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    So, here's my very first URPG story!

    I wanted a Spinarak, a Simple capture at 5-10K characters.
    I ended up with 12528 characters.



    The weather was bright and sunny just outside Violet City. After the previous night's rain, the grass was damp, and the air was still quite humid. The blazing sun and the moisture combined into a mugginess that seemed to hang in the air like a fog. This was noticed by many, including a young boy walking along Route 32 heading south of the city.
    "Wow, I didn't realize it'd be so hot today," the boy said to no one in particular.
    His name was Mega, and he was very hot indeed. His thick denim jeans and long-sleeved purple shirt were damp with sweat, and he had taken off his jacket long before. He wished that he had convinced his mother to pack shorts. He also wished that he had some Pokémon to help keep him cool, but alas, he did not.
    Mega continued walking, passing under the welcome shade of the Magnet Train tracks. His destination wasn't much farther now. After a few minutes more of walking, he came upon a wide path in the woods, leading up to a rather large house. Mega pulled out his Pokégear, flipping through the photos until he found the one he sought.
    "I'm here," he said. "I've found it! Grandma's house!"
    Mega began to run, nearly slipping in the grass until he was at the front gate of the house. The gate was high, and very spiky; Mega thought that climbing it would be a bad idea. He pressed the large red button in the center of the gate excitedly, and an alarm rang.
    He waited several seconds, and just as he was about to press it again, the air shimmered on the other side of the gate. A moment passed, and suddenly an older woman appeared before him. She looked him up and down, and then began to speak.
    "Greetings, youngster. What brings you to the gates of my abode? If you're looking for my husband, he's not-"
    "Grandma, it's me, Mega," the boy replied, cutting her off.
    "Oh goodness, dear, I'm so sorry! It's been years since I've last seen you, you know," she said.
    "And between us, dear, it's Susette."
    "Oh. All right, Susette, may I come in?" he asked.
    "But of course, dear, of course," she said in her crisp accent. "Let's get you inside, out of that dreadful heat." She reached through the gate, taking his hands in hers.
    "Hold on, dear, I expect this will feel strange," she said soothingly.
    "What'll feel s-" Mega began to say, before he was cut off by blackness.

    The blackness lasted only an instant, and then light returned. Mega swayed briefly, and felt a gentle pair of arms steadying him. He smiled at his grandmother and she returned the gesture.
    "So, Susette, this is your house?"
    "Yes, dear. Impressive, isn't it?"
    The foyer of the house was massive, rising three stories into a tower. At one end of the foyer were a pair of large doors, and opposite them, a grand staircase with marble steps. Mega started walking down the hallways leading off of the foyer, seeing numerous framed photos on the walls. Susette came right up behind him, resting her hands on his shoulders.
    She started back into the foyer, taking a seat on a small bench.
    "But enough about me, dear. How have you been? You'd be, oh, eleven if I remember rightly"
    "My birthday was just last week, actually," Mega replied, following her back to the foyer.
    "Do you wanna see my Pokémon, Susette?"
    "Oh, that would be lovely, dear, as long as they don't make a mess," Susette replied.
    Mega pulled the Pokéball of his belt, and pressed the button.
    "Chico, come on out!"
    The Bayleef appeared in a flash of red light. The pod-like growths on his neck and his large head-leaf were a pale purple, highly unusual for his kind. This drew a look of curiosity from Susette, who leaned forward slightly.
    "Mega, dear, Bayleef aren't supposed to have purple leaves."
    "The professor said the same thing, but it doesn't seem to have done much."
    Mega turned around to face the door, and a strange figure stood before him. She was just a head shorter than him, with long, pale blonde hair. Her skin was a deep purple, and her large lips were bright pink. Her eyes gazed into his.
    "Jyyynx?" The creature moaned, seemingly curious about him.
    "It's all right, dear, she won't harm you. This is a Jynx, an Ice and Psychic Pokémon. I've been breeding them since my hayday as a trainer, you know. I have a strange fondness for them, it seems," Susette explained.
    "She'll take your backpack and jacket, dear. Do get some rest"
    Mega nodded at Susette and let the Jynx guide him to his guest room, Chico following just behind. He slumped down into the luxurious bed, Chico curled up on a fluffy rug, and both Trainer and Pokémon were soon asleep.

    Mega awoke some hours later, yawning deeply as he slipped out of bed. He was not frightened by the Jynx sitting on a bench in his room, who rose as he did and came forward.
    "Hi there, Jynx. Um, could you show me where the bathroom is?"
    "Jynnnx," it replied curtly, and pointed to a door in his room. He could see that this Jynx had slightly longer hair than the one he'd seen earlier.
    "Thank you, Jynx."
    "Jyyy," it replied as it left, happy at being helpful.
    After a short shower, Mega changed into a new set of clothes. This time, he wore lighter and more comfortable pants, and a short-sleeved orange short adorned with a Beedrill graphic. He exited the bedroom with Chico at his side, seeing his grandmother and a short-haired Jynx maid standing in the hallway. Susette turned to him and smiled broadly.
    "I'm afraid I have some bad news, dear," she said, leaning down to be eye level with him.
    "I have an appointment, at the Daycare Center outside Goldenrod. I should be back in time for dinner, but in the meantime, you have the run of the house and its grounds. The Jynx are at your beck and call, but try to be polite to them."
    She turned and strode into the middle of the foyer. Withdrawing a Pokéball from her large purse, she activated it. A yellow and brown humanoid, taller than him, emerged.
    "Alakazam, to the Daycare, please," she said calmly.
    The Pokémon raised its hands, and Mega could see it grasped a spoon in each. It closed its eyes in a serene way, and then both Susette and it disappeared into thin air.
    "Susette!" Mega cried, rushing forward. The Jynx moved swiftly behind him, catching his wrist and stopping him with surprising strength.
    "Jyyjyy," it said softly. Mega felt something like a cool breeze, and an immense feeling of calm suddenly settled over him. He glanced back at the maid, and she blinked slowly. Ice and psychic, he recalled Susette saying. Glancing at the Jynx, he strode to the door.
    "Hey, why don't you come play outside with me and Chico? It'll be fun," he said.
    "I'm sure you could use some time off, huh?" Mega asked her. The Jynx paused to consider, and then looked at him, a happy grin on her face.

    Mega, Chico, and the Jynx were having quite the exciting stroll. The edges of his grandmother's property bordered the woods, and though Jynx would not allow him to explore those, it was clear that wild Pokémon often crossed between the two. Mega had seized the opportunity to try some training.
    "So, guys, why don't we look for one more and then go home? It's getting dark," Mega noted to the two. Jynx nodded in agreement, as Chico set off up the hill.
    "Now, now, Chico, let's not get too excited!"
    The Bayleef reached the top of the hill first, and promptly ran down the other side, crying loudly and excitedly.
    "Bay! Bay! Bayyy!"
    "Chico, wait up! We aren't as fast, you know," Mega responded, trudging up the hill alongside Jynx. They both reached the top, and glanced down at a most unusual sight. The small, single-story building was as run-down as Susette's mansion was well kept, and Chico was waiting right in front of the door.
    "Wait there, Chico," Mega said firmly.
    As the Trainer and Jynx came closer, Mega could see some writing above the front door of the building. 'Servant's quarters,' it said, in faded metalwork. Chico looked excitedly at the door, and back to his Trainer.
    "Well, I suppose there's probably something worth fighting," Mega decided, pushing the door open with a loud creak. A cloud of dust wafted out at him as he did, and he immeadiately noticed how dark it was inside. He pulled a flashlight from his pack, and turned it on. Chico followed him inside, but Jynx was more reluctant.
    "Come on in, girl. We can take care of you," he said soothingly to her.
    Jynx glanced about, and decided to follow. The trio were a short way inside the entrance when Mega, brushing aside another cobweb, tripped.
    "Jynxxx!" The maid cried as she rushed to him. Mega got up just before she could reach him, though, brushing her away.
    "I'm all right, Jynx. But I think I dropped the flashlight," he said, noticing the sudden darkness. She pulled at his sleeve, moving towards the door. Mega glanced about the room, and finally downward.
    "Oh, man, it dropped through this hole in the floor! Mom's going to be upset when I tell her," Mega said.
    "Ba!" Chico exclaimed loudly.
    "Yes, very upset," Mega noted, stomping a foot for emphasis. This action proved unwise, however, as the weak floor cracked like thunder, giving way beneath them. All three cried out in unison as they fell.

    Mega glanced around the basement they had landed in, coughing in the thick cloud of dust. He glanced around.
    "Chico? Jynx? Are you guys all right?"
    The two responded shortly. Mega stood up, realizing they had fallen at least a story. He looked behind himself and noticed an odd light...
    "Guys, I found the flashlight! We'll be out of here in no time," he explained, as he reached for it. The flashlight, however, danced a couple of inches back, out of reach. Mega was very confused by this, and then a little scared as realization struck him.
    "Chico, Jynx, I don't think we're alone," he whispered to the two Pokémon. He reached for the flashlight again, sweeping through a cobweb, but it clicked out entirely.
    Mega had never been more afraid of the darkness. He waited for a moment, and then felt something brush his leg.
    "Aah," he yelled, jumping back from the disturbance.
    The flashlight clicked on, to his left, and Mega turned. He could see it hanging in the middle of a cobweb, a cobweb that was all too occupied for his tastes.
    "Chico! Jynx! Help me!" Mega cried out into the darkness, as he saw what occupied the cobweb.
    It's two large eyes gleamed in the light, and he could see a face-like marking on its wide back. It's foreward set of legs gripped the flashlight, and four more held onto the web. Below the eyes, he saw two reddish protrusions. Fangs, he realised as he recognised the creature.
    "A Spinarak! Give me that back, bug!" Mega started forward, reaching for the small Pokémon. It danced away, still gripping the flashlight.
    "Jyyy!" The sound came from just behind him, to the left.
    "Bay!" That sound came from the right. Mega stepped back so they were in front.
    "My Pokémon and I just want to leave. Give us the light and we will," Mega said, emboldened by the presence of his allies.
    In response, the Spinarak jumped to the left, letting loose with a beam of reddish energy in Chico's direction.
    "Bay!" He cried out, as the beam hit.
    "Chico! Jynx, do something!" She glanced back at him, confused at the order.
    "Please, Jynx! Do an Ice move, I guess," Mega ordered her.
    She looked ahead, determination showing on her face. Inhaling deeply, she exhaled a flurry of whitish powder in the Spinarak's direction.
    It almost dodged to the right, but the fast moving stream caught it head on. The cobweb, and the wall behind it, both froze. Spinarak was caught off guard, and Jynx reacted quickly, bringing a large hand to her mouth, and sweeping outward in a flash of pink.
    "Jyyynx!" She cried, as the attack struck home. Spinarak twitched, and then fell to the ground still.
    Mega walked forward and removed the flashlight, which had managed to stay stuck to the frosted webbing. He glanced down at the Bug, and then a flash of inspiration struck him...

    "So, what do you think of that story, Susette?"
    "I think you were quite foolish to go inside that old building at all, honestly," she replied.
    "But I suppose you came out all right, if a bit dirty, so I'll let it slide. Once," she remarked firmly to her grandson.
    "I guess you're right," Mega responded.
    "But you didn't even hear the best part," he exclaimed, "you didn't hear what I did with the Spinarak!"
    "Well, what did you do with it, dear?"
    Chico and Jynx looked at the two share the story, shuddering a little at the memory.


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