Grouping: ???
Characters needed: ???
Character amount: 1254

A large of group of figures slid through the night. Their slim bodies agilely moved through the woods, none falling down in the maze of branches and trees. No rush was this group in, that's for sure. But what they were going to do was a mystery none of us would know. Only time would tell the mystery that would unfold…

This brings us to our 'hero'. He, along with everybody else in the story, has been codenamed with a letter for anonymity due to this situation being a level of serious security. They will also be described as little as possible for this reason. So our hero, codenamed as "T", has his story start at home on an undisclosed date. The day started perfectly normal actually, but a single slip of paper would manage to change his life forever.
Upon checking his mailbox, T got a strange letter in his mailbox from an anonymous sender. Inscribed in it was
You have been given the job of being the town's gatekeeper. This job is one of the most important in the area. If you even slack off a little with this career, the town will be destroyed by the savage wild Pokémon of the area. Therefore you must protect this gate with your life. Don't even try not showing up for the job because we will find you. Have a good rest of the day, because you're starting tomorrow.
No name was written"