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    Default Three Dares (Ready for grading)

    Difficulty: Simple
    Suggested Length: 20,000- 30,000
    Length: 29,302
    Capturing: Chikorita

    Our location currently is in a peaceful town called Palmleaf Town. This is a story of a young Pokemon trainer called...
    "Ow... my head..."
    Timpeni groaned. Eevee snuggled up in her warm arms, hiding from the looming, dark figure in front of her.
    "Listen! You pamper that Eevee way too much!" The voice said.
    It was Timpeni's brother.
    Timpeni was a black, short haired girl. Her fair skin glowed in the dim forest light. She wore her white top, with a green and yellow tie. She wore a green and red kilt- not because she was Scottish, she just wanted to.
    Timpeni's brother had long, green, spiky hair and skin exactly like Timpeni's. He wore red goggle in his hair and red and black horizontal striped t-shirt. He wore red long pants. And he was angry. Very angry.
    "You had that Eevee for a month! A freaking month! How many battles have you had it participate in? NONE!" Timpeni's brother yelled.
    "Well, that doesn't give you an excuse to throw a PokeBall at my head, Hatori." Timpeni rubbed the black brise on her head, wincing in pain now and then. A sly, cheeky smile appeared on Hatori's face.
    He reached into his bag and threw nine more at her. Timpeni yowled and tried to shield her face but it was no use.
    "Why did you do that?" Timpeni asked irritably, her head throbbing. She cursed her brother in her breath as he grabbed a great ball on his belt.
    Oh no, not again, Timpeni thought. She braced for impact but her brother aim for the floor next to her.
    The Great Ball opened with a bright glow, and a squawking sound. A bird emerged, with a body made of shiny steel. There was a pointed tip on its head, and its eyes were menacing, sharp. The underneath of its wings was red. Blood red. The creature flapped its wings, happy to not be cooped up in a small ball anymore.
    "Skamory!" It yelled in delight. Soon, it turned over to Hatori, and it hopped over to his side, staring at Eevee threateningly, ready for battle. Eevee squealed in terror and dashed behind Timpeni, peeping out only occasionally.
    "These bird's young next in bramble bushes, turning them tough from young. Unlike your pushy little puffball of yours." Hatori teased. Timpeni scowled, a deep, dark scowl.
    "I dare you. Twice." Hatori said.
    Oh no. Hatori's dares are normally hard. Very, very hard. Timpeni always felt a pulling urge, a temptation to finish the dares set by her older brother to prove she was not a wimp. And two dares, too! One normally ends up with her ending up fainted in the middle of a forest or someplace remote. Two? Uh oh...
    "First dare. Use the ten PokeBalls I threw at you to capture a least one Pokemon. Two, this Pokemon must come from away from our town. At least maybe, one town away." Hatori said.
    "Oh, wait! I think I thought up of another dare. Third dare... make sure you use only one PokeBall to capture it. No more. That gives you only one chance per Pokemon, and only ten Pokemon."
    Three? That is even worse! Timpeni shuffled her feet nervously. She has never, ever been out of the town before! Ever! Yet... she can't give up! Maybe... if she caught an easy one... yeah, that's it!
    "Dare accepted." Timpeni said confidently. She picked up Eevee in her arms, and it relaxed, purring delightedly. It looked at her with adoring eyes, the one that always let the Eevee get away with everything. But this time, these eyes will not deter her from her goal.
    "Sorry, Eevee, we are going to go to capture a friend for you." Timpeni said. Eevee hissed at Hatori, obviously annoyed.
    "Hey, Timpeni. Do you even know how to capture Pokemon?" Hatori said. Timpeni snapped.
    "Of course! Uh... you just... throw the ball, right?" Timpeni said, and her face looked uncertain. Hatori almost whacked Timpeni on the back of the head but he restrained himself in time, though he was still glaring.
    "Come with me into the long grass. I'll catch a Pokemon to show you how it's done." Hatori took a Pokeball from his belt and returned Skamory its Pokeball. The new Pokemon appeared, and it stank.
    Timpeni quickly pinched Eevee nose. "Breath through your mouth! My brother is using his Gloom!"
    The Gloom drooled its honey sweet saliva. It walked over To Hatori's side. Somehow, he seemed to be unaffected by the ginormous stink. Maybe his nose is blocked or something...
    Timpeni stuffed the Pokeballs into her red, Christmas decorated sling bag. She followed Hatori, a bit uncertain. Is this a trick?
    He advanced further into the grass, glancing around cautiously, waiting for something to pounce.
    Timpeni fell to the ground with a thump, landing on Eevee. It squealed with pain, and Timpeni rolled off quickly. A Bibarel had leapt out at her, surprising her intensely. Its curious face tilted as Timpeni picked up Eevee and darted away.
    "Petal Dance, Gloom!"
    Gloom spinned and turned. Petals flew around it, petals from nearby flowers and some petals from the Rafflesia on its head. They all soon pointed and aimed for the Bibarel, striking it.
    "First step in capturing Pokemon is to weaken it. My Gloom will attack the Bibarel with an attack- Petal Dance."
    The Bibarel winced as the petals hit it at high speeds. It recovered soon and attempted a tackle on Gloom but missed miserably. The Gloom started dancing again, ready to do the move again, twice in a row. The petals hit the Bibarel like arrows again, nearly knocking it out, but still not yet. Soon, the Gloom's balance was fading. Around its eyes, the area was darkening.
    "A little tip. Some moves have negative effects on your Pokemon. Petal Dance, if executed without fail, will cause confusion. So, stock berries. A Persim Berry cures Confusion."
    Hatori squatted next to Gloom and tossed a Persim Berry in itks mouth. The Gloom chewed, still drooling as so. Soon, it regained its balance and the area around its eyes turned back to normal.
    "Second thing to take note of while capturing Pokemon. If you Paralyze, Freeze, Burn, Poison, Badly poison or make one Sleep it will be easier to catch them. These are called Status Ailments." Hatori said. Timpeni nodded and tried to mentally sttore everything into her head.
    "Sleep Powder!"
    A gray, small, nearly invisible powder flew from the inside of Gloom's rafflesia towards Bibarel, circling it, and going closer to it, closer. Bibarel breathed in a little of it and it immediately felt slightly sleepy. It tried to attack but its eyes were zoomed out. Everything went black.
    Soon, a loud, annoying snoring noise sounded. The Bibarel was asleep.
    "Now, the final, third bit. Throw the Pokeball at the Pokemon! When it enters the Pokeball, and it shakes three times and you hear a clicking sound, you captured it! If it breaks out, you failed." Hatori threw the Pokeball at the Bibarel. The Bibarel disappeared, sucked into the Pokeball. It shook.
    "Okay, your Eevee doesn't know any Status Ailment inflicting moves, you can borrow my Gloom. But only for Status Ailment inflicting moves." Hatori threw the Pokeball over and nailed Timpeni right in the forehead again. She attached the Pokeball to her belt while rubbing the new sore on her head in addition to the ten others.
    "Well, it looks like your going to be with me for a while, Gloom!" Timpeni said. The Gloom had no response that suggested it was excited or annoyed, for it simply remained still, drooling.
    "I suggest you head over to the nearest town from here, than go to the route to the right of it. The Pokemon there are quite easy to handle. I'll tell mom your going out again. Oh, and pack your stuff. The last time I walked to the next town I took a whole day." Hatori said. Timpeni nodded.
    Wait, Mom hated me going out... I always returned dirty or a few days late! How can Hatori convince her?
    "No! You are not going to let her go out again! How do I know that you are trying to get her hurt again? You always do that to your sister! You are seventeen! Find something else to do. With your Pokemon! You have a lot of them!"
    Timpeni's mother stared at Hatori sternly, determined to not let Timpeni go. Her eyes were black, her hair green, just like Hatori's. Her hairstyle and complexion was like Timpeni's, and her nails were long and red. She wore a white, simple shirt with a red-and-wite checkered apron.
    "Mom, she's fifteen, not ten. You can trust her."
    But Timpeni's mother was not convinced that easily. She stood her ground, not willing to let her daughter get hurt again.
    "Look, Mom, I have something here for her this time." Hatori sighed and reached into his pocket. He pulled out two watch-like objects, one blue, one pink. There was a button next to the screen. Hatori pressed it, and the screen showing a watch turned into a memo pad. Timpeni's mother recognized the device from the news: It was the Poketch!
    "They have a new feature: The Phone! Now it can call other Poketch. So I can let Timpeni call me anytime. So stop worrying." Hatori said to his mother. She looked doubtful, and looked at Hatori.
    "Prove that it works."
    Hatori pressed the buttons swiftly, changing the screen rapidly, till finally, both were set at the phone mode. Hatori made the blue Poketch call the Pink Poketch and vice versa. Still, his mom was insecure.
    "I'll check later. You give the Poketch to your sister, I'll continue to cook dinner. And I warn you, I will punish you if she gets hurt intentionally. You will turn eighteen in a month, which technically makes you an adult, but you are immature, cheeky, sarcastic. You will not survive in the outside world with these bad traits."
    Hatori sighed and agreed. He climbed up the stairs, approaching Timpeni's room, with its door left ajar. Hatori peered in and saw Timpeni sitting on her bed, talking to Eevee.
    Timpeni's room was relatively simple. She had a long, black desk leaning on the wall next to the door, with her computer and stationary. On the right of the door was a white bookshelf. Timpeni was a skilled reader of many different books; from comics, to science books, to the Bible, her entire shelf was full of books. On the right of the shelf was the door to the toilet.
    On the wall opposite her door hanged many pictures of her and Eevee. Her white closet was on the top-left corner of the room, standing pretty. In the middle was her large bed, where she sat.
    "Eevee, you have four moves. Tackle, Headbutt, Quick Attack and Last Resort, which I just taught you with a Technical Machine last week. You think we're ready to take on the challenge?" Timpeni said. Eevee nodded confidently, sure it was going to defeat the perfect Pokemon for its master- or, in this case, best friend.
    "Timpeni? I bought a Poketch for you." Hatori said. Timpeni turned her head and immediately noticed the pink Poketch. She screamed in delight and grabbed it.
    "I've been saving for this for a whole month! Why would you be all nice to me all of the sudden?" Timpeni said.
    "Look, on this Poketch, you can now call other Poketch." Hatori said. Timpeni stared at the device in wonder, and pressed the button, which was how to change the screen on it, she supposed. It worked, and she kept on pressing the button until she reached a screen which had the word 'Phone' on it. There were ten numbers on it, from zero to nine.
    "If you need to call me, I'll answer. My number is- record this on the memo pad- nine, six, five, five, two, seven, zero, one." Hatori said. Timpeni brushed her finger over the memo pad quickly, writing down the number. She then saved the screen, able to open and view it at any time.
    "If you want to know, your number is nine, four, four, nine, zero, one, zero, nine."
    "Neat number." Timpeni said, recording it down in a similar fashion.
    "You do know you are leaving tomorrow, right? I don't see you packed yet." Hatori reminded. Timpeni gasped, having forgotten to pack. She put down Eevee and dashed to her rusksack.
    "Let's see... tent... sleeping bag... I'll have to get canned food at the kitchen later... new clothes... and, of course, my sling bag, with all my berries, Pokeballs and more." Timpeni rushed down, yelling, "MOM! Can you get me some canned food?"
    "Looks like this is the start of our journey! I wish dad was here to see this." Timpeni wished a bit. "He walked out on us when I was five but I still have an odd connection to him, somehow."
    Eevee snuggled up close to Timpeni's legs, wishing to stay close to her while on the journey. They continued on the Route, and soon, they were in the tall grass.
    "Time to put on the Pokemon Repellant! I only want to encounter Pokemon after I pass Nerita Town." TImpeni pulled out a green-colored spray bottle with the logo of the Pokeball on it. Eevee whined and moaned softly.
    "I know you hate the repellant, but you need it to remain unscathed till we reach our destination! Besides, you don't need an more training. Hatori took care of you while I was ill two weeks ago and let you go in a lot of battles. Which is why you hate him, but it also made you very strong, right? So you don't need any further training yet." Eevee sighed and nodded reluctantly. Timpeni pressed the button on the top of the bottle and released the gas. Pokemon which had closed in on them, which had intention to attack stayed away. The fumes were scentless and invisible to humans but to Pokemon it was absolutely repulsive.
    "I think I should let you enter your Pokeball, like Gloom." Timpeni suggested. Eevee nodded violently, not being able to resist the smell any longer. Timpeni whipped out the Pokeball, and Eevee was summoned back.
    Eevee breathed in the fresh air inside the Pokeball and heaved a sigh of relief. Soon, Eevee looked at Gloom, who apparently seemed lonely. Eevee was going to stay there for the rest of the day, so it might as well make friends with Gloom. Though she didn't know if voice could travel through Pokeballs...
    "Hi, Gloom," Eevee started, in its own Pokemon language. "We're going to stay here for the rest of the day, so we might as well make friends!" Eevee said with a friendly tone. Gloom looked at Eevee. So sounds can travel through Pokeballs!
    "Make... friends? No one asked me that before... they don't like me. Say I'm too stinky." Gloom sighed. Eevee looked at Gloom, and felt a bit of sympathy for it.
    "Not a lot of humans like us either. I was captured for the sole purpose of causing Status Ailments. I am never, ever loved, or treated." It continued, with Eevee listening hard,
    "I envy you. You have a single trainer that loves you, cuddles you... I am never given such luxury. If only... I was as lucky. I want to be a furry, cute pet. A lovable one. Not a stinking mess."
    "Don't worry. I won't bother about your smell." Eevee said. Gloom smiled, for once in its miserable life, it smiled.
    "You mean it...? You... do want to be my friend?" Eevee replied by nodding, and putting a beautiful smile on its face.
    What a poor creature Gloom was! Always discriminated just because of the smell it cannot help having. I'll make it happy, Eevee thought.
    "Of course! No Pokemon should be pushed aside and ignored. I'll be your first friend, and one in a long line of friends." Eevee said. Gloom was elated, unable to contain the happiness. It had a smile no artist could draw and no writer describe. Soon, they were starting to tell jokes.
    "Once, there was a fit Tyrouge talking to an obese Snubbull," Eevee said, with Gloom listening eagerly. "The Tyrogue said, "Your not in shape!" The Snubbull said, "Of course I'm in shape! A circle is a shape!"
    Gloom and Eevee and laughed and giggled uncontrollably. Eevee's stomach started to ache and her eyes started to water from the long session of laughing, and stopped. Gloom was still laughing, though, and was not suffering the irritating side-effects of the most wonderful medicine.
    "That was the first time I ever laughed! Thanks for telling that joke. It was hilarious!" Gloom said.
    "Your welcome! And there is a lot more where that came from! Once, three humans were on the run. They ran into a Milktank farm and found three empty potato sacks. They hid themselves in it. The police came and they kicked the first potato sack. The first human said, "Houndour!" The police thought it was just a Houndour and kicked the second sack. The human said "Glameow!" The police thought it was just a Glameow. They kicked the final sack, and the human said "Potato!" He was immediately arrested!" Eevee said. Gloom took a while to make sense of the joke, but when he did, he laughed and he laughed, for what seemed like hours. It was the most wondrous feeling, like there was no pain in the world, or at least all pain was forgotten. Gloom had rarely felt that way, it ever before. Eevee was the best Pokemom it has ever met. The nicest, the most social, and the most beautiful in its eyes.
    "Oh, I have a question, Gloom. Can you see? Your eyes are always pursed shut." Eevee said.
    "Yes, we can. Think of it like a one-way window. I can see you, but you can't see my eyes." Gloom said. Eevee gaped in awe.
    "That's awesome! I wish I had eyelids like that." Eevee said.
    Gloom giggled. "Well, I'm getting a bit tired. Let's rest."
    While they were conversing, Timpeni had nearly reached the town, which has quite quick compared to most times when people cross over, since she had the repellant on. Timpeni decided to rest for the night, and set up the tent.
    "Go, Eevee!"
    Timpeni stood in front of a wild Buneary. The Buneary was in battle positions, waiting for the time to strike.
    It was morning. Timpeni reached town in ten minutes flat and, after catching a quick snack, headed off to capture some Pokemon. She was determined to finish the bet in as little time possible.
    "Use Headbutt!" Eevee dash forward and headed Buneary, making it tumble a bit, and then recover. It glared at Eevee, and performed Jump Kick. It hit Eevee square-on on the head, causing a critical hit. Eevee barely stood up again, its head hurting badly.
    "Gah! No time... Pokeball, go!" Timpeni threw a Pokeball at the Buneary.
    "I know I'm supposed to inflict a status ailment on it but... maybe I'll get lucky the first time?" But there was no such luck. After just one roll the Buneary broke out.
    "Well... darn. Anyway, since I have nine balls left, I need not worry." Timpeni said. She returned Eevee to her Pokeball and escaped. She ran away from the Buneary, out into the short grass.
    "Come on, Eevee. I have a few potions here, to heal you."
    When the spray touched the bruise Eevee had it started to heal, quite fast. Soon, the bruise was completely gone, and Eevee was feeling great again. Eevee stood up, determined to not faint during a battle.
    "Um, excuse me," Timpeni said to a man who was walking around with his Zigzagoon, "Do you know where there are very easy Pokemon to catch?"
    The man turned and nodded. "Just turn right and when you get to the large rock, turn left. The plains there have very weak Pokemon compared to the ones here. But beware! There is rumored to be a strong, indestructible Pokemon there. Many trainers were reported to have disappeared in there. However, personally, I think it's all just fake voodoo hoodoo."
    Timpeni thanked the man and hurried towards the area.
    "Wow! Sure is great we met that man. Now, we can actually capture a Pokemon! And this time, I'm not taking any chances!" Timpeni ran around, looking for Pokemon. Soon, she found some tall grass. As soon as she crept in a young Kangaskhan approached her, curious. It was holding a Sun Stone in its hands. Apparently, it has been playing with it.
    "Oh! What a cute Pokemon! I know there was something about capturing this Pokemon's young... I think I forgot. Anyway, his mom doesn't seem to be anywhere close. This will be easy! Go, Eevee!" Timpeni said. Eevee immediately swiftly struck the Kangaskhan with a Quick Attack, and following with Headbutt. The young Kangaskhan used Tail Whip, one of the only moves it knew.
    "Go back, Eevee! You've done good! Go, Gloom!" Timpeni returned Eevee and released Gloom. Gloom eyed the Kangaskhan, not letting its target out of sight.
    "Use Sleep Powder!" Timpeni yelled, pinching her nose. Gloom performed the move, and soon, the Kangaskhan yawned, and fell into a deep sleep, unable to get out of it.
    "Now, POKEBA- what?" Timpeni saw something that made her stop in her tracks completely.
    A large, looming figure approached. It had murderous intent. It wanted to protect its young.
    Kangaskhan's mother has come.
    "Oh NO! Now I remember! Never attack a lone baby Kangaskhan, for its mother must be nearby to protect it!" Timpeni screamed and tried to run, but the adult Kangaskhan would not let that happen.
    Eevee struggled out of its Pokeball to protect Timpeni. Eevee hissed and tackled the Kangaskhan. It seemed to have absolutely no effect on the huge monster. The Kangaskhan roared, and performed Mega Punch on Eevee.
    Eevee fell to the ground, barely twitching. It tried to get up, but it could not.
    "EEVEE! Oh no, I have to call Hatori!" Timpeni dialed the number to Hatori's phone. "Nine, six, five, five, two, seven, zero, one... Hatori!"
    "What is it, Timpeni?" Hatori said sluggishly, a tinge of boredom in his voice.
    "I'm attacked by a Kangaskhan!" Timpeni yelled into the Poketch.
    "What!? Okay, I'll zoom in into your location and help. Go, Skamor-"
    The Kangaskhan approached and kicked Timpeni, knocking her against a stone and knocking her out.
    The adult Kangaskhan approached Eevee. Eevee has attacked its young; now, it must pay!
    Gloom performed Petal Dance on the Kangaskhan. It was taken by enormous surprise, and it nearly stumbled over. But the Kangaskhan would not be defeated by the Gloom! It will... PREVAIL!
    The Kangaskhan roared even more fiercely than before. It went in for the kill. It raised its fist, going to perform Mega Punch again.
    Eevee stirred from its knocked out state, and its vision was groggy. But soon, it saw Kangaskhan, and remembered everything.
    "Gloom! GLOOM! Dodge!" Eevee yelled passionately. Gloom's eyes darted around the place, and it spotted the Sun Stone.
    "Eevee! Give me the Sun Stone! Give me the Sun-"
    Kangaskhan let down its fist, successfully practically flattening Gloom. Eevee gasped, and wanted to dash over to help Gloom. But Gloom continued muttering.
    "Sun... Stone..."
    Eevee turned its head and saw the Sun Stone. Eevee dashed towards and picked it up with its mouth.
    Kangaskhan, realizing Eevee was awake, saw it as a potential threat towards it. Kangaskhan advanced slowly towards Eevee. With each stomp, the ground shook.
    Eevee immediately ran towards Gloom, weaving through Kangaskhan's legs. Eevee finally reached Gloom, and put the Sun Stone on Gloom.
    Gloom started glowing, and its repulsive stink started to turn into a fragrant smell. Gloom appeared to shrink, and grow a... dress? The glow disappeared, and Gloom was no longer Gloom. Gloom was now a Bellossom.
    "LEAF STORM!" Bellossom yelled, and it struck Kangaskhan, leaving it howling.
    "I do not want to hurt you. I just want to protect my friend. Go away. It is the best for the both of us." Bellossom said. Kangaskhan looked and the two Pokemon. Then, it turned and walked away.
    "I'm here! I'm here!" Hatori landed on the area. He looked around.
    "A bit too late." Eevee said. But Hatori did not understand what Eevee said. All he cared about was where TImpeni was. Soon, he spotted Timpeni on the rock.
    "Argh..." Timpeni opened her eyes. Her eyelids were heavy. She saw Hatori leaning over her.
    "What... happened...?" Timpeni said. Hatori simply stared blankly. "You okay?"
    "I guess..." Timpeni muttered. Hatori directed his attention to the two Pokemon. He gaped at the Bellossom.
    "Timpeni, did you capture a Bellossom?" Hatori asked. Timpeni shook her head. "I think... I know what happened. I was attacked by a Kangaskhan and knocked out... I saw the baby Kangaskhan carrying a Sun Stone. I bet Gloom touched it and evolved."
    "But Sun Stones are crazy rare... well, at least now Gloom is more fragrant." Hatori said.
    "I think I'm okay now. I can capture some Pokemon now." Timpeni said.
    "No, rest. You can catch one later." Hatori said. But Timpeni was set on it. "I want to finish the dare now..."
    Hatori sighed. "Fine. But if you feel groggy or unwell rest immediately." Timpeni stood up and looked at her sling bag, and gasped.
    "Oh NO! The Kangaskhan must have stepped on it!" Timpeni rushed over and opened it. Broken Pokeball. Squished berries. Only one Pokeball left. Only one.
    "Darn. Just... darn." Timpeni sighed. Hatori looked at Timpeni, and walked over to her.
    "We'll capture one Pokemon together. Come on. I'm an expert, I can help you." Hatori said.
    "Okay. Let's capture one." Timpeni looked at Eevee and Bellossom. They were all determined to catch one Pokemon. Timpeni walked into the tall grass.
    "Hey, Hatori. When I- I mean, we... capture this Pokemon, can I fly back home? I'm too tired to walk back." Timpeni said. Hatori nodded.
    "Why, of-of course. Wait, hold on. Bellossom seems to be a bit beat-up, along with Eevee. I'll heal them with my potions first." Hatori said. From his bag, he took out a potion. He approached Bellossom and sprayed it.
    Bellossom felt immediate comfort all over his body, as if someone was giving him a massage. Its wounds started to heal, than all traces of the wounds inflicted by the fight was gone.
    It was then Eevee's turn. Eevee was sprayed by the soothing medicine. Eevee relaxed and laid down, feeling far better than before. Now, both Pokemon were ready for battle. It was not long till a Pokemon will be caught.
    "Say, Timpeni. I'll let you keep Bellossom. But whenever I want it I have to get Bellossom back. So, I'm letting you borrow it, in a sense. You see, Eevee and Bellossom seem to be friends now. So... I don't really want them to be pulled apart." Hatori said, noticing how close Eevee and Bellossom seemed to be walking to each other.
    "Oh, thanks! I kind of like Bellossom now, since now the stink is gone." Timpeni said, and laughed a little. But soon, they were silently walking in the tall grass. They were intent on getting the Pokemon.
    Timpeni looked at the green Pokemon in front of her and squealed. "Oh! It's so CUTE!" Timpeni said.
    The green Pokemon had a leaf on top of its head. Beneath its large, close-set eyes was what seemed to be green seeds growing from its neck. Its smile was irresistibly adorable.
    "Eevee! Use Bite!" Timpeni said. Eevee did a hard bite on Chikorita, making it flinch. It stood, shooked, and stared at Eevee.
    "Timpeni! The Chikorita flinched! That means it's shocked! Attack and damage it again before it regains its calm!"
    But due to Timpeni's slow reaction, Chikorita snapped out of it and proceeded to use a Razor Leaf before anyone could react.
    The leaf on her head fell off and spun in a circle in a crazy speed, flying up the air like a helicopter, before aiming straight for Eevee, slashing the Pokemon badly.
    "Eevee!" Eevee yowled and flopped onto the ground. It stood up again weakly, awaiting orders. A loud 'Take Down!' from Timpeni made the Pokemon smile, and it hit the opponent with a reckless slam. The impact also damaged the user as well, leaving Eevee in a bad state.
    "Don't attack that Chikorita again! Return Eevee to her Pokeball!" Hatori said. Timpeni shot Hatori a questioning look.
    "I can see this Chikorita is at its limit. See? It's panting heavily and wounded heavily too. Attack it again and it will faint, and you cannot capture it, for fainted Pokemon do not enter the Pokeball when it is thrown at them- a major system glitch in Pokeballs. Anyway, just switch over the Bellossom. Take Down also causes damage to the user, so Eevee isn't in its top form." Hatori explained. Timpeni nodded her head and said an "Oh".
    "Return, Eevee! You have had enough!" Timpeni said. Eevee was returned into its Pokeball, and Timpeni swished out the Pokeball containing Bellossom. "Now it's your time to shine, Bellossom!"
    Timpeni threw the Pokeball to the ground, and out came the Bellossom. A fragrant scent filled the air, and the calming sensation was felt by all. The Bellosom braced itself for and to attack, awaiting orders.
    "Okay. Bellossom, use Sleep Powder!" Timpeni said.
    Bellossom's flowers started to emit a gray powder, much like the one from before. The gray powder approached the Chikorita. The Chikorita tried to run away but it was too slow. It breathed in a bit of the powder, and soon it felt drowsy. It yawned slightly, slowing down.
    "Chiko... ri..." The Chikorita yawned loudly. It flopped on the ground, and the leaf on its head grew rapidly, covering its body like a blanket.
    Timpeni looked at Hatori and he nodded. Timpeni grabbed the Pokeball and clenched it in her sweaty, clammy palms. She gulped and threw the Pokeball at the Chikorita.
    Soon, the Chikorita glowed as the Pokeball opened. The Chikorita seemed to melt into the ball, and soon the entire Chikorita was in the ball.
    "How many times does the ball have to shake again?" Timpeni asked.
    "It's supposed to shake three times. Try to remember it. It's one of the most basic pieces of information about Pokemon." Hatori replied.
    "Well, jeez, try not to be so tight about it." Timpeni sighed.
    One shake.
    "Excuse me?! I travelled all the way from the other side of the region to make sure you were okay!" Hatori yelled.
    "Whatever. Let's not let our old grudges come back. Let's watch the Pokeball." Timpeni said.
    "I agree." Hatori said.
    A second shake...
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