! Truly!” Zel crouched at the foot of his master. The Sudowoodo had a sour face. “You will obey your master: me. Any more things you wish to protest?!” Rocky scowled. Rocky happened to be the same Sudowoodo, and Zel was a timid Duskull. “But it's unfair if I don't have my rights to give my reasons, you're making me mad!” Zel turned around and began to float away. Rocky cackled, “You're scared because that I am superior to you. Have fun.” Zel disappeared from the scene, and Rocky turned around to walk away.

    Zel aimlessly walked away from the garden he had emerged from, and kept walking to avoid Rocky. She was mean! She didn't give him anything! “I see you're mad at Rocky. So am I,” a voice said. Zel turned to the bushes where he heard the voice. “You must be scared. No need to worry. At all.” A Riolu scurried out of the bushes, and stopped at Zel. Zel was confused. Why was this Pokemon here? “You must be scared... I was,” the Riolu said. Zel froze. “You... mean... Rocky?” Now he was confused to what the Riolu was talking about.

    “Yes, Rocky. She thinks she is better because Rocky is part of an ancient bloodline.” The Riolu crossed his arms. “Yes I know that. No need to state facts I already know,” Zel groaned. The Riolu looked at the ground, trying to think of something that the Duskull wouldn't know. “Alright, my name is Lance. Enough of names, though. Rocky happens to be the descendant of King Octo, a very popular king that has been remembered. King Octo was vested the power of Groudon, and he used these powers to threaten people. Rocky, being part of his bloodline, happens to have some of that strength. She believes she is better than us because of that,” Lance explained.

    “This is why she... dang it. Good thing I didn't protest more,” Zel laughed with confidence. Lance shook his head, “Not funny. Rocky's plans are to kill me, and possibly you. Then with the three of us out of the way, she can-”

    “Three?! You may think I'm dumb, but there are two of us here. This isn't funny if that's your goal,” Zel interrupted. Zel saw Lance's face, and could tell he was getting frustrated. “This is what happens when I skip ahead. King Octo did pass down the power of Groudon to his future ancestors, he put half of it into a doll,” Lance moved his paws around to explain the story. Zel was confused. “A doll? Who would do that?” Zel looked around, trying to find a third Pokemon. “Enough. This doll transformed into what we call today a 'Baltoy.' This Baltoy still exists, along with lots more Baltoy and their evolved formed Claydol.” Lance was beginning to get to the good part of the story.

    “So... anything else?” Zel felt like there were thousands of ideas in his head. “The Baltoy's name is Nagek. Nagek is possibly the only hero who could save us right now, considering the situation we're in,” Lance said. “Oh....” Zel began to wonder about this Baltoy “Nagek.” Lance shook him. “We have to get going. Fast.”

    Rocky sat in her throne, bored of this whole “ruling over like a queen” business. She just wanted to get all of her subjects killed then this world would be hers. All hers. Rocky beat her branch against the side, hoping for attention. One of her sons, Ron, came over to her. “Are you okay mama-I mean queen,” Ron said. Rocky shook her head. “OF COURSE NOT! LOOK WHAT'S HAPPENING!” Rocky boomed. Ron trembled and waddled away with fright. All was well. All would be according to Rocky's plan.
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    Default Re: Three Heroes of the Past (Co-Op with Gabite)

    Chapter 2 – Our Hero?

    Nagek was not anywhere near the other Baltoy, he was stuck in a Trapinch hole.

    “Great.” He muttered sarcastically. Suddenly, a group of Trapinch started stampeding towards him. The strange pokémon got closer and closer, when suddenly Nagek’s eyes started glowing and the Trapinch disappeared. “That was weird.” Nagek murmered. He looked up, and saw a gaping hole. Nagek facepalmed.

    Zel was finding it hard to keep up with Lance. He could only float or walk slowly, and had to resort to teleporting every few seconds, which was an extremely energy draining way to get around. When Lance realized that Zel could take no more, he stopped at a small cave.

    “We can rest here for a bit.” Lance said. The inside of the cave was very dark. The only lights were the glow of certain Pokémon’s eyes, including Zel’s.

    “Where is this Baltoy, anyway?” Zel asked. One of the only things he wasn’t scared of was the dark. It made him feel at peace, as it should as he was a ghost.

    “He lies at a large desert to the east of here, shrouded from view by a large expanse of mountains.” Lance remarked.

    A few hours later, Zel was rested and they could continue on. They followed a path up to a river. Lance stopped, looking terrified. Zel was confused, and floated over to see what was wrong.

    Meanwhile, Nagek was going north. He had heard a tale of legendary pokémon living in caves in the desert. The one rumoured to be in the north was called “Regirock”. Nagek was sceptical until he had seen a picture of the one in the south, Groudon. At that time, he had a feeling of power, like there was nothing that could stop him. He still had the picture in his “hands”. He examined it once more. Suddenly, his eyes glowed red. “What’s going on?” he yelled.


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