Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

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Thread: Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

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    Default Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

    This is my First time so Here we go.

    It was a cold, dark, night.....Pokemon Poachers were out and about Hunting pokemon then killing them

    A Pokemon Poacher with Green Hair and Red eyes approached a group of tangela.....

    "Hey balls of vines, wanna die?!", said Al the Pokemon Poacher.

    Tangela Leader:Tang Tang! (We can't let you do that!)

    Tangela Guards: Tang Tang Tang Gela! (Attack him now!)

    Al: I'm not that foolish to go all alone, Go.. Ninetales!

    Ninetales: Nineee!

    Al: Use Brutal Heat Wave!

    Ninetales released a burst of heat burning a lot of Tangela's as quickly as a forest Fire.

    Young Tangela:Tang Tang! (Dad!)

    Tangela Leader: Tang Tang Tang (It will be alright son, now hold this choice scarf and run away from here, we will take care of this)

    Young Tangela: Tang... (Okay..)

    As Young Tangela Ran away as fast as he could. The poacher Collected dozens of Tangela Shoes.

    Ninetales: Ninee! (What about that small tangela over there)

    Al: That guy is already far away. We can't risk pursuing it at such a dark night, lets collect the Tangela shoes.


    Me:Huh, is that a Tangela?

    Young Tangela: Tangggg!

    Me: Hmm, you have some burns on your face, let me heal it. *Grabs a Lava Cookie and gives it to Tangela*

    Young Tangela:*Eats* Tang!

    Me: Where are your parents.. Oh wait, by the look of your face.. there... you know... So would you like to stay with me for a while?

    Young Tangela: Tang Tang!

    Me:Okay, so if you want to be my Pokemon, you must train with me to be a good one.

    Me: Let me Examine your Stats. Hmm
    *Bold Nature*
    *Likes to Fight*
    Sleep Powder*
    Vine Whip*

    Me:Alright, lets go grind some levels!

    As they go Wild Battling.

    Wild Abra Appeared!

    Young Tangela: *Tang Tang*

    Abra: Abra (Oh please, I can teleport my Butt outta here)

    Tangela's Quick Claw Activated.

    Abra: Abraaaaa! (NOOOOOOOOO!)

    Tangela Used Sleep Powder!

    Abra Fell Asleep!


    Me:Now Tangela! Barrage it with Absorb!

    Young Tangela:Tang Tang!

    Hit! Hit! Hit! Hit!

    Abra Fainted..... Tangela Leveled Up to Level 12!

    Abra is on the ground fainted.

    Abra:Looks like im dead, Better teleport.

    Me:You Kidding me?

    Young Tangela:..........

    Me:Let's do some more grinding.

    To be Continued.

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    Default Re: Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

    Tangela is a Hard Ranked Pokemon, meaning that you need a character count between 20 and thirty thousand. This story has just over two thousand, which isn't even enough for the lowest ranked Pokemon. I already provided the needed threads in the Starter Request thread, go look at those and then come back to the story section.
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    Default Re: Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

    Will do... Suggest how many character counts to get a Easy-Ranked mon. And also the list of em. (BTW, I fail) XD

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    Default Re: Tangela's LifeSaver (Rated Either T or M)

    Hi. Welcome to URPG.

    There are a few threads that you should look through before writing a story. The first would be << How to Write Freaking Stories >>. And the place to find how long your story should be according to which Pokemon you are attempting to capture is this --> << All the Pokemon We Don't Hate >>


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