A Splashing Capture! (Ready for Grading)
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Thread: A Splashing Capture! (Ready for Grading)

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    Default A Splashing Capture! (Ready for Grading)

    Intended Capture: Magikarp
    Req. CC: 3-5k
    Actual CC:

    The only intended journey was for Riolu, and me but no, today I was going to do something different. I was to catch a Pokémon. Catching a Pokémon wasn’t easy, so Riolu and me stopped by the pier to have some lunch. It was a beautiful sight to see, the water Pokémon splashing around in the water. I had my eye on something else though; a new partner for my Pokémon and I. Water Pokémon were a great way to start. I had finished having the last bite of my lunch, and called Riolu out. I set him out a bowl of berries, which he enjoyed much, and started to walk along the pier.

    Riolu had finished his bowl, and hauled it onto his shoulders. He toddled after me, and handed me the bowl. Just as that happened a Magikarp splashed out of the water. I checked my Pokédex on the entry of Magikarp.
    “For no reason, it jumps and splashes about, making it easy for predators like Pidgeotto to catch it mid-jump. It evolves into Gyarados.” It said.
    “Looks like a good Pokémon to catch!” I said, notifying Riolu. He went into his attacking stance.

    “Okay Riolu! Let’s start with a Quick Attack!” I ordered. Riolu dashed at the Magikarp, it didn’t have time to defend itself, and so Riolu attacked the Magikarp head on. It got hit back and fell with a large “THUD!”
    “Good progress Riolu! Now try Force Palm!” I ordered again. Riolu charged his hand with electrical energy, and let loose on the Magikarp. It hit, launching Magikarp even further back, and left the Pokémon paralyzed.

    “Well done Riolu! Now go! Pokéball!” I shouted, throwing the Pokéball at the defenceless Pokémon. It hit the Pokémon, and with a flash captured the Pokémon. One, two, and three. The Magikarp had been successfully caught.
    “Yes! The first addition to our team!” I said with enthusiasm. Riolu cheered, and jumped around. I walked off to get to the nearest healing centre, to heal the newest member of the team.
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