Mason was a boy. A 14-Year old boy. He was a Pokémon Trainer. He has long, brown hair, blue eyes, and wore a gray shirt with jeans.

Mason was resting his head on a rock in Route 215.

He was tired and cold.

His Buizel came out and poked him.

"What do you want, Bwee Bwee?" Buizel's stomache growled. "Listen, we'll get some food after I get to sleep. Stop whining."

Buizel grunted.

A few minutes later, Mason fell asleep.

Buizel poked him again.

Mason sighed. "Fine."

They headed north, as it gradually got colder and colder. After a long walk, they made it to Route 216. Mason was almost frozen. A snowstorm was going on.

"Bwee Bwee, this place is freezing!" Mason shouted. Either way, Buizel still couldn't hear him. "There's no trace of anyone for miles!"

Buizel was completely ignoring him, but also shoveling snow into his mouth.

Mason sighed, and they continued to walk.

As they walked, the snowstorm got worse and worse. Then, once they both felt as if they couldn't walk any longer, a cabin appeared on the horizon.

Buizel looked over at Mason, and he pointed to the cabin. Once they finally got there, a hiker opened the door. A Munchlax was standing right behind him. "Are you here for a battle?"

Mason shook his head. "We need to rest."

After a long rest by the fire, Mason and Buizel felt better.

"I'm Steven." said the Hiker. "You are...?"

"I'm Mason!" said Mason. "I came here because my Buizel got hungry after us being out in the cold for a long time."

"Bui Bui!"

Mason looked over at Buizel.

Buizel was arguing with Steven's Munchlax.

So Steven fed Mason and Buizel.

Munchlax was continuously stealing Buizel's food.

Then, Mason and Buizel waved, said "Good-bye!" and left.

The snowstorm had gotten more extreme while they were inside. They could barely see anything at all.

Then, they saw a small moving plant due north.

"Is that a...Pokémon!?" Mason screamed.

Buizel was shivering. It was obvious that he wanted back in his Poké Ball.

Mason got it out. He pointed it at Buizel, but it quickly flew out of his grip.

Buizel whimpered.

"Buizel..." Mason frowned. "U-use Razor Wind."

Buizel did as told. All of the snow in their path was blown away. Buizel walked over towards its Poké Ball, pressed the button, and welcomed itself inside.

Mason grabbed it, then let Buizel out. He put it in his pack.


"Buizel... Look!"

The moving plant got up. It made a strange sound, then attacked!

"Snover!" it screeched.

"Buizel!" Mason shouted, "Sonicboom!"

Buizel clapped as hard as possible, then a sound-wave came over.

The Snover was going crazy, it quickly fell to the ground.

To get its revenge, it quickly got up and used Wood Hammer. It got its fist ready, and punched directly in the stomache.

Buizel fell to the ground. He was in major pain.

"Buizel! Pull yourself together and use Swift!"

Buizel tried, but failed. His stomache was in too much pain.

As Buizel was struggling, Snover used Razor Leaf to tie up Buizel. Then, it jumped up and used Wood Hammer right in the face.

Mason was watching, and deeply thinking. "I got it!"

"Buizel!" Mason shouted. "Use Razor Wind, NOW!"

Buizel stuggled to use it, but barely cut the vines with Razor Wind.

"Alright! Now, use Swift directly at Snover's stomache!"

Buizel released Swift from his arms, and it hit Snover directly in the stomache.

"Good! Bwee Bwee, now use Aqua Jet!"

Buizel did as told. Once it hit Snover, it made it fly back.

Mason got out a Poké Ball, and threw it at the Snover