Story of Domestics: The Terrible, the Perfect, and the Proud.

April, 27

A few clouds are lit by the dawn of the moon, the stars, and the flashes of red and blue. An eerie calmness has hushed the land railroad tracks lay upon. A pinewood forest rustles in a cool breeze given by a higher power to ease the nerves. An aftermath of an accident that had been brewing the past few days has created high tension levels that every policeman could feel. The policemen scouted the scattered splotches of flesh and blood looking for clues as they interviewed a shaking man. He laments and explains himself as he becomes less of a suspect in the eyes of the law. Posters of a child’s face fluttered in the breeze; words like, ‘small, inquisitive, quiet,’ and ‘thick-glasses’ leap off of the poster underneath the bolded name ‘Ross Terriberg’. A scene of despair and grief; a parent’s fear they fear all their lives has unfolded in the small town of Papillion. A nightmare of events including distrust, stubbornness, suicide, dysfunction, and dramatics turned into reality that families see far too often. Three days prior was a normal day for the Terriberg’s; a husband and wife of ten years happy, but with arguments every now and then, and an eight year-old child who loves his parents dearly. The father loved to play keno and go out with friends while the mother loved to shop and get new shoes. Both parents disagreed on how money should be spent; both were in debt. They argued that the others way of spending money was invalid and idiotic, unnecessary and an extreme waste of the money that they desperately needed to pay off the bank. This was the powder keg to an eventful night that ends in remorse while only one person suffers innocently.